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My Sister: Your Son

"Don't be upset."

Kratos, one of the four legendary Seraphim of Cruxis turned to his lord and master.
"I am not upset." he spoke softly, his eyes not betraying his emotions.

"You seem at unease." Yggdrasill spoke slowly, chucking.
Kratos turned away, his back to the other man. "Forgive me, Lord Yggdrasill."
"I understand some of your emotions Kratos." The deep , false, voice of Yggdrasill murmured from behind.
"You have to kill your own son. I know it is hard, but it is for our ideals."

Kratos stiffened slightly. "..I know."
Yggdrasill moved closer, wrapping his long, slender arms around the angelic man. His front pushed against Kratos' back as he kissed the older man's ear softly.
"Don't be afraid, Kratos. This is all for the best."

He reached around and stroked the human's cheek gently. "If Lloyd must die for my sister, so be it. Correct?"
Kratos stayed silent, not responding to the blonde's touch.
Yggdrasill frowned.

'So, it's true that he loves his son even more than that Anna woman? I had been hoping Pronyma was wrong..'

"Kratos." He gently commanded, finally earning Kratos' eyes as the other man turned to face him.
Kratos and Yggdrasill locked eyes for a moment, until Kratos bowed into submission and lowered his head. "Yes..?" he murmured.

"Don't betray me."

The voice was what Kratos expected it would be. Cold. Hard. Unemotional. Threatening.

"Don't betray me..." the deep voice quickly resided into a younger one. An insane child.
To the true Mithos Yggdrasill. "...like the humans did."

Kratos reduced the shudder plaguing to reach his back.
"Yes, Lord Yggdrasill. I wouldn't betray you."
"Good." the other man sighed, expecting Kratos' answer.
"I know you wouldn't Kratos. You aren't foolish." He spoke again, his voice once again emnanting the deep, richness that illusion gave.

He took Kratos' chin into his hand and kissed him softly on the lips.

Except to Kratos the kiss was not loving. It was cold, cruel, and dominating. It spoke of Yggdrasill's control over him. Over the entire situation.

Like always, Kratos allowed the intimate touch. He willed his mind to stay away from it's obsessive track on Lloyd, but still found himself wondering what Lloyd's lips would taste like.

When the kiss broke, Yggdrasill drew back to study Kratos' face. He frowned as he could feel the faintest hints of jealousy creep by him. Kratos had that look again. He was thinking of that boy again. That worthless human.

He stroked his old teacher's hair, his blue eyes falling into a cruel glare, a smirk playing on his lips.

'If Lloyd must be sacrificed....you had best not betray me.'

If Kratos betrayed him, he would be killed. He would die a traitors death, like all the others.
Like the ones who had hurt Martel. His Martel.

Kratos did not regain his usual somber expression for awhile. He simply kept a fragile expression of dreaming, enjoying his small, safe world with Lloyd.