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Next tenipuri model

A cool breeze ruffled through Seigaku. Several thuds echoed from the tennis courts, instead of the usual rhythmic patter of tennis balls. The Golden Pair was pitting their skills against the newly formed Inui/Kaidoh doubles team.

Unfortunately as Oishi's Moon Volley earned them a point, securing their victory (7 to 5), it also cost them another tennis ball. Eiji Kikumaru started pointing at the ball, waving his arms frantically, on the verge of tears.

He turned around to see three faces staring at him blankly with a sweatdrop hanging behind their heads. "Oishiiiiiiii!! I'm telling Buchou!" cried Eiji as he raced outside the courts.

"That was the seventh ball this week." Fuji Syuusuke observed. The acrobatic player was charging in their direction...

"Hm." was response.

"We NEED to get better balls, Buchou!" whined Eiji as he held up the tennis ball that had certainly seen better days. The cloth was tattered; the insides were spilling out.... and when Eiji bounced the no-longer-spherical-object, it officially died.

The ball lay on the tennis court, not moving, the mechanics inside totally separated from its skin.

Tezuka twitched (which got Fuji chuckling). "Eiji," He paused wondering how many proper tennis balls were left. "Get a new ball."

"Nya, the balls are ALL lo- " when he was silenced by Oishi (who caught up with Eiji) putting a finger to his lips. "Gomen."

Oishi dragged a pouting Eiji away, much to the tensai's amusement. It would have been interesting to see how many laps Tezuka would have given Eiji; had he finished the sentence.

Fuji smiled at his stoic captain, "Tezuka, he's right, you know."

"I know."

"There is a 70.3 chance that our supply of tennis balls will be depleted within the next 72.8 days"

"... I'll talk to Ryuuzaki Sensei about this. Thanks Inui."

The next day

"We have to raise funds to buy new tennis balls." The captain cleared his throat and continued, "Thus, all regulars are going to-"

The cloud of anticipation hung heavy above everyone. The silence cackled with electricity, no one dared to make a sound.

"-participate in a contest held by Atobe."

A sigh of relief was shared.

"What kind of contest Buchou?" Momoshiro shouted assuming it was a tennis tournament of sorts.

"Ore-sama's next top model."

There was an awkward silence.

Echizen choked on his Grape Ponta and ended up coughing. Oishi fell off his chair in shock and landed on a confused Eiji. Kaidoh hissed angrily. Momoshiro spluttered helplessly. Inui's glasses glinted as he went, "Ii data." Fuji's eyes opened in shock.

"COME ON BABY! I AM GONNA WIN! BURNING!" roared Kawamura. All stared.

Tezuka sighed.

He really didn't want to have anything to do with this.

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