After and accident in which BB saves Starfire. Robin and Cyborg miss understand something and force Beast Boy of the team. Beast Boy goes away for some time and returns in a few months. After a few months when BB returns something strange is starting to happen in TItans Tower. Most valuable things of the Titans are getting distroyed. Who could it be?

Chapter 1. Guilty Innocence

"Starfire lookout!!!" Shouted Beast Boy. The Titans were fighting Slade minions once again. One of the mechanical robots threw a giant rock at Starfire and she needed total help because she was surrounded by the robots.

Beast Boy quickly morphed in to a T- Rex and hit the giant rock before it hit the ground. The powerful swing of his tale caused Starfire to fly in the opposite direction and hit the wall.

"Starfire!" Robin exclaimed rushing to her side. He dropped to his knees and scanned her body for wounds. She was out cold.

After the accident Beast Boy helped Cyborg and Raven ram the robots of a cliff. Beast Boy took the shape of a Rhino and charged fearlessly forward hitting and piercing the robots with his horn, eventually they flew of the cliff in to the ocean water. Beast Boy took his human form and the rest rushed over to Starfire.

"How is she?" asked Cyborg.

"She'll be fine, but I can't guarantee it" replied Robin picking up Starfire in to his arms. Beast Boy and the others stood still looking at the boy wonder.

"We win this one" said Robin passing the three Titans. Beast Boy looked at Robin and found Robin looking at him. Beast Boy gulped loudly and looked at his leader.

"Ill need to speak with you later" said Robin with anger thriving in his voice before he headed in the direction of Titans tower. Raven and Cyborg faced Beast Boy puzzled.

"What was that about?" asked Raven.

"I don't know" replied Beast Boy. "He's probably pissed because I saved his girlfriends life" Cyborg put on an angry face and grabbed the changeling by the shoulder. Beast Boy tried to jerk away his shoulder but the grip was too tight.

"What do you think your doing?" asked Cyborg. Beast Boy looked up at him puzzled.

"What did I do?"

"What makes you think you can smack Starfire like that?" asked Cyborg again. Beast Boy looked at his friend uncertain of how to reply.

"It was an accident" he chirped.

"An accident?!" exclaimed Cyborg.

"Cyborg you know it was an accident so leave him alone" Raven interrupted. Cyborg looked at her and calmed.

"I don't think it was an accident Rae, it think he has something on Star" replied Cyborg and let go of Beast Boy.

"Dude I so don't!" replied Beast Boy.

"I would also like to talk to you later" said Cyborg and turned to his car. Beast Boy looked at Raven and his face lost expression.

"You believe me right?" he asked with a ring of hope in his voice. Raven looked at him and put on a thin smile.

"Well do you?" Beast Boy repeated. Raven slowly started of to Cyborgs car.

"I do" she said softly in monotone voice passing him. Her words lit up the flame of hope inside Beast Boy and he followed her.


The Titans arrived at Titans Tower. Robin placed Starfire in her room after confirming that she was asleep and will be fine. The rest of the Titans stood in the long hall looking in to Starfires room. Robin placedStarfire on her bed neatly and walked out. The rest were looking at him as he glared angrily at Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy and Cyborg, meeting room now" said Robin and headed for the very room him self. Beast Boy looked at Cyborg. He scanned his face and found out that Cyborg was not happy either.

"You herd him, move!" exclaimed Cyborg angrily. Beast Boy swallowed hard and followed Robin. With every step farther from Starfires room he turned and looked at Raven. He looked at her face and knew that she was worried. Something was telling him that she was worried allot more then usually.


"Beast Boy tell me something, do you have anything against Starfire?" asked Robin with his arms crossed over his chest. Beast Boy was sitting behind the yellow table worried.

"No" replied Beast Boy sharply.

"Then who gave you the right to hurt her?" asked Cyborg gaining the same pose as Robin. Beast Boy flashed his look at both.

"C'mon it was an accident!" exclaimed Beast boy.

"You could have prevented it" replied Robin angrily.

"No I couldn't have!" replied Beast Boy.

"Yes you could have, but YOU DIDN'T!!!" exclaimed Cyborg getting angry.

"Ok, even though I saved her ass and you two don't seem to realize that, what's my punishment?" asked Beast Boy sharply. Robin waved to Cyborg and the metal teen quickly left the room.

"It's for us to know and you to find out" replied Robin angrily. That moment Cyborg rushed in to the room with a couple of papers and a pen. Beast Boy looked at the two puzzled.

