Chapter 18. Lights, Tension, Reunion!

Karai slowly emerged from her chasm, briefly walking warm halls of the home. The corridor she walked through held in tact many framed pictures and facial portraits. Stopping to zoom, the girl noticed each image holding an everlasting memory. Giggling to her self, she skipped into the kitchen and phased a glass through the cup board, grabbing hold of it. A happy smile on her face, the glass instantly filled with water before she drank it vigorously.

"I hope they're having fun" she whispered placing the glass back and skipping over into her room, afterward shutting the door quietly.

---Some Where in Neon City---

A jet black motorcycle could be seen from a far pulling into a parking lot, of what seemed to be a big tower, with numerous carvings and idling sheets of metal embedded into its granite surface. The surrounding was of a botanical plaza, and it radiated such sweet scent. Raven quickly jumped off the machine taking off the helmet. Immense flaw was, a beautiful jaw was not entirely observed hitting he ground. Gar jumping off in a hurry set his helmet on the gas tank and approached her from behind.

"So, you like?" he asked, looking up at the tall tower. Raven inched her way toward him, afterward handing him her helmet. Gar chuckled and set it on the seat.

"I didn't know such things existed" she said taking his hand in his. Gar smirked and pulled her forward.

"Yeah yeah, but that's not the coolest episode about this place" he said sounding motivated. Raven half feared half preyed, hearing him.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah" he replied pointing to hole in the flat concrete slabs. Raven bent in looking at the pores. For a second, they really did look like holes, but then…

"What the!?" exclaimed the goth.

"Oh yeah baby" said Gar holding her hand harder. "Don't be a chicken now…" he said calmly looking around. Instantly, other couples, boy friends and girl friends immerged out of no where, awaiting something special to happen. That moment, the numerous holes in the ground began flashing in different colors. Before any one could react, blazing spears of water shot into the sky, packing tremendous force. The girls instantly began screaming and running around the watery pillars. Every shooting pillar changed colors and patterns every second, making it seems as if an underwater disco.

"My goodness!" shouted Raven, "I haven't had this much fun in a long time!" she said running around the third portion of the tower.

"You've never had this kind of fun to be exact!" Gar corrected her, pushing her at one of the explosive streams. Raven lost her footing falling onto it. The pressure of the water grabbed a hold of her weight, holding her a fair distance above the ground. Gar clapped walking around her body to meet the face.

"Fun, isn't it?" he asked jumping on a stream him self, locking a lotus pose with his legs: keeping same altitude as her. Raven managed to take the same pose as him, struggling a little but succeeded. Breathing deeply she smiled at him.

"Yes, it is" she grinned. Gar chuckled and leapt off his beam, pushing hands forward, directing the water at her. Water hitting her face, she back flipped off the stream chuckling.

"So it's like that huh?" she asked. Gar grinned and bolted the other way. Raven quickly giving chase didn't notice a blowing stream right before her foot, and took off into the air with a yelp. Gar halt suddenly, not sensing her behind him. In a second, some one landed before him. Turning around, a stream hit his face.

"What the!?" he yelped. Raven spraying water in his face from her mouth laughed and gave out running. Gar clearing his eyes chased after her.

"What, you're some kinda man?!" he questioned jokingly chasing her around the streams.

"Yeah I am!" came her reply.


"Yeah!" she exclaimed quickly jumping to the side. Gar skidded to a stop turning to her. Before he knew it, he was hanging on a stream of water at the level of her head. "I guess I win".

"No fair" he complained looking to the side.

"Too true…" she whispered loud enough for him to hear afterward took him by the head and packed her lips on to his. Gently biting his lower lip, she pulled away a minimum nuzzling him lovingly. He smiled licking her cheek before she deepened a kiss once more. Time so coming, it was already midnight. The streams lowering away into the ground, one slowly carried him and laid his body on the concrete. Raven, not letting go lowered with him, biting his lips, playing them ever so elegantly.

As time went, it was already past mid night. Other people keeping them in loving company already left the area. It was dark out. City lights, city breeze, and nightmare ghosts creeped the darkness. Despite this, the two teens remained laying on the platform of the granite tower, looking up at the stars, soaked and drenched only love warming them.

"Beast Boy…there is something I wanted to ask you…" came her voice, piercing the silence dead. The two, laying opposite to each other, only their heads joined; that made it easier to hear one another whisper.

"Yeah, what is it?" he asked smiling slightly as stars reflected in his eyes. Raven rolled over on her front, crawling toward him a bit, holding her face over his.

"C-Can you come back, with me?" the words slipped past her lips. Gar closed his eyes and sighed. The words were not random. She wanted this, with all her heart. Moving aside he sat up thinking over it. Sighing, the teen lift him self off the concrete and walked over, leaning against the granite tower.

"I don't know…" he said softly. Raven lowered her head, wet bangs covering her face. Gar looked at her and sighed, afterward walking over to her laying body. Crouching near her head, he brushed a hand through her hair, clearing one side of her face. She quickly sat up on her knees and took his hand, caressing her cold cheek.

