Love Me Not

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This story is dedicated to all the Ban x Hevn fans out there, especially to the author of One Night, and to my friend, Ms. Faye Jasper Agudo (di ako maxadong marunong gumawa ng kuwento kaya mejo magulo. Hehehe.). Although I'm not so good a writer, at least I tried.



"Ban-chan!!!" Amano Ginji wailed. "I'm hungry! We haven't eaten for days!"

"Shut up Amano. Let's just wish that Hevn would come barging in with a high paid job for us." Midou Ban said while taking a cigarette stick from his pocket. He then lighted it.

They waited and waited. The hours seemed like days but still no Hevn. The blonde haired boy was already leaning his head on the table dreaming of sushi: it's aroma filling the air he breaths in, it's sweet & sour taste lingering in every bite he takes. He couldn't take it anymore! This was too much to be called hunger. It was starvation for Kami's sake! I wish Natsumi was here, he thought. That way when she sees us here starving to death she would probably treat us for even just a cup of coffee or anything to keep us alive.

Natsumi was out of town for a while to visit her friend in Shibuya. (A/N: I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the places in Japan. Shibuya is all I can think of. Gomen!) She told Paul that she was going to be away for about two weeks. Ginji couldn't wait that long to eat. His stomach was growling like mad. Fortunately Ban is able to ignore his hunger by puffing a cigarette. (A/N: In the Philippines most people smoke to lessen their hunger, well, at least that was what they told me.) But poor Ginji didn't smoke. He has no alternative to keep him from getting hungry.

"Oh, I can't stand it any longer!" Ginji said while banging the table with his hands. He stood up and went to face Paul with formality in his face. "Ginji," Ban called feeling a bit nervous. He had never seen his friend act like this. He too stood up ready to stop Ginji if ever he does something stupid. Ginji stopped in front of Paul Wang who was reading today's newspaper as always. Paul put down the newspaper he was reading and met Ginji's serious gaze. Much to his surprise Ginji kneeled down in front of him, still looking serious. He looked at Paul with anger. He opened his mouth to speak.

"Paul." Ginji began. Silence. "PLEASE GIVE US SOMETHING TO EAT!!! I'M REALLY STARVING!!!" He said in his usual chibi manner making the two stumble down on the floor.

"Why you little rat!" Ban came over to where Ginji was and squeezed Ginji's head with his knuckles, rubbing it to and fro. (A/N: sorry I don't know what's the term for that uhm, what do you call this… some sort of behavior) "YOU SCARED US THERE. I THOUGHT YOU WERE ABOUT TO START A FIGHT BUT NO! YOU WERE ONLY DOING THAT TO BEG FOR FOOD. BAKA! IF YOU WERE JUST ASKING FOR PAUL TO GIVE US A FREE MEAL THEN YOU SHOULD'VE ASKED FOR IT THE PROPER WAY IT SHOULD BE SAID! BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA!!! " He said furiously at his friend. Paul just sweat dropped. He was silent. Ban was doing all of the punishment anyways so no need to cut in.

"I'm sorry Ban! Please stop!" Ginji pleaded "ouch! Ban that hurts! I'm really sorry Ban! Owee! I'm just really hungry! Ouch!" He said, Ban still screaming a lot of not so good words in the background.

Just then the door opened only to reveal a black haired girl with sapphire eyes coming towards them.

"Hi, Himiko!" Paul welcomed her in.

"Hi Paul! Hi guys! What's the racket all about?" Kudo Himiko asked while looking at the two boys, Ban torturing poor Ginji. She brought out a short giggle. "Ban, have pity on Ginji! He really looks like he had enough." She requested Ban with her sweet sincere smile (A/N: okay let's make one thing clear here. I'm not so much of a Himiko fan. I just put her in the scene for a while as an extra and probably to make things a bit messy but eventually I'll remove her when I'm done with the climax. NO FLAMES) Fortunately Ban has a soft spot for the girl's honey dewed smile.

