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I Love You, always and forever

"So… Yoh, who'll you choose as your fiancée?" Keiko asked him. Yoh looked at her seriously. Anna looked at him then looked away. Hao looked at him calmly, he didn't say anything. Pirika and Ren also watch him, waiting for his answer. Horo-horo looked at him curiously, and Tamao looked at him worried.

"I know whom will I choose" he said, smiling thoughtfully. Keiko smiled. Kino also smiled. Anna looked at him sadly. She squeezed her skirt and looked down.

"Really? Who?" Keiko asked him impatiently. Yoh smiled.

"I choose…"

All of them looked at him seriously. Anna's heart beating so fast, she didn't want to hear it!. She closed her eyes and stood up. She couldn't hold it anymore.

"I'm going to my room" she said. Yoh looked at her. All of them looked at her confused.

"Why?" Yoh asked her. Anna shook her head. "Nothing" she said, her voice's trembling and she feel that she is going to cry. She quickly ran toward the door and walked away. Yoh looked at her disappeared. He sighed.

"What happened to her?" Horo-horo asked. Tamao looked at him then looked at the door sadly.

"I don't think that I'm going to answer it now, Kaa-chan. Maybe tomorrow. Is that okay?" he asked her. Keiko smiled a little she nodded.

"It's okay… Just choose the one that you really love the most" she said. Yoh smiled.

Anna wiped her tears and sat down on her futon. She stared at her toes hug her knees and rested her head on it.

"Why did you run away?" Hao asked her. Anna looked behind and saw him stood behind her.

"I didn't runaway" she said. Hao looked at her seriously.

"Yes you did. You didn't want to hear whom will Yoh choose as his fiancée, so you ran away before he said anything" he said. Anna couldn't answer him.

"You love him don't you? Then, why did you run away?" he keep asking her. Anna stood up, she turned around and slapped him.

"You should know! I love him, but I'm the one who's going to be hurt if I hear him choose somebody else than me!" she said. Hao rubbed his cheek.

"Is that why you ran away?" Yoh asked her. Anna looked at the door and stared at him surprised. Hao looked behind and smiled. Yoh looked at Anna tenderly. Anna looked down, her face red.

"I'll leave you two alone" he said. As he passed Yoh, he whispered: "I'll leave my sister to you, Yoh" He walked out from Anna's room and closed the door silently. Yoh nodded a little and smiled.

Yoh looked at Anna who's staring at him.

"Why did you leave when I'm going to say who's the girl that I'm going to choose?' he asked her. Anna didn't looked up at him.

"I think you already heard what I said before…" she said. Yoh smiled.

"Do you know whom I chose?" he asked her again. Anna shook her head slowly.

"Have a guess…" he said. Anna bit her lip.

"Tamao?" she asked him. Yoh shook his head. "No, of course not. I rejected her before and you know that" he said.

"Pirika?" "No"

"Then, who? Sayo? Mina? Rin? Seravina!" She almost shouted the entire girls name and glared at him. "It's not a game, Yoh. I don't need to know who she is" she shouted. Yoh smirked.

"Well, I want you to know" he said. Anna blinked. "And why should I?" she said. Seeing Yoh smile at her so tenderly made her blushed.

"Because it's you" he said. Anna's eyes widen.


"It's you, who will I choose as my fiancée…" he said. Anna stared at him then glared.

"Don't lie to me, it's impossible for you to choose me as your fiancé" she said, and started to walk away from him. Yoh smiled.

"You don't believe me?" he asked her. Anna looked at him.

"Yes" she said straight to the point.

"Why?" he asked. "Because I'm your sister" she said. Yoh smiled.

"I don't think I still see you as my sister" he said calmly. "I thought you are the one who still thinks that I'm your brother" he added. Anna didn't say anything.

"Then, how about this? I'll say it in front of kaa-chan and the others that I'll choose you as my fiancée. Maybe they'll reject us, but I don't care, I love you, Anna and I really want you to be my fiancée. I don't care what will they say when I choose you. I want you as my fiancée" he said. Anna looked at him shocked. She looked down and tried to control her feelings. Yoh waited for her to answer him.