"What's that for?" he asked. Cyborg slid the papers across the table followed by the pen. Beast Boy took one of the papers and started reading it. While he was reading his brain got numb, his whole body got numb and weak; he didn't believe what he was reading. It was a team denial contract.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" exclaimed Beast Boy jumping of the chair.

"Yes Beast Boy, you're not a part of the Titans anymore" said Robin.

"Now sign the freaking paper you green freak!" shouted Cyborg.

"Hey what the hell is up with this? First I save your bitches life and this is my pad on the back!!!" shouted Beast Boy. Robin put on an angry face followed by Cyborg.


Out side the room Raven was listening in on the boys. She herd everything that they said. She couldn't believe that Beast Boy was getting kicked of the team because of an accident that didn't even happen. She quietly continued listening, there for she knew there was nothing she can do to convince Robin to let Beast Boy stay. He did hurt Starfire and saved her life at once.


"Im not signing this!" exclaimed Beast Boy scanning the words on the two paper sheets.

"Yes you are or were going to make you" replied Cyborg. Beast Boy looked up from the papers to meet the gaze of his friends. Grief and pain struck his body and mind. This was for real.

Beast Boy suddenly put on a smile. He realized that this might be a prank but it was real.

"Hey you guys if this is a prank I fell for it" said Beast Boy chuckling lightly. The words slipped out of his mouth andcaused Cyborg and Robin to get angrier.

"Its no joke" replied Robin harshly.

"So im getting banned for real?" asked Beast Boy confused. "But for what?" he asked again.

"You should know that!" exclaimed Robin getting out his bow staff. "Now sign it!"

Beast Boy put on an angry face and grabbed the pen of the table. He sat down on the chair and began writing. He scribbled something on the paper. He was too worried knowing that this was for real. After he signed the paper he slid them over to Robin. Robin picked them up and read it.

"Good, now get packing!" shouted Cyborg and followed Robin out of the room. Beast Boy was sitting on the chair trapped in some kind of trance. He snapped out of it when the doors slid closed. Anger attacked his body and he hit the table hard enough for it to flip over. His breathing increased and he stormed out of the meeting room after Robin and Cyborg.

"Hey guys wait up!" yelled Beast Boy as he caught up with the two.

"What" replied Robin in a rude sense of voice.

"But where will I live, and where will I go?" Beast Boy asked worriedly. Cyborg and Robin smirked at him.

"If you think you're old enough to attack your team mate then you can definitely survive out there" replied Cyborg.

"You can't do that!" shouted Beast Boy with anger.

"Yes I can, I am the team leader" replied Robin. After hearing the word leader Beast Boy lost hope and turned to walk of to his room.


The Tower was silent. There was not a sound except strange crashing sounds coming from Beast Boys room. Beast Boy was packing his stuff to leave. It was an order. He wasn't a Titan anymore, he singed the contract.

"Well see BB that's what you get for saving some ones life" said Beast Boy out loud to him self. He quickly grabbed some underpants and shoved them in to a dark yellow back pack. He packed everything he would need, cloths, toothbrush with tooth paste, and everything else that was to be used everyday.

He tossed all the other belongings in the closet and closed it tight. His room was clean for once. He stood by the closet door looking at his old room. The picture frames on the dresser caught his eyes. He slowly approached the pictures and looked at them. A picture of the Titans was in the middle. He quickly picked it up and looked at it.

In the picture the Titans stood by a roller coaster at a fair. He was standing before Starfire and Cyborg. His arm was around Ravens waist and he was embracing her while Cyborg made a face. He looked at the picture. After a moment he pulled out a black marker and colored in his image in the picture. Now the picture had only four Titans and a shadow. Beast Boy grinned at his fine scratching and picked up another picture.

Suddenly there was light knocking on his door. It was Raven but he didn't know.

"Alright im packing damn it!" he exclaimed angrily. Raven flinched from his angry voice and knocked again.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!!!???" shouted Beast Boy from behind the door.

"It's me" said Raven calmly. Beast Boy really wanted to talk to her but he didn't. He wasn't a Titan anymore. How would she react if she would find out that he's leaving.

But something inside him refused to speak and open the door.

"So what!" replied Beast boy and placed the picture on the dresser.

"I know that you're leaving BB" said Raven with worry in her voice. Beast Boy became puzzled.

"What do you want?!" he demanded angrily from behind the door.

"I want to talk" she replied.

"Oh so now you want to talk, GO TALK WITH SOME ONE ELSE!!!" shouted Beast Boy with anger. After hearing the reply from Beast Boy Raven attempted to open the door but it was locked.

"Beast Boy please let me in" she said.