"Yare" He said finally letting go of Ginji's head. "I'll let you go this time, Ginji. But don't do that again!!! You here me?! Cause if you do you're sleeping with the dogs for one night." "Plus!" he added, "You'll have to suffer a much heavier torture than that." Ban calmed down and went back to the boot they were seating at before Ginji went crazy.

"What's with them?" Himiko asked Paul. She took a seat in one of the stools in the counter. Paul told her the story…………………

"That's it?" Himiko asked with a bit of discontentment in her voice.

"Well, that's the story as far as I'm concerned." He said while wiping the coffee cups with a clean dish rag.

"I suppose those two do act really dumb sometimes." She said while sipping the coffee she ordered awhile ago when Paul was telling the story.

"You SUPPOSE???" Paul commented.

Himiko gave a smile. She turned her head over to the booth where the two were seating in. She couldn't help but ask herself will this too ever grow up? I mean, look at them. They're in their twenties! Sure, there's no denying they're quite charming but it's a shame they have to act like little children. I wonder when will they finally settle down and have their own kids. Maybe by that time they'd actually act like their age. But despite of all these questions flooding her brain deep inside she wished that she would be the one Ban will someday marry and have kids with. (A/N: DREAM ON LITTLE MISSY!!! evil laugh). Himiko was too busy with her own thoughts to notice Ban staring at him as if wanting an explanation why she was looking at them like that, Ban in particular.

"Oi, Himiko!" Ban exclaimed startling Himiko. "What's eating you?"

"Oh, nothing." She said, a smile forming on her face. Fortunately, she was able to hide her smile from Ban. If not he would suspect that she was crushing, well not actually crushing but more on falling in love with him, being so observant and all. Ban her mind called out how come I keep falling for you harder every time our eyes meet. Why do you act so naive when it comes to observing my emotions for you? Can't you see my eyes sparkle every time you meet my gaze? Can't you see through them that I have feelings for you? Is it that you tend not to show your true motions because you're scared I might not love you back? Or is it that you just ignore them. Do you really like me? Do you love me as much as I love you? Questions clouded her mind turning her smile into a frown. She really loved Ban more than anything else in the world. She was ready to forgive him of what he did to his brother. She was willing to make sacrifices if it meant that Ban would return the love she has been secretly giving him all this time. She didn't want to think about it anymore cause the more uncertainties she asked to herself the more she felt her heart bleed. It felt painful. She didn't want to emote right now. Not in front of the man she loved. What would he think of her if he saw her cry? Maybe he'd call her names like "crybaby" or "sensitive" like he always teased her when her brother was still alive. She continued sipping what's left of her, now cold, coffee.

"Hey Ban," Ginji whispered to the man in front of him. He slightly pulled the sleeves of his jacket wanting Ban to pay attention to him.

"What is it Ginji?" Ban answered without even caring to look at his friend's concerned face.

"Well, you see" Ginji said shyly while playing with his fingers. " I think there's something wrong with Himiko. She's awfully gloomy these days."

"What are you talking about Ginji?" he asked finally puffing what's last of his cigarette and throwing it in the ashtray that was placed in front of him. Ban knew this was something to be interested about since Ginji barely notices anything going on around him on his own. He even gets lost a lot of times and in no time he gets into deep trouble. His friend was acting a bit unusual. He had to listen to what his friend was trying to say for he knew Ginji very well. And when he acts like this he knew there was something bothering him.

"Ban, don't take this seriously for it's just according to what I have observed about her."

"Spit it out then." He said impatiently.

"Well, I think Himiko likes you." He said with concern forming on his face.

Ban was silent. He looked at Ginji for a while then turned to look at Himiko then back at Ginji again. He sighed. "Ginji, I told you…"

"I know Ban." Ginji said not allowing Ban to finish what he was saying. "It's just that I think she really means it. I can see it whenever she looks at you, or somewhat stares at you. Didn't you notice? Sure you told me that you like somebody else and you treat her only like a sister and nothing more but I suppose she's waiting for you to notice her and

finally like her back."

"Don't worry Ginji. When the time comes I'll tell her everything" He assured his friend.

