DISCLAIMER: This is a novelization-in-progress of the masterpiece Xenogears from SquareSoft. I do not own the content of this, save for maybe the way I described "how" something happened. All characters, speech, and storyline are exclusive property and copyrighted by SquareSoft.


"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."

Space. A dark void of nothingness, frequently decorated by the gleam of stars. A spec appeared in the distance. Soon the speck grew into a very large gray spacecraft. It was the Eldridge. A bay marked E-5 could be seen along the top of the bow. A light flashed followed by the words "DANGER!" The bay snapped shut. The bridge, normally emanating a warm yellow glow, suddenly flashed red. It was in a state of extremely high tension, almost chaos. Red warning lights flashed persistently, demanding attention on the monitors. Something was very wrong.

"Emergency. Level one alert," spoke a woman's voice in a monotone. The ship's computer.

"Omega 1 restarting. Alpha 1 G-Nome...restructuring," said a woman with blonde hair. She appeared to be the chief operator of the ship. "Confirming exon replacement. Base code 85 million, 100 million! Its speed is overwhelming!"

"Alpha 1 to Razael Central. Access confirmed. Initializing fake net - disconnected! Activating emergency shelter...denied." said another operator.

On the monitor, a red line was streaking through blue cell-shaped bays as the operator spoke as fast as the red line spreads. The red line appeared to be the "contamination" they were speaking of. As it got close to the center of its destination, it suddenly was rerouted.

"Contamination is spreading widely," said the chief operator. "Captain?"

The operator turned to the captain sitting at the back of the bridge. The captain wore a uniform not unlike that of a naval officer, a fairly aged man with brown hair, a mustache and a small beard. He turned his head in response to her. His reply to the operator was as calm as the operator's speech had been frantic.

"Cut off the cables manually."

"Roger. Activating self-destruct ports." The operator twisted a red knob, flipped a clear protective shield next to it, and pushed the button underneath. The button itself was labeled "CAUTION" and encircled with black and yellow stripes. Somewhere on the ship, a piece of the bulkhead shot out from the wall, severing the high-voltage connections underneath. However, an electrical surge must've occurred because an electrical arc occurred between the severed terminals. "Confirming? No good, nothing happened!"

"Omega 1, they are attacking! We can't stop them. 98 percent of our weapons have been taken over!" the second operator warned.

Throughout the chaos of all this, the captain was silent and still as he listened to the reports. The chief operator was struggling but managed to sound somewhat calm as she began to report what she was seeing on a holographic image in front of her.

"The auto pilot system, Deus, has been accessed and its phase space logic is being rewritten. Argo-area is increasing. An internal plane is forming. Switching to space displacement mode." The chief operator continues as a hologram of a sphere of some sort appears in front of her face. "Alpha 1, confirming transfer coordinate codes. Coordinates input, coordinate NX128EZ061. The main planet!"

"Damn. So they're planning on attacking," said the captain as he rose to his feet. He looked gravely concerned now. He picked up the phone next to his command module. "Engine room, activate the emergency sealing system. Engine room? Engineā€¦!"

In the engine room, the telephone bobbed on the end of its line. Then suddenly, the phone fell to floor harmlessly, its line cut. Electrical cables danced erratically on the floor.

The captain frowned, and then slowly hung the phone up. Quite suddenly, and without warning, a message scrolled down every line of the main screen repeating over and over. "YOU SHALL BE AS GODS." The bridge personnel stared at the monitor in stunned silence. The message reflected in red over and over again across the captain's eyes. He broke the silence quickly.

"See that all civilians and passengers are safely transported to the escape shuttles. I will send a dispatch after evacuation is complete. I am evacuating the ship. All of you. Evacuate...now."

The captain threw a crisp salute as the operators looked on him in confused disbelief. Red klaxons all over the ship went off and the ship's main computer began the evacuation sequence warnings.

"Evacuate. Evacuate. Evacuate the ship immediately... All passengers please board the shuttles in a calm and orderly fashion," droned the main computer.

Absolute chaos broke loose. It appeared to be close to bedlam. Many people were running over the skybridge inside the ship, while astronauts outside observed the pandemonium while doing their own tasks. Soon, a ship took off with passengers in it, and zoomed out the launch dock. It flew over the hull of the Eldridge, until all of a sudden it exploded in flames of orange fire. The ship's automatic weapons defenses had activated and were murdering its own passengers. The captain looked through the main window in horror as the screen faded still repeating"YOU SHALL BE AS GODS." Suddenly cables burst through the ship's hull and waved lazily about in the void of space. Whatever was causing the problems on the ship, it was in almost complete control at this stage. The captain slumped into his chair desperately.

Seeing that there was little left he could do, the captain pulled out a gold pocket watch and looked sorrowfully at the picture embedded in the case. It was a picture of a mother and a daughter, smiling. His family. He managed a sad smile at the picture that no one could see. They looked very similar to each other, both beautiful in their own way. But he couldn't dwell on this. He knew what he had to do. He sat down at the main console and a screen opened up in front of him. The pocket watch sat silently on the window sill behind him. After but a moment's hesitation that seemed like an eternity to the captain, he pressed several buttons. He leaned back in his chair. The pocket watch lay silently behind him.

Violently, the ship exploded beginning from the stern and working its way up to the bow. Pieces of burning bulkhead and semi-molten metal streaked towards a ring-encircled world below it.

A few hours later, on the surface of the alien world, pieces of the Eldridge were still falling from the sky. A chunk of the ship landed on a small swamp next to the ocean and was a smoking, burning ruin. Born from the wreckage, "she" crawled out, naked. Sadly, she gazed out to the ocean, her eyes reflecting back the falling sparks of the pieces of the ship that has fallen to this world. The sparks continued to fall like falling stars into the ocean, as the sun rose to greet a new day... and a new inhabitant.