by Lyle Francis Padilla

(aka "MadTom")

This story is in-canon for Season 6, sometime shortly after "Hell's Bells" with appropriate SPOILER ALERTS.

Rating should be PG-13 for graphic violence and implied sexual situations.

The crossover (of sorts) should be obvious from the title and the appearance of the first new character introduced.

I am aware that there are arguments, and shooting scripts, episode guides and episode transcripts that conflict over whether the name of Buffy's and Dawn's aunt is Arlene, Darlene or Pauline (assuming that they have only one aunt). I prefer "Pauline" for reasons explained in my other story Blood of the Night Stalker and wish to remain consistent.



"Anya, for the last time," Buffy moaned, "I'm not going to wish for something bad to happen to Xander. I'm sorry he hurt you. But he's my friend. I love both of you."

"Well, what about all that stuff about how we were the light at the end of your tunnel?" Anya shot back. "He's the one who snuffed out that light."

"True," Buffy nodded as they stepped out of the Magic Box and onto the sidewalk.

"He's the one who's making you all depressed and miserable," Anya continued to goad her. "Don't you want to get back at him for that?"

"Anya, he didn't make me depressed and miserable by calling it off. He just... didn't not make me depressed and miserable."

"That's a good enough reason," Anya smiled.

"No," Buffy shook her head. "Hurting Xander wouldn't not make me depressed either." She blinked mistily and sighed. "I just wish you guys had never brought me back from the dead in the first place." They stepped out onto the crosswalk.

"Wish granted," Anya sighed in frustration. It was a reflexive response, without any real thought.

Even though it was springtime in Sunnydale, California, a gust of icy wind ruffled through the street.

"Anya," Buffy turned to her, "what did you just...."

Out of nowhere, a Harley Davidson motorcycle materialized on the street 20 feet away, with a burly rider in leathers and a Nazi-style helmet-- and already roaring at full throttle and doing 50 MPH. Buffy turned toward it in time to recognize the rider as one of the Hellion demon gang. It was too late to jump out of the way or let out anything but the beginnings of a shriek, but the bike and rider roared right through her without any sign that the Hellion had even known she was there.

"Oh, my God!" Buffy gasped. "Those biker demons are back!"

"Maybe they never left," Anya replied. "If you've never been resurrected..."

"And why am I all go-throughable?"

"Because you're a disembodied spirit. Again, if you've never been resurrected, your body is still six feet under and decomposing in that clearing in the woods. This is just your essence...."

The last of Anya's sentence was swallowed up by the roar of a second Hellion-mounted Harley as it rounded the corner. Anya shrieked as the bike and rider went right through her. She grabbed Buffy by the upper arm and hustled her the rest of the way across the street. Then she voiced what had just occurred to her: "Then why am I go-throughable? And why can I touch you?"

It was then that they noticed the stocky old man with the bulbous nose, and the white hair that showed from under his dark brown felt homburg hat. At the open collar to his dark brown overcoat they saw a white shirt and a brown and gold polka-dotted bow tie.

"I'll take over this wish now, Anya," he said in a New England twang, with a kindly smile and a twinkle in his eyes.