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You're Under My Skin

Chapter One: The lift

"I hate you Draco Malfoy!"

"Yeah, well, I hate you too Ginevra Weasley!"

"You're a stupid self-centred prick!"

"And you're hot-headed weaslette!"

Ginny narrowed her eyes and turned away from him. "When will this lift ever start working again?" she muttered to herself.

Now, surely, you as the reader must be wondering how Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy ended up in an empty, broken-down lift which had stopped in-between levels at the Ministry of Magic. Well, simply it had stopped working and Draco and Ginny being the only people in the lift at the time were stuck with each other for about an hour until the lift began moving again.

And why were they arguing? Well, if you put a Malfoy and Weasley in the same room (or small confined space like a lift) you would eventually hear them yelling their lungs out at each other. It's how it had always been. Malfoy calling the Weasley family 'muggle-lovers' and the Weasleys simply hating the over-proud 'pure-bloods'.

Draco wasn't a bad guy. In fact, he had helped Harry defeat Lord Voldemort in the summer after their seventh year and had become friends with Harry and Hermione, who were now one of the wizarding world's favourite couples. It's just that he had never got on with one Ginny Weasley.

What really annoyed him most about her was the fact that she was just so … 'goddamn beautiful' were the words that came to mind. Yes, he Draco Malfoy was attracted to a Weasley. He didn't like admitting it but he was.

And what really annoyed Ginny about him was the fact that he was just so … 'goddamn sexy' were the words that came to mind. Yes, Ginny Weasley had fallen prey to the sexy good looks that Draco Malfoy was graced with. And she hated admitting it.

So, how did they end up working at the Ministry together? Well Ginny, along with Harry and Ron had become an auror. Much to her annoyance, she found out after she had finished the training and already had her job that Draco Malfoy would be working closely with her, although never partnered with her. They shared a cubicle together.

It was a miracle that Draco didn't go home with bruises from picture frames or something and also that Ginny didn't go home with a bruised ego from his taunting. Although this was because they had a mutual understanding that neither was to yell at each other while they were in that small cubicle together.

Well, my dear readers, I still haven't answered that question I asked at the beginning: How did they end up in a broken-down lift, in between levels, alone and together? And with what is to follow I shall answer that question.

"Hold the lift please!" Ginny called, rushing towards the lift frantically. "Damn," she muttered as the doors closed. She pressed the down button and stepped back to wait for the lift to come back up.

When it finally did arrive at her level a small crowd of Ministry workers had gathered near the lift. The doors slid open and the crowd surged forward, pushing Ginny and a certain tall blonde right to the back, pressed up against each other.

She scowled and tried to keep the jumpy feeling in the pit of her stomach from doing anything else to her body, for example, make her go weak at the knees. Draco scowled and looked over the heads to see what level they were at, looking anywhere but at her.

The first time the lift stopped many of the people inside stepped out and walked along corridors to their respective offices and cubicles. It was then that the two enemies were able to separate themselves from one another.

The next time the lift stopped everyone else in the lift stepped off, leaving Ginny and Draco alone in the lift.

'Oh great,' Ginny thought sarcastically. 'Not only do I have to spend the whole day with him, but I have to spend the lift ride with him.'

Draco seemed to be thinking along the same lines. 'Why me? Why am I left in here with Red when I could be left in here with a sexy blonde who would be willing to at least go out with me?'

'The bloody lift had better not stop,' they both thought at the same time. And, as the lift came to a shuddering pause they both thought at the same time 'Fuck.'

"Fantastic," Draco muttered sarcastically. He walked to the doors and banged on them but nothing happened.

"That was constructive," Ginny snarled, frustrated that she had to be stuck in the lift with him.

He glared at her and said "You try getting us out of here then."

"I can't," she said simply. "We're gonna have to wait until it starts working again."

"Why don't we just aparate out of here?" he asked angrily.

Ginny rolled her eyes and said "If we did that we'd be splinched owing to how much magic surrounds this lift. I would have thought you knew that Draco," she said in a good imitation of his usual sneer.

