Sadako's feelings after being thrown down the well.

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My Own World of Gray

My screams were ignored. He has locked me in. My own private tomb. A tower of wet, slimy, gray stone circular walls. Below, to my waist so far, wet, slimy, gray water. Gray, gray. All I can see is gray. I can hear is the splashing of my feet, trying desperately to swim. My cries, echoing off the walls.

I know I am going to die, whether I drown to death, or exhaustion.

"Let me out!! Please!! Don't leave me here!"

My voice sounds surreal, as if it were not my own. Why do I still yell? I know he is long gone. I am a silly child.

Yes. I am still a child. A child who will now die. Why must it end this way? Where is my mother? Mother…what have I done?

I try to scale the walls. An impossible task. My nails have broken. Embedded into the wall. An impossible task. I will never leave this place.

The ring of light. It is the last I will have seen of the world. Yes? No…

I can feel myself sinking. It is over. My fear and my hatred are growing into numbness.

It has taken me a while to die.

I will be back through. Through the ring of light…I will have my revenge.


She tried to hang onto the wall, Yoichi, holding tight onto her. Her fear was mind-numbing, but she could not die, could not drop the child. Now that Reiko and his father were dead, she was his last hope. Still, she could feel his fear too.

Below, Sadako climbed the wall with intense speed. Yoichi whimpered and she tried to find some grip on the wall, anything to get away from this horror. She blinked and Sadako's ugly face loomed aside hers. Suddenly she felt a rush of what Sadako was feeling. A pain, etched deeply inside her heart, making her almost cry. Below her Sadako stared.

"Why is it you that is saved and not I?"

And then Sadako fell back into the gray water.

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