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A Dream

Put simply, she lived in illusion. Everything for her was unreal and she lived in her dream world…far from everyone else, isolated, blank, aloof…she saw everything as an observer, behind glass doors, never really part of whatever was going on, and somehow she lived it that way…that life away from the real world, in her own world…

At times, in her dreams, she was an empress, at times, she was great warrior, but it had only been recently, she envisioned herself as an assassin…feeling a kinship to their kind, knowing that like herself, assassins were usually misunderstood, oftentimes cold and aloof, and so…that was what she was…an assassin, at least in Rune Midgard when she logged online and played the game…

But at that moment, as she walked through the city, she was but an ordinary citizen covering her nose with the hanky to keep out the smog from smothering her, and avoiding the honking cars stuck together in traffic. But as always, she was again living in a daydream, seeing herself walking in Rune Midgard, in the streets of Prontera surrounded not by the grouchy and harried pedestrians, but archers, mages, swordsmen, thieves, merchants and more.

In real life, walking amongst the streets, she felt ordinary…but in her dreams, she wasn't…she wasn't wearing her dreary faded jeans and ugly t-shirt, she wasn't just another pretty face who happened to be unusually weird—she was an emerald-haired assassin, with a katar in hand, a gangster mask, and ragamuffin manteau. In her thoughts, she was no ordinary citizen of the traffic infested and smog-filled city she now trekked through…she was in Rune Midgard, and she was an assassin, uncaring and unaware of the world around her.

A bell rang as she opened the door to the internet café and waited for the attendant to assign her a computer. She dug into her pockets and retrieved a few wads of cash for a few hours of the game she grew to love—Ragnarok online. Thus she sat down, and began.

"Log in…"


"Choose Server"

"Choose Character"

"I'm in…"

She smiled to herself, seeing the reflection of her face on the monitor, "It seems I'm almost a part of it…" she remarked quietly to herself, her eyes glazed and far away…once again in her dream world.

Minutes later, she found herself in the dungeons of Glast Heim, attacking monsters in attempts to level up her skills and stats. Later on, a dark haired Priest joined her and aligned a blessing, trying to help her out…

"Hmm?" she thought, but otherwise she didn't go against his interference as she would have usually done…

The priest online had already become a constant companion on her trips through Rune-Midgard and an almost welcome person to chat with while online…

From SilverGreiz198: Nice of you to come…didn't think you'd be here…

To SilverGreiz198: I was busy…

From SilverGreiz198: Like that happens…

She hastily tried to type her replies while concentrating on killing off the zombies as they swamped over her…

From SilverGreiz198: Let's go for a treat after here, okay?

She ignored the last typed phrase, and continued with her assassin, wondering how in the world would someone real…human, exist in a world that was her own, but she comforted herself with the idea that either way, he would be like the others…find her weird for having such eccentric thoughts, for living in a dream world, for not being…normal, she was too different---that was reality, something even her imagination could not keep away.

A few hours later, she got out of the café, and met Rafael—a schoolmate, a stranger, someone she shouldn't even be talking to…shouldn't even be seen with…he was one of the good-looking guys who were popular not because they were handsome, but because they were actually nice and down to earth.

"A dream…" she decided, immediately putting him in the category, for in truth, how would someone like him take notice of someone so weird and different as herself? Most people avoided her like the plague…something that made her secretly unnerved.

Rafael was someone she dreamt about, but someone most unlikely to suit her in the real world…"Prince Charming never marries the witch…" she thought to herself, "Princes go for Princesses, something I'm obviously not…"

"Hi," He said, greeting her, eyes bright and smile beaming.

She ignored him, and walked away…she may know him as SilverGreiz198, but this was real life... she didn't know a Rafael, she only knew him as the priest she played with in the game. Rafael was a dream…not someone real,

Hastily he grabbed her hand, "Anna, what's with you…why won't you go out with me?"

She felt almost electrified by the human contact. How many people ever touched her? Aside from her family and friends…with the latter being almost non-existent.

Rafael was greeted with a blank expression, he immediately understood just why people had told him to avoid her…she was too…different…seemingly so far away in her own world to even realize that he held her hand. Though discouraged, he persisted, but she slowly slipped her hand out of his grasp, and continued walking. "We play together don't we? We know each other well when we're in the game…you actually talk to me! If typing would count as a conversation…"

He followed her from behind, wondering what could make the girl so cold to him. He didn't care whether she lived in another world, he would make her snap out of the dream and live in the real world…see him as real, and enjoy being with him…to know that everything perfect didn't have to be another dream.

"Anna, why cant you just talk to me person to person…the same way we converse when we play in that Game you love so much…at least there…in the game…you like me don't you? Even slightly?"

"It wasn't real…" Anna answered him coldly, blank eyes staring back at him, "I like you in the game, but in real life…what are you to me?"

A wince of pain was evident on the boy's face, Anna's face didn't change, it was expressionless, but he saw something flicker, an unguarded emotion that manifested itself in her eyes…only for a moment, and soon it was gone, leaving him wondering if he had just imagined it.

"What am I to you then?" he asked,

She remained silent for a moment, and answered, "You're a dream…something that doesn't really exist"

"Anna, I like you a lot…" he began, keeping his voice steady as he looked at her squarely, "that at least, was something real…"

Slowly, he walked away…shoulders drooped, and face turned away in attempt to keep the hurt from showing.

Anna watched him leave, and the veil of illusion lifted, replaced by a sudden strike of reality, and with it, painful remorse. Tears came aflood; she knew she'd made a mistake…but how?

…but as always, she lived in illusion, and in a matter of moments, she was back in it…forgetting Rafael, forgetting her loss, but when she slept, the dreams that haunted her at night, all told her that the pain she felt in her heart was true…and no amount of dreaming could keep the pain of heartbreak and remorse from making her feel it…

. End note: You may notice most of my stories aren't all that happy...sorry…but that's how I am…