AUTHOR'S NOTE(s): This is a totally fictional story that has no ties to the main plot concerning SHADOW or anyone else-a story in the time period after the victory of the Metal Overlord. This mini book is all about Shadow and his struggles with who he is, his past, true love, and freedom. From reading other fan fiction and never being satisfied, I decided to create my own short Revelation. Do not think of this as a series. It is not.

In this story, I will be using songs along the way-background music-and you will know what they are for I will insert them randomly in brackets (if will allow brackets). Music helps me write from my heart and so the songs I listen to I will include.

Lastly, please bare with me as I WILL be going back, editing parts, perhaps changing small facts that are incorrect to correct them. This is how I write. I am trying to write professionally-and this story may, and most likely will be slow since I am writing a book that I hope will be published. Wish me luck!

This is an outline of the chapters for my benefit! I like to list all my chapters; it helps me organize my stories a lot better! (And remember what the cursed titles were for each chapter!)

CHAPTER ONE: Metal Arnus

CHAPTER TWO: Pink Polka Dots?

CHAPTER THREE: New Life, Old Memories

CHAPTER FOUR: Captured by Evil

CHAPTER FIVE: Knowing Love




CHAPTER NINE: Loved Once Again

CHAPTEN TEN: Putting it All Away

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Needed, Wanted, Loved


Sonic, Shadow, etc- none of it belongs to me. They belong to SEGA. Remember that well.


STORY TITLE: Just A Shadow In the World


CHAPTER ONE: Metal arnus

-Jars of Clay – Beautiful-

As if the light would never shine, as if nothing had existence, as if nothing mattered, the silky hedgehog ran through the darkness. Faster than the rushing waters, he would be a scream louder than the raging waterfalls if only the motion of his running could speak. But not a word did he utter. He ran through the densely-packed city streets of Metropolis, through the rural country sides where neither pollution nor waste could reach, and across the parched deserts where the blue hedgehog had once trod.

None of it mattered to him. All he knew was that his existence was a lie. He had been created for destruction, that was his life definition, and he had even failed with that. What was he if not machine or organic? Just some freak mix that had no real purpose left to live? No one wanted him and no one needed him-they all had made sure to show him that.

His eyes watered at the thought of having no purpose, but he forced his weary body to keep moving. Nothing mattered anymore. No one mattered to him because they rejected him. He was nothing. Nothing. All those people he thought he could trust-they had lied to him, putting on fake smiles for him, acting as though they cared. They didn't. Sonic didn't care. Tails didn't care. Knuckles, Rouge, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Big, Cream, Omega, Amy Rose. None of them cared for him so it was better that he just disappear. They would all wake up the next morning, but he wouldn't be there.

But if only he could remember more of them, the revenge of leaving would be sweeter. He could only remember Sonic from their last adventure together against the Metal Overlord-Rouge and Omega from that as well. But the others… Tails, Big, Cream, Knuckles, the Detectives, Antoine he also had never known of them up until the last few months. What people said, though, told him otherwise of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. If only he could remember what other trials they all had been through together.

Shadow finally came to a slow stop under a large tree. What was this satisfying anger he felt? He knew as he fell beneath a large shrubbery, exhausted from his run, what it was: the anger of rejection. Nothing could help his devastation. The anger, sadness, rejection... Always rejected. People had always said to look to the heart in a person, don't judge their appearances, because the heart is who you truly are, not what you look like. He had a heart, didn't he? Sure, when people meant heart, they were referring more emotionally than realistically. But still, after all the destruction, all the mistrust and evil, did he have any good will left?

Life had been pretty quiet after the last fight against the Metal Overlord. Shadow had been invited by Sonic to join their team-the Freedom Fighters-along with those three detectives Charmy, Espio, and Vector. Strange life it had been. Sonic seemed to know nothing that was complex; he didn't know the definition of important or the meaning behind necessity. The spoiled teen would run whenever, wherever he wanted, just when he had the knack. Tails was a strange, but very interesting companion to have. Even Shadow, with his engineering mind, was asking him for the answers to technical questions. Day in and day out, Tails would work on strange projects at his lab located in the Mystical Ruins or read books. Knuckles spent his whole life on the Angel Island doing nothing but guarding the Master Emerald. Shadow didn't care much for Knuckles. The guy was paranoid and annoying. Asked too many questions, cautioned against too many circumstances. As for Rouge: he didn't see her around much. They all knew she was a treasure hunter, but above that, an FBI agent, working on crimes and being paid in substantial amounts of jewels. Strange girl.

Shadow shook the memories away. No good would come of them but destruction and jealousy. So what if they didn't love him, he never needed anyone's love or wanted it. The words laughed his to scorn as he curled up underneath one of the bushy ferns for the night. Even as he lay, his eyes burned with tears of sadness. I just... I just need some healing. Something. Maria… Shadow drifted off into a blissful sleep of sad dreams and memories.


