Are You My Sister?

I'm Asakura Yoh, Shaman. Lived in Izumo. I have a little sister name Anna. She was younger than me only 1 year. She always gave me a hard training. She was so harsh when it's about training, but I know what she wanted was to make me stronger.

"Yoh…where is he?", Anna, an itako 15 years old. She has a blonde hair and wearing a red bandana. She was wearing all black for the top and skirt. In her hand there is her bead, she was ready to punish her oni-chan, which was ran away from her training. Anna kept searching his brother until she reached the dinning room. She saw her friends, Tamao and Pirika, which were younger than her 2 years old.

"Hey, anta-tachi. Do you see Yoh?" Tamao shake her head.

"No Anna-sama". "Maybe he is going to the backyard. He always there isn't he?" Pirika gave her an advice. Anna smiled at her. "Thank you Pirika" and started to walk away.

"How can I forget that place? He is always there all the time" when she reached the backyard she saw him laying on the soft grass, sleeping. Anna went toward him and looked down at him. She smiled when she saw his brother sleeping peacefully not knowing she was there too. Anna sat (Japanese style) beside him, not woke him up and waited for him to wake up. But she's not that patient to wait her oni-chan. She looked at him who was slept peacefully; she ran her hand to his cheek. Anna rubbed his cheek slowly and smiled naughty. She leaned down and kissed his cheek, Yoh moaned as he felt something on his cheek. When he opened his eyes, he saw Anna kissed him. He blushed and yelled. He moved away as Anna moved a little to the back. Yoh sat up and gave a little space between Anna and him. Anna laughed at his brother.

"Anna, you shouldn't do that! You're surprised me!" Yoh shouted at her. His face was now redder than before. Anna only laughed while her finger pointed him. She liked to tease her brother so much. She also liked his brother reaction when he got teased, especially when she teased him like that.

Yoh, in other hand, also notice Anna not as little kid anymore. She's already grown to be a very beautiful lady. Yoh always say it to her. "Listen, you're now not a little child anymore. You shouldn't act like that, Anna" Anna only laughed at her brother. "Do you really understand?" She just went away and said "go train Oni-chan" and Yoh sweat dropped.

"How many times I already told you. Don't do that. Only my girlfriend who will be kissing me" Yoh said while he rubbed his cheek. Anna smiled. "Oh yeah? I don't think any girls want to be with you Oni-chan"

"Why not? I'm handsome" Yoh said with proud. He pointed his thumb to himself. Anna burst out laughing. " you think anyone want to be with you? I'll tell you why; because you're lazy. No one wants to be with you, because you're not strong enough, even you can't defeat me. You can't protect your girlfriend when she is in a trouble. Now go to train before I run this beads around your neck again" Anna warned him. Yoh froze when he heard what she said. He stood up immediately and get ready for training.

"Okay, I'll train. You'll see, later, many girls will be going toward me!" he said with proud again. The one he wants to train is because of her beads. Anna always used it to him when he refused to train. If not punched him with that, she wrapped it around his neck, made him couldn't breathed until he said yes. After that she gave him double or even tripled training. But Anna also looked at his brother condition. If he already looked really tired, she will gave him a rest for only 5 minute and told him to train again. Tamao, her friend also gave him a fresh drink in the middle his training. It will give him energy to continue training. Only for that Anna allowed her.

While in the middle of his training, Yoh heard a shouted. He looked up and saw his friends. Horo² and Ren, and also Manta walked toward him. He smiled at them. Horo² is Pirika's brother. Ren just his friends and also Manta, but Manta is not a shaman. He's clever and always helped Yoh in so many ways; the one is for his homework (He can't always borrow it tough, because if Anna found out, she would mad at his brother and gave him a punishment).

"Hey, Anna gives you training again?" Horo² teased her. Yoh only laughed. He stoop up and said "Well, if she hears you, I think your sister will be give you a training too" he teased him back. Horo² sighed. "Haa…why do you have to remind me for that hell training Yoh…" He kneeled down beside him. Yoh sat there too with manta ran toward him.

"How is your training Yoh-kun?" ha ask. "Mmm…not bad. I feel easy today wehehehehe…" he laugh. Ren smiled. "You must train more like me. We can fight again to find out our abilities" he said. Yoh looked up at him "If that what you want…" he stood up.

"'What you want' what?" They all froze when they heard the sound. They looked behind and the girls, Anna, Pirika, and also Tamao stood there. Anna and Pirika stood there with their arm at their waist, Tamao hold the served plate, which has 4 glass of juice above it.

Yoh "Anna…" moved back a little. Horo² "Pi..Pirika…" do what Yoh do. Manta also stepped back. Ren only stood there, staring.

"Yoh, shouldn't you must train?" Anna asked him, glaring. "Uh ano…."

"Oni-chan, you should train hard!" Pirika yelled at him. "Pirika…"

"I'll give you this juice if you trained hard" Tamao said cheerfully.

After that, Yoh and Horo² trained hard, Ren and Manta also got the punishment.

From the porch, Yohmei Asakura smiled when he saw all of them get the punishment by the girls. "What do you think?" he asked to Kino Asakura, Yoh's grandmother. "Well, I think we should let them this time. Beside, I think Anna is not ready for that yet" Kino said. Yohmei nodded with agreement. The two of them left without let Yoh and the others know they were there.

To be Continue…

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