"That time.. When you kissed me, I didn't think of you as my brother anymore… I started to love you, Yoh…" she said and covering her mouth. Yoh smiled.

"Yes, that time I didn't realize it too, but now I know that I love you, Anna" he said.

"Uh.. I…" she can't continue her words. Yoh hugged her.

"I'm not kidding, I love you, Anna. Not because you were my sister, but as the Anna that I know" he said happily.

Anna heard what he said; she smiled.

"Yoh, can I be your fiancée?" she asked him to make sure. Yoh's smile became bigger. "YES!" he said happily. Anna smiled and blushed. She looked up at him.

"Let's tell kaa-chan about this, okay?" Yoh said. Anna nodded. "But, I don't think that she'll receive this. I mean, she still thinks that I'm your sister" she said worrying. Yoh shook his head.

"It's okay, I said it before right? I don't care what she will say, as long as you're my fiancée" he said. Anna smiled at him.

"I love you, Anna" Yoh said. Anna blushed. "I… love you too" she said. Yoh put his hands on her cheek. He leaned closer to her and closed his eyes. Anna blushed; she closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her. She felt Yoh's lips brushed against hers. She smiled. She felt so happy that she wanted to feel more of his kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Yoh put his hand on the back of her head. Kissing her more lovingly. Both of them enjoying their own world; not noticing Hao leaning behind the door, smiling.

"Congratulations" he whispered with his eyes closed.

Next day…

"So, you choose Anna as your fiancée?" Keiko asked him. Yoh nodded. All of them were silent. Both, Anna and Yoh waiting for Keiko to answer. Suddenly Keiko smiled.

"That's great! I never think that you two will be together as 'lovers'! I'm so Happy! Kaa-san, is it okay?" she asked happily to Kino. She smiled then nodded.

Yoh and Anna looked at each other then smiled.

"OH, I'm glad that our tradition is still running. I'm glad that the Asakura and Kyouyama became a couple again! So, I don't have to worry about it anymore" she said.

"What do you mean kaa-chan?" Yoh asked. Keiko nodded.

"Yes, do you remember what Hao said when he told us about Anna's true self? He also explained about the Kyouyama clan that has a very good relation with the Asakura clan and sometimes, some of the Kyouyama and Asakura family members were engaged to become married in the future. Do you remember?" Keiko asked them. Anna nodded.

"Yes, I remember" she said. Keiko smiled. "Hmm.. I don't remember that much.." Yoh said. Anna frowned at him. Yoh smiled at her sheepishly.

"I'm worried that you two wont become a couple, while Yoh's already 16, we need to do something about it. So, we tried to make Yoh have a fiancée, just in case you two didn't love each other" she said. Anna and Yoh looked at each other then they both smiled.

"Arigatou, kaa-chan" he said. Anna also nodded. "Yes, if it's not because of kaa-san, I'll never become Yoh's fiancée. This jealous feeling of Yoh having a fiancée is very strong that makes my heart break. But, now, it's gone, the pain I'm feeling is gone" she said. Keiko smiled at her tenderly. Yoh smiled, he wrapped his arms on her shoulder.

"Now, you two are a engaged, I hope that you can always be together, forever" she said. Both Yoh and Anna nodded. They smiled at each other once again. Hao nodded and smiled at both of them.

"I'm glad that you're happy now, imouto-san…" (Sister) he whispered. He sighed and walked away from all of them.

"Can someone please become my fiancée?" he asked to no one and sighed heavily.

After a years passed by…

"I pronounce you as husband and wife" said the priest. "You can kiss the bride."

Yoh smiled he lean closer to Anna and kissed her on the lips. They broke the kiss and smiled. Yoh whispered.

"First, I know you as Asakura, and now, you're back to become Asakura" he said. Anna smiled happily.

"I love you, always and forever"


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