"Why not?" she asked. Gar stood up relieving of her cold cheek and started pacing around her.

"Because, Raven, I have a life here. I have friends who respect me, who appreciate me, who are there for me. I have a family. Karai, that girl needs me, she's…the only family I have left" he stated factorizing his point. Raven lowered her head, getting up slowly.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe this is best for you," she whispered. "But, what about the Titans? Robin and Cyborg may have lost it, but they're afar regretting it now. And Starfire, that girl misses you! I miss you! We can't even hold off the stupidest clowns any more because the team's so fucked up. What about the family that you once had? Was it that easy for you to forget it?!" she said, her voice choking rocks.

"If that's so…why would Cyborg and Robin fight me on the roof top?"

"It was a matter of self defense!" she explained. Gar sighed crossing the arms over his chest. Looking down at the feet, the teen took a deep breath and let out a slow exhale looking upward at the stars.

"I don't want to go back. Pissing away two years of hard work just like that, what a damn shame…" he said pushing off the granite and walking over to the motorcycle. Raven walked after him taking her helmet and putting it on after he put on his. The two hopped on the two wheeled machine before it roared to life, and sped off.

---Gar's Primacies---

After a while, a long stretching beacon begun approaching the home. Gar stepped on the break before pulling into the driveway. Karai, inside the house, tight in her bead, heard an engine silence, which caused the girl to bolt from under the blankets to peer out the window. Raven climbed off the vehicle as did Gar, both undoing their helmets. A minute of silence passed between the two before she spoke up.

"I can't believe you're that selfish" she said lightly. Gar tightened his grip on the helmet, afterward slamming it into the ground.

"What the fuck do YOU know!?" he exclaimed slamming the helmet against the ground, cracking its carcass. Raven frightened of the tone and reaction suddenly jumped back.

"Calm down" she advised.

"You think you can just come in and order me to come back? After all the shit I've been through! You think it's really that easy!?" he yelled angrily. Raven stumbled dropping the helmet, tears forming in her eyes.

"What's gotten into you?" she questioned.

"Oh who care, why does any one care!!!" he retorted shouting. Suddenly a pink like barrier begun glowing around his arms. Looking at it, he wasn't surprised. His palms instantly slammed shut over his mouth, pinning him to the garage side. Raven stepped back watching a pink glowing Karai rising from the ground. The girls expression was sad, and tearful. There were grey stains on the girls' cheeks, and it looked like her tears. Her tear color was grey, in contrast with the pink glow.

"Why are you so mean big brother?" questioned the girl through sobs. Gar exhaled through his nose closing the eyes. The pink glow around his arms vanished, making the limbs flop down. Raven sniffled a bit sighing calmly.

"I'm not going back" he said approaching Karai. Taking the girl into his arms, the two made their way toward the front entrance. Walking inside, the door shut behind them. Raven, all on her own, looked up at the moon.

"I guess that was a failure…" she thought.

Gar made his way through the warm halls of the home directly entering Karai's room. Laying the girl in her bed once more, the teen hugger her before covering her up in blankets. Karai sighed and turned facing the window eyes shut. He inhaled and exhaled slowly.

"I know what you're thinking…" he said softly. "You want me to go." Karai did not reply, instead, soft almost unheard breathing pierced silence. Getting no reply, he stood off the bed and walked toward the door.

"Remember the promise we made long ago?" came Karai's question unexpectedly. Gar stopped.

"Yeah…" he replied. Karai turned to him in her bed inviting him with her finger, to come closer. Gar obliged approaching the bed, kneeling to her. Instantly, a quick hand phased through the fabrics, slapping him hard on the cheek. Karai, not feeling guilty at all burrowed the brows looking serious.

"Don't be foolish with her, you have no idea what she's been through as well…" she said taking his hand. Gar realizing this shook his head smiling.

"You're right" he stated. Karai then pointed out her pinky, as did Gar, both locking them. The two grinned wildly at each other for a long moment, before the young lady instantly passed out. He let go of her small white hand, tucking her in tight afterward.

"Sleep tight love." Kissing the girls forehead, he walked backward toward the door of the room, and shut it. "Well, that was kind of easy." Shrugging it off, he walked toward the main door and opened it.

"Raven?" called the teen. There was no reply. Slightly worried, he ran out to the porch and into the driveway. She was not there. "Must have slipped inside the house…" he thought running back. Finally inside, the teen ran around, checking every room, panting for breath. At last, his room, the main room. Opening it, he walked inside. Slowly creeping toward the bed, there was a noticeable object on the blanket. Carefully picking it up, he instantly let go and ran outside in a hurry.

"RAVEN, Raven where are you!?" he yelled. Receiving no reply, the teen quickly morphed into an eagle and soared for the dark sky. Rising high into the air, he attempt scoping her out with his vision, but, there was nothing to be scoped. It took him a while to circle the entire Neon City perimeter, yet, there were no results. Finally arriving at the domain, he walked in the house closing the door. Heading directly toward his room, he also shut that door ridding of the cloths. Approaching the bed, he took the bag in which her wet cloths were: embracing it tight.

"Damn it…"

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