QUICK VIEW: This story was written early February 2005, by CHRISTINA ROBERTS about Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose as the two main characters. Metal Arnus was created for this story by CHRISTINA ROBERTS and is not affiliated with SEGA.

SUBMAIN CHARACTERS: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Bunnie, Charmy, Rouge, Metal Arnus

OTHER CHARACTERS: Eggman, Antoine, Vector, Espio, Cream, Big

VILLANS: Eggman, Metal Arnus

QUICK STORY PLOT: Shadow is being tracked down by Eggman who wants to use his abilities to conquor the world. One day Amy almost kills him by crashing into him in her car, thus taking him under her wing. They form a romantic love for each other as the story goes on. Shadow ends up saving the world from Eggman's newest, most lethal robitic villan called Metal Arnus. There's also an eighth Chaos Emerald that has as much power as the seven known Chaos Emeralds combined. The strange thing about this emerald is that it cannot share it's power with the other seven, but is totally independant. With the emerald, Shadow can use Chaos Command, but only after Eggman injects him with the needed cell types to make him "compatible" with the strange power of the emerald. Sonic is engaged to Sally Acorn and Amy has been living on her own for quite some time. She's around fifteen in this story, everyone else being three years older as well.


Amy Grant - Simple Things

Jars of Clay - Beautiful

Jennifer Knap: Free

Jump5 - One and Only

Jump5 - Just A Dream

Jump5 - You Are In My Heart

Larue - I See You

Michelle Tumes - With the Angels

Rachael Lampa: You Lift Me Up

Sonic Heroes: Dark Theme

Toby Mac - Gone

True Vibe - What Do We Wish On Now?