"Well sorry," he said sarcastically. He slid down to the ground and rested his elbows on his knees.

"What are you doing?" she asked incredulously.

"Sitting. What does it look like?" he asked frowning up at her.

"Don't you know how dirty it is down there?"

Draco rolled his eyes and said "I didn't know you were so concerned for my health my dear Ginevra."

Ginny narrowed her eyes and said "Don't call me that Malfoy."

"What, would you prefer me call you Red?" he retorted.

"Bloody ferret," she muttered turning away from him and staring down at her shoes.

"What did you just call me?" he asked, standing up and glaring at her.

She glared back and said "I just called you a bloody ferret."

It was Draco's turn to narrow his eyes as he said "Don't call me that Weasley."

"Then don't call me by my full name."

"You're an idiot."

"You're a dick-head!"

Their voices were rising now and not heard by anyone but themselves, they began to yell even louder at each other.

"I hate you Draco Malfoy!"

"Yeah, well, I hate you too Ginevra Weasley!"

"You're a stupid self-centred prick!"

"And you're hot-headed weaslette!"

Ginny narrowed her eyes and turned away from him. "When will this lift ever start working again?" she muttered to herself.

Draco sighed and sat back down on the floor. 'Bloody Weasley just has to be so damn sexy when she's angry. Good thing you can control yourself Draco my boy.'

Two minutes later Ginny stamped her foot and exclaimed "Move you stupid lift!"

"That won't do anything," Draco remarked snidely.

"Shut up," she snapped at him. "It's bad enough we have to share a cubicle at the office."

"Well it's not like that's my fault," he retorted standing up again.

"You still get on my nerves!"

"You get on mine too!" he said moving forward slightly.

"Fine!" Ginny said glaring up at him. Then she noticed how close he was to her. "Get away from me Malfoy."

"Or else what?" he asked, smirking at her as he moved even closer.

"Do you remember in your fifth year when I used the bat-bogey-hex on you?"

"So?" he said, backing her up to the wall of the lift. "Do you know how infuriating you can be?"

"Do you know how male you can be?"

"Do you know how sexy you are when you're mad?" Oops. That wasn't supposed to come out.

"What?" Ginny asked, frowning up at him.

"Uh …"

"You just called me sexy," she said now smirking at him. She advanced forward this time, making him step back. "Do you think I'm sexy Mr Malfoy?" she asked, cocking her head slightly and smirking.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" he asked, catching her off-guard. Her smirk faltered and she moved her head back into it's normal position.

Then she laughed. "Why would I think you, of all people Draco Malfoy, are sexy?"

He smirked and said "Because of my devilish good looks. And my flawless body," he said, beginning to take off his robes. He slid them off his shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it apart to reveal his muscular torso.

"I could have you arrested," she said, raising an eyebrow and trying to suppress the butterflies in her stomach that had begun flying around at the sight of him beginning to undress.

"For what?" he asked, stepping forward.

"Indecent exposure," she said, stepping back.

He smirked and said "Why, you could only do that if I lost my pants." He backed her up to the wall of the lift and pressed his body into hers.

"I could arrest you for assault," she murmured, very aware of how much he was turning her on.

"You could," he murmured back, leaning in to kiss her.

Just before their lips touched they felt the lift jump slightly as it began to move again. Draco pulled back, smirking again and buttoned his shirt back up. By the time the lift had arrived on their level Draco had pulled his robes back over his shoulders and the butterflies had stopped flying around in Ginny's stomach.

The door opened and they stepped out of the lift and headed over towards their cubicle.

"Weasley! Malfoy! Why are you two so late?" their superior, Michael, asked as they entered the department.

Draco glanced at Ginny before he said "The lift broke down and we couldn't get out."

"Okay," Mike said, still frowning. "Get to your desks. And finish those reports I need, from both of you."

"Yes sir," Ginny said before walking towards the cubicle.

Draco smirked before following Ginny. Oh, this day was going to be fun.

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