Daniel Grissom, the owner and operator of the Silver Queen Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, was standing in front of the mirror in his office giving himself one last glance over before going down to the restaurant to meet his date. He turned and was almost out the door when the phone rang. Turning and walking back to the desk he picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" he said

"Boss it's me Rico," said the Voice on the other end.

"Rico!" he hollered, "You'd better have a darn good reason for calling me. You know I don't like to keep my dates waiting!"

"I know, Boss," said Rico, "but this is important, the police just busted Johnny Lowmax, Jake Denali, and your entire Coney Island and Atlantic City operations!"

"WHAT!" hollered Grissom as Rico cringed on the other end of the line and jerked the phone away from his ear, "How?!"

"I don't know exactly, it seems that there's some mysterious source that handed the police and airtight case against both of those guys as well as the crooked cops you had working for you in both Police departments. They refer to him as The Shadow-walker some sort of codename I think."

"Listen, Rico," growled Grissom "I want you to tell your boys to stop standing around, find this joker and shut him up before he connects us to those rackets!"

"All right, Boss," said Rico, "but that won't be easy because not even the police know what he looks like."

"Don't start making excuses Rico just find him!" Grissom snapped before slamming the phone down on its cradle with enough force to shake the floor boards. Regaining his composure he walked out the door and down the stairs to restaurant never noticing the pair of glowing red eyes that were watching him from the shadow in the corner of the office where they had appeared a moment before. His date was sitting his private booth waiting for him.

"Olga, my dear," he said kissing the red-head's hand, "I'm so sorry I kept you waiting but I got a phone call as I was walking out the door."

"It's alright Daniel," said Olga in her softly accented voice. "I know how that goes."


Donavan Channing walked into Frank Parkers quarters. Frank was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling and he didn't even acknowledge Donovan's presence.

"Frank will you stop sulking?" said Donavan, Frank just huffed.

"What's the matter with him?" asked Ramsey who had just walked in on them.

"He's jealous because Olga's on a date with someone that's not him." Replied Channing

"HA," laughed Ramsey, "What makes him think that Dr. Vukavitch would possible be interested in a nut-job like him?!" A split second later Ramsey landed in the hallway right a Bradley Talmadge's feet blood oozing from his nose.

"What happened?" asked Talmadge. Donovan shrugged

"Ramsey ran his mouth once too often." He replied Talmadge look at Ramsey and rolled his eyes. Then he stepped over Ramsey and walked on down the hallway.

Grissom and Olga were sitting at the table chatting about nothing in particular when a waiter appeared and handed Grissom a message. Grissom opened it and Froze the message was made up of two words.


"J.J.," said Grissom flagging down one of his security guards find that waiter and ask him who gave him that message!"

"Is something wrong?" asked Olga when the security guard and left.

"No, no," Said Grissom, remembering where he was. Neither nor Olga noticed the young dark-haired man sitting at the bar smiling at Grissom's reaction. A few minutes later Olga's phone rang.

"Olga," said Bradley Talmadge on the other end, "Conundrum has landed and he's in bad shape we need you back at the base on the double!"

"I'm sorry Daniel," said Olga as she hung up, "I afraid an emergency has come up and I'll have to take a rain-check on dinner!"

"Of course," said Grissom, "a physician's work is never done." Olga jumped up and practically ran to her car never noticing that mysterious young man standing on the curve closing a cell phone as he watched her drive away. Suddenly the young man's eye's lit up and his form slowly faded away into nothingness as a throaty laugh pierced the night air.

Twenty minutes after she left the hotel Olga rushed into N.N.L. much to the surprise of Donovan and Ramsey and went straight into the infirmary. A second later came out.

"Where's Fra- Mr. Parker?" she asked

"In his room on his bed he hasn't moved." Replied Ramsey

"I can't believe you guys letting him lie in his room when he should be in the infirmary." Olga snapped as she ran towards Frank's quarters. Donovan and Ramsey exchanged bewildered looks and followed her. Olga burst into Frank's room and found him stretched out on his bed with his eyes closed. Without hesitating she ripped open his shirt and found nothing but the well defined chest and abdomen that Frank always had.

"He's just fine." She said a split before looking up to meet Franks surprised expression.

"Olga," he said eyes twinkling, "Don't you think that we're rushing things a little?" he pointed to Donavan and Ramsey who were standing in the open door way salvaging what was left of their Jaws from where they had cracked the floor after seeing Olga rip open Frank's shirt.

"I mean you didn't even close the door." Olga jumped up looking indignant.

"Of all the low sneaky underhanded tricks." she hollered, "calling me in the middle of my date imitating Bradley Talmadge and bringing me back here with some bull and cock story about you being hurt in a back-step."

"First, Olga," said Frank, "it's cock and bull story and second I never called you. Yes, I was jealous but I would never stoop that low."

"He's telling the Truth," said Donovan, "Check the out going calls, Frank hasn't made one call all evening."

Just then there attention was drawn to the T.V. set and the pictures in was showing of Daniel Grissom being led away in handcuffs. Frank turned up the volume.

"These are pictures of our breaking story," Said the Anchor, "Police working on information from an anonymous source recently discovered that Daniel Grissom the owner of the Silver Queen hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is in reality Darien "Pretty Boy" Grissom a hood that the police suspect was the head of a large scale illegal gambling ring that covered multiple states as well as various other crimes too numerous to mention."

"Well," Said Donovan, "it looks like this whole thing was a blessing in disguise."

"Why do all my dates seem to end this way?" asked Olga, "I'm usually a pretty decent judge of character." Frank put his arm around Olga.

"Don't be to hard on yourself," said Frank, "Even the best of us get fooled sometimes. You're human Olga and humans make mistakes. The Question his who made that phone call and how much does he know about us?!"

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