"I certainly hope you know what you're doing Ban cause it isn't right for a gentleman to break a ladies heart intentionally" Ginji said ending the issue.

I sure hope so Ginji. Ban thought I sure hope so…

Hevn came out from the bathroom. Her wet body was covered with a pink and rather small towel. Fortunately the towel was able to cover her private parts. Her hair was wrapped with a towel as well. She went to her bedroom to get dressed. After turning on the TV. she put on her undies. Just then her cellphone rang.

"Hello." She answered. The person on the other line was a girl. She could tell by how soft the voice was. And yet the voice sounded familiar.

"Is this Hevn-san?" the girl from the other line asked.

"Yes, this is Hevn speaking, who is this?" Hevn asked while putting lotion on her legs.

"HEVN-SAN! IS THAT REALLY YOU? IT'S ME! CRYSTAL! FROM HIGH SCHOOL?" the girl said enthusiastically.

"CRYSTAL? You mean Crystal Samuels?" She asked to be sure.

"The one and only!" Crystal replied.

Crystal was former classmates with Hevn when they were in high school. She was filthy rich and heir to the Samuels Computer Corporation. She is an only child and as expected in every unica hija of the well knowns she always got what she wanted. To top it all of she was a spoiled brat. Hevn couldn't quite remember why she befriended Crystal. Maybe it was because of her money. She was a real nuisance then, always bugging Hevn whenever she had the time which seemed like everyday. Crystal always have envied Hevn for her really huge boobs and therefore always felt insecure of herself and jealous of Hevn. She remembered that they both fell in love with the same person, Max Carter. But Hevn gave up her feelings when she found out that Max and Crystal was finally a couple. Though the pain is gone the scar was still there. It broke her heart whenever she saw them together. Fortunately she got over him and moved on with her life. Then there was Eiji. She thought she would finally be happy with him but only to find her heart shattered into a million pieces all over again. That's why she was afraid to love. After all of her heartbreaks she vowed to herself that she will never let anyone hurt her ever again. The Crystal-Max love affair had made her and Crystal become enemies. But now despite all of that there she was talking with Crystal.

"How are you? It's been a while when we last talked to each other." Hevn answered finally getting dressed in her baby blue dress, the one she wore when Ginji was in the hospital.

"I'm fine! Thanks for asking! Guess where I am now?" Crystal said still with excitement in her voice.

"Uhm, let's see. If you're not in America you're probably in Europe or France or in England." Hevn said a bit annoyed this time. She knew Crystal very well and by the looks she guessed she never even changed at all. She's still the annoying, bragging, spoiled brat girl she knew from years ago.

"No, silly!" Crystal replied with a giggle. "I'm not in one of those countries you mentioned cause, you know, I've been there many times than you can ever imagine. Besides, traveling back and forth to those countries is so last century. This year I decided to try something else for a change."

"U-huh" was all Hevn could say. Now she was applying lipstick on her lips.

"I'm in TOKYO, JAPAN!" Crystal finally said. Hearing what her friend said caused Hevn to drop her lipstick.

"Seriously?" She asked.

"Yes! Aren't you happy? Finally we could be together again!" Crystal exclaimed. No I'm not happy to see you! Hevn thought for herself for all I know you'll just brag about things again!

"Meet me at Honky Tonk" the girl said. "I went there yesterday and there was this cute guy whom I really like and I'd love to see him again. Wait, you know where that is, don't you?"

"Of course I do." What do you think I am, stupid? I've spent more years in Japan than you ever had so no need telling me directions like I'm a little kid who just lost her mother. And, wait… What cute guy? I never knew he's that cute but… could it be??? PAUL HAS FINALLY FOUND HIMSELF A GIRLFRIEND???

"Well, see you in a few minutes! Bye."

"Crystal wait!" but before she could ask who the hell is this cute guy she was telling her about the other line was already cut. "Oh, great! Now what?" Hevn snorted.

Hevn got her hand bag and hurriedly went to the Honky Tonk Café. She has to get there before Crystal could. She just got to.

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