The next morning, Shadow awoke. Eyes watering, he gasped as he bolted from the ground. He was crying. He had never cried. "I don't understand." Shadow mumbled, clutching the side of his throbbing head, "This is ludicrous. Simply ludicrous. Maria, why did you have to die? Why did you have to leave me all alone on this huge planet? I don't understand. How could you be so selfish?" Tears streamed down his face. His head ached terribly. "You were the only one who saw the inside of me and truly loved me for me. If you had survived… No... I-I'm so confused." The throbbing increased a measure, sending Shadow to the ground. "Why am I forgetting you, Maria? What would you have me to do? What would you say to my situation right now? This is so pitifully small compared to everything else I've done and gone though, but it's towering before me. I need you."

By this hour and the height of the sun in the sky, Shadow calculated that it must be midmorning and he was hungry. This strange jungle should provide him with all the necessary nutrients he would need though, accept for an aspirin for this distressing headache. Besides, he needed to think about something other than Maria.

So Shadow forced himself from the mossy jungle ground to look around. The shrubbery-ferns and such jungle plants-were packed in thick matches so that barely any paths could be found. Large palm trees flapped lazily in the breeze. Shadow rubbed his gloved hands in anticipation then whacked the nearby palm tree with shattering force. The trunk split, the tree fell, and coconuts scattered all over the floor. Shadow hadn't realized how hungry he was till he had devoured two coconuts and was on the third. Refreshing was the milk and crisply tasty was the inner sides of the coconut.

Strange thoughts swarmed through as he ate. Such frivolous things as how long it takes for coconuts to ripen, why Maria was sent to live on the Ark her whole life, and why his "friends" had wanted him to live with him. Odd, he licked his un-gloved fingers, and then slid the gloves back on. "You never did want revenge, did you, Maria? Your nature was too sweet, to loving for that. Gerald must have changed my memories to make me believe that's what you wanted." His voice was calm, collected, but curious. "But if all those memories were fake, then who am I and what am I here for? I don't know where to go now."

What Rouge had shoved in his face suddenly arose from within: "Do you really think you're the real Ultimate Life form?" He was, wasn't he? Because, if not, then who was? There were still so many things he didn't remember-so many people and incidents. His leaving was due to one of the many factors being how everyone had kept asking him if he remembered this or remembered that. He hadn't and so that awful bitter sadness of being left out just ate at his soul until he couldn't stand them-could stand anything to do with them.

Well, Shadow knew he should go somewhere, start over as some people would say, but the thought seemed so strange to him. He had never had an occupation in his lifetime other than being the brother to Maria. What was it like to work every day and have a real life? He just couldn't do it alone.

"What was that?" Shadow paused, Chaos Emerald in hand, listening carefully to for the slight crunching of leaves he had just heard. Nothing, not even a bird chirping. It was definitely too quiet, but Shadow was to reserved and experienced to fear the silence. Two minutes passed. He was still frozen, convinced that something was out there and that it was something more harmful than any jungle animal. "Come out!" He challenged to the emptiness.

"If you wish so." A robotic creature hovered out into the light for Shadow to analyze.

"What are you? Certainly not Metal Sonic."

"No. Not Metal Sonic. That weak robot is no more." The robot's expression was sassy, confident, and it agitated Shadow more than he would show.

"What are you saying?" Shadow questioned, his voice cool and serious, "What has become of him?"

"He is no more and that is all I will tell you. My name is Metal Arnus. I am the latest creation of Dr. Eggman Robotnik. My mission is to track down Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life form, and bring him back, alive, to Eggman's secret base."
"Oh, I see. You appear to be an interesting machine," Shadow skated slowly around the hovering robot with it's sleek, dark red painting and glowing yellow eyes, and then paused, wondering what to do, though not a hint frightened.

"I take it you eliminated Metal Sonic?"

"Forever." Was the emotionless response.

"Interesting. But tell me, how do you expect to defeat me? Do you truly think you can defeat me?"


"Then you are one pathetic, foolish creation. I pity you!" Jumping back, Shadow gripped the hidden Chaos Emerald fiercely. Though before he escaped, he needed to pry some more information from the low-IQd machine. "What does Eggman possibly think he would ever do to me if he were to catch me?"

"This information I know not, nor would I reveal it if I did. Enough talk!" A net sprung from the Arnus's arm, shooting out as rapid fire, but Shadow was faster.

He tossed the emerald to the sky, shouting, "Chaos Control!" The flashing white Emerald fell back to Shadow, who snatched it faster than the blinking of an eye, and in bright flashing rings, vanished, transporting to a safe location far from where Metal Arnus stood now raging.

"Metal Arnus to Eggman." He radioed in, "Shadow has fled. He has used Chaos Control and I know not where he is. Requests for new location."

"What! You LOST him?" The raging Robotnik screeched through the other line in one of his common, childish fits, "What kind of great and powerful machine are you to have lost him? I built you to be better than him but you're just a stupid machine like Metal Sonic was! If you don't capture Shadow and bring him back, I will have you DISMANTLED!"

Arnus rolled his eyes, "New location of Ultimate Life form?" He repeated monotonously. Eggman always was like this when he didn't get his bratty way.

"Yes," Eggman croaked on the other line as he usually did, "The current location of Shadow is Metrapolis. Go, find him, my computer states he is currently running along the ground highways through Old Metropolis."

"Roger, Master." With the shutting off of the radio, Arnus as well disappeared in a blink of a light after his prey. He wouldn't fail Eggman.