"Why should I? Probably can't wait for me to leave huh?" replied Beast Boy.

"No!" exclaimed Raven and used her powers to bring the door out. But it was to no avail because the door was locked.

"Nice try, you probably desperate to get my room huh, even though itaint mine anymore!" he replied.

Raven gave up trying to open the door and fell to her knees in front of it. From within the room Beast Boy herd small sobs from behind the door. He quickly came to state that Raven was crying and it was because of him. He felt horrible knowing that he made a person cry when he hated to see people being sad.

"Beast Boy I don't want you to go" whispered Raven between sobs. That moment Beast Boy turned of the lights in his room and opened the door half way. Raven gasped and jumped to her feet.

"What do you want?" he demanded angrily. Raven regained her poser and spoke.

"I want to talk" she replied looking in to one of Beast Boys eyes. The darkness illuminated the room and only one of Beast Boys eyes could have been seen.

"When I asked you to talk why didn't you?" asked Beast Boy standing in the darkness.

Raven looked more frustrated and put on a worried face.

"I don't know" she replied.

"That's not an answer" said Beast Boy. Suddenly the door slid opened all the way to reveal the whole body of the changeling. Raven gasped in surprise and took a step back. He had on a whole new out fit that made him look hot. He also did his hair in a spiky manner and put on some black eye liner under his eyes. He had on blue jeans with black boots with silver tips on the edges, on top he had on a black T-Shirt and a black colored jean coat.

"What the hell are you looking at?" he demanded angrily. Raven snapped out of her trance.

"Please don't go" she said soft enough for him to hear. Beast Boy put on an evil smile.

"If you can convince boy blunder for me to stay then be my guest" he replied walking by her and heading for the stairs.

"But you can't just go, there has to be a way" she said following him.

"Yeah there is a way" he replied starting to walk faster to the front door of Titans tower.

"And what is that?" asked Raven.

"The way is there is no way!" he exclaimed starting to run. Raven couldn't keep up with the changeling so she flew. Beast Boy realized that she was flying after him so he ran faster. Before she knew it he jumped in to the elevator and the doors closed.


"Well here is the last sight ill see of this place" said Beast Boy looking around the big guest room of Titans tower. He opened the door and took a step out side. The cold light breezy air hit his face lightly and he inhaled deeply. The stress and pain that he caused Raven was still eating away at him. But he knew he can't turn back. He has to go.

Before he took a step he herd something from behind. He quickly turned and became shocked. There stood Raven in a white cloak.

"Are you stupid or something?" he asked puzzled. Raven didn't move except pull on her hood. When she pulled on her hood Beast Boy realized that she did that to cover up her tears.

"Don't be crying for me" he said harshly. Before he knew it Raven ran up and hugged him tenderly. He was shocked to see the feelings she was expressing. Knowing that she loves him, hehad no other choice but to hug her back. There for he loved her too but right now was not the time to show effect.

"Im sorry" he whispered to her ear. Raven looked up at him to meet his gaze.

"I love you" she said with more tears bursting out of her eyes. Beast Boy smiled lightly and wiped away the tears of her cheeks.

"I love you too, but im afraid I can't stay here" he replied softly embracing her in another hug.

"I can alwaysscrew up Robins mind" she replied between sobs. Beast Boy pulled away and took her by her shoulders.

"Don't do that" he replied. "I will see you from time to time, but right now I have to get out of here"

"Don't go, please" she replied bringing his hand to her cheek. She rubbed his fingers on her cheek and felt the soothing warmth of his hand.

"I have to" he said and slowly pulled away his hand. Before she knew it he was walking towards the door.After he took one step he felt something grab his hand. He looked to seen and found Raven pulling on it.

"Please don't go" she said between sobs. Beast Boy looked at her and pulled her in for a hug.

"I have to Raven, no matter how much I don't want to" he replied. That moment he gave her a kiss on the cheek and jumped away from her. Not realizing what he was going to do Raven rushed after him but it was too late. Beast Boy quickly hit the lock down button and smashed the computer. The doors quickly closed sealing of the two faces from each other.

"I will see you some time later" said Beast Boy with tears threatening to break loose. He pulled him self together and headed for the city.


"NO YOU CANT BE GONE!!!" exclaimed Raven hitting the metal door before her. "BEAST BOY COME BACK!!!" she shouted. "NO, BEAST BOY COME BAAAACK!!!" she yelled again but no response. Loosing all hope she dropped to her knees sobbing hard and pounding on the door lightly with her wrist.

"No, you can't be gone, you can't be" she whispered. "You can't"

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