Six months later…

Two guards stood watch outside the computer room at the main NSA Headquarters in Washington D.C. both of them thinking how boring this assignment was. Suddenly inside the computer mainframe room a dark form walked out of the shadows that blanketed the dark room. He walked over to the main console opened the keyboard and began to work

Meanwhile, in convention hall in the next building there was a swank party going on, and Olga was standing in the middle of it. She, Talmadge, Donovan, Ramsey, and Parker had come to Washington to attend the reception for the newly appointed Foreign Ambassador that was being hosted by three of the most influential senators around, Vincent Pierson, Jackson Tate and Paul Smathers. The only reason Frank had come was because no one was willing to leave him at NNL by himself they already knew Frank could outsmart the other guards without even trying very hard.

Before they left Olga had made Frank promise that he wouldn't do anything to sabotage her chances of meeting any eligible men at the party. Frank had promised-with his fingers crossed behind his back the entire time.

Olga now stood talking to a tall dark-haired man in a tuxedo. Frank stood nearby and watched the whole thing as he shoved another cracker coated with caviar in his mouth.

"Hey Bradley," said Frank, "who's that guy that Olga's talking to?"

"Oh that's Judd Mowry Jr., a real hotshot, thinks he's God's gift to women thinks of himself as the real James Bond and his father Judd Mowry Sr. is an even bigger Jackass."

After a few minutes Mowry stepped away from Olga and went to get them some champagne from the waiter. Frank bent down as though he was adjusting his shoe and place one of the Caviar crackers on the floor caviar side down then he straightened up and with a flick of his foot slid the cracker right under the foot of Olga's would be suitor. Mowry's foot slid backwards sharply as soon has it hit the lubricated cracked he lurched forward and slammed into the waiter causing him to dump his entire tray of champagne filled glass into the fireplace. The resulting explosion and flare up set the back Mrs. Tate's dress on fire. Senator Tate jumped up and using the water pitcher put the fire out before his wife was hurt. Then he whirled around and glared at Mowry.

"MOWRY, He Thundered, "YOU CLUMSY IDIOT!" Tate turned to two of the secret service officers,

"Get him out of here," he snapped, "We can't have him setting anyone else on fire."

Talmadge turned and looked at Frank who was biting his lip and trying not to laugh as Mowry was being led away yelling that it wasn't his fault and Tate's wife went storming out with half of her skirt gone.

"Frank," Said Talmadge, "I didn't see that." Frank noticed that Talmadge kept looking at something in the palm of his hand. Finally Frank's curiosity got the better of him.

"What do you keep looking at?" he asked Talmadge smiled a proud grandpa smile and opened his hand to reveal a small picture. In the picture his granddaughter stood there in a white Karate uniform called a gi and a bright red belt that was tied around her waist. Behind her in the picture stood a smiling dark haired teenage boy who was wearing a gi with a red top, black belt, and the various other insignias of an instructor.

"My granddaughter just got her red belt," said Talmadge, "The young man in the picture with her is her instructor, or as she says it, her sensei. His name is Lee Cranston, and they say he is amazingly skilled for one so young, a master of three types of martial arts."

Olga came walking over to them and was just about to say something when the stately air of the party was shattered into a thousand fragments by the sound of shattering glass and the cry,

"Get that guy he was hacking into the NSA mainframe!"

Looking up the trio saw a black clad figure drop through the sky light and land on the long table in the middle of the room. When he straightened up they saw that he was wearing a black shirt and pants and over that he was wearing a black overcoat. He also wore a broad brimmed Leather hat and a sort of thin red scarf over his mouth and nose. The most noticeable thing about him was his eyes they were deep and soul-full and they seemed to glow with an inhuman red light. He closed his eyes and stood there in the center of the table seemingly unaware of the federal agents that were closing in on him with their guns drawn. Suddenly at the last second his eyes popped open and the agents that surrounded him were blasted backwards by an unseen force shattering windows and slamming into walls and doors. When the mayhem was over and the people looked back toward the table there was no one there the mysterious stranger was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly as they stood there the lights dimmed and a deep throaty laugh echoed pierced the air and sent chills down the spine of all that heard it.

Bradley Talmadge sat in his office staring at his computer monitor as he tried to com up with some way to rationalize what he had seen at the part. A smile came to his face as he recalled the moment after the laugh had dissipated and Olga had discovered to her horror that she was standing there holding on to Frank's hand for dear life. Then his expression turned serious. Who was this mysterious stranger and how did he get into the mainframe room undetected.

Suddenly the dark figure was standing in front of him.

"Mr. Talmadge," he said, "We need to talk."