Title: First Impressions
Author: Nescienx
Notes: Not beta-ed. So. Yeah. This is a slash fic. If you're not into m/m, please do not read. Most of my fics will be posted on LJ first, if you're interesting in reading them before it gets here. This one was written last month.


First impressions don't mean a thing, Harry knows that well enough. And he has have many good reasons to. After all, the first person he called friend abandoned him when they were cornered by three brawny classmates who delighted in putting others in misery. The second one turned out to be a thief, and made off with his wallet. He also remembers a harmless looking youth who lived around the corner of the street he used to reside in in sixth grade; that teenager got arrested for homicide.

Still, knowledge didn't stop him from thinking that Peter was an exception.

Or that a calm, brilliant scientist like Octavius would be capable of mass destruction...

... but he digresses.

Forming impressions is only natural to an Osborn; it is an essential to his way of life. Past observations of Norman Osborn have revealed that.

He remembers his first impression of Peter from high school: bland. Somewhat boring, and definitely bland. Weak too. In the sense that he often let other people have their way with him. A characteristic Harry's father have had ingrained in him not to have.

Then it turns out that Harry has been wrong yet again.

Peter might have been boring, but Harry realises that was only when Peter tried tutoring him in all things related to high school Science. In fact, Peter is quite the opposite definition of "boring". Peter surprises him, when he least expects it. There are five degrees of Peter Parker, he learned: friend, genius, martyr, stupid and extremely stupid, and it makes his relationship with Peter all too complicated.

Though it doesn't matter now that has the sixth degree of Peter right here. He isn't easy to find, but he's there, once you get him on the bed, he does things Harry wouldn't have imagined Peter to have done.

The next first impression Harry forms, Harry decides to leave some room for surprises.