Date: Monday, April 17, 2000

Title: Breathless
Author: Nkala99
Rating: PG (i don't know- same as the show)
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, and Skinner don't belong to me. They belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox.
Summary: What was going through Scully's mind while she was in the surgery room with Mulder?

Dana Scully stared at the inert form of her partner and best friend as he lay on the surgical table. A tube was down his throat, suctioning out all of the tobacco beetles that had infested his lungs. Scully hugged her arms tighter to her chest, as if she could keep the waves of fear and anguish fom consuming her. The events from several moments earlier played in and endless loop through her mind.

Mulder. Coughing. Blood.

The sound of Mulder coughing was enough to draw her attention from her autopsy, but the sight of the blood on his hand had stopped her heart. She hadn't known that coughing up blood was a symptom of whatever had killed the last victims. Her doctor's instincts had simply taken over. Mulder had been whisked straight into a trauma room for examination, still coughing. It wasn't until that first tobacco beetle had left Mulder's mouth that Scully knew what was going on. That had seemed like hours ago. But the coughing, the blood, and the bug hadn't been what affected her the most.

It had been Mulder's eyes.

Those deep, shimmering hazel eyes that radiated his fear and panic. Every time Scully closed her eyes, she would see Mulder staring up at her between coughs and gasps for breath, his beautiful eyes silently pleading with her to help him.

Scully closed her eyes in pain for several seconds, then opened them again. Her gaze never lifted from Mulder's expressionless face. She didn't want to see the blood or the bugs being vacuumed; the same bugs that she had found in the lungs of the last victim.

'Please, God, don't let him die' she prayed. 'He can't die. Not yet. Not after all we've been through. Not from something like this.'

Scully closed her eyes again, trying to keep her tears from rising to her eyes. It would be so easy to simply break down and cry, but she couldn't. Not now. Mulder needed her to be strong.

Opening her eyes, she stared at Mulder until a movement caught her attention from just beyond the surgical room. Seeing that it was Skinner, Scully made her way out to see him. He needed to know what was going on.

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