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Now, before you read any further i have to warn you to only read this if you are up to Chapter 245 in the Manga, if not you will be spoiled, if not now then later.

I know i have a horendous track record for finishing any fic thats over 1000 words, but i couldnt help myself.

I thought id do a NaruHina now that we have seen what Naruto looks like after the time skip, i couldnt help myself.

Onto the fic.


It was only a few weeks since Naruto had gotten back, so to get him back into the feel of things, Tsunade had gathered most of the original group that had taken part in the Chunnin exams, including Naruto, and had made them her escort for a meeting that was to be held in the Sand Village, nothing special, just routine.

But it had turned out to be anything but routine.

Just as they had gotten back to Fire country they had been attacked by a group of Ninja, all of them Missing Nin's from various Villages.

They were no stronger than the escort, but they had numbers on their side, there were twenty one of them to their eight.

Naruto glared at the man in front of him, he was obviously the leader, as he had ordered his fellow Ninja to kill his friends and capture the Hokage.

That had been his first mistake.

His second had been deciding to fight Naruto alone.

If Naruto had his way he wouldn't have chance for a third.

"I don't usually ask the names of corpses, but I'll make an exception in your case, what's your name Bastard?" Naruto growled out fists clenched at his hips, the man simply smirked "That's for me to know."

His name was actually Ryo, but he didnt feel inclined to tell the walking dead his name.

The Missing Nin stooped slightly, wetting his face from the lake next to their battleground, cooling his skin from the suns heat.

Ryo was a tall older man with sharp features and a look to him that rivalled Shikamaru in boredom, only his pointed teeth would make him stand out in a crowd, according to his scratched forehead protector he was from the Mist Village.

His only visible weaponry were a Kunai pouch and a Katana fastened at his hip.

Naruto nicknamed him Sharky in his head, he could usually do better but the guy looked so BORING!, but he couldn't help but wonder idly if this guy had been related to Zabusa, what with the teeth and all.

Naruto grinned slightly before cracking his knuckles, he'd better hurry or the other would have finished before him "Ready?"

"Humph, bring I-" before he even finished his sentence Naruto's fist impacted his face and knocked him onto his back, before the teen could throw another blow the Missing Nin quickly threw himself to his feet and out of the way, rubbing blood from his lip.

Well, that would teach him not to underestimate the future Hokage Naruto smirked, whisker-like birthmarks stretching over his cheeks, adding to his mischievous look.

Ryo was beyond pissed, not only did a brat like him, a guy who thought bright orange was good Ninja wear, manage to hit him, now he was smirking at him?!

He jumped to his feet and quickly performed some handseals.

"Hydra Blast no Jutsu!" Naruto quickly jumped to the side, avoiding the high pressure blast of water that knocked a tree over a few feet behind were the Teen had just been stood.

Performing the seals, Naruto was surrounded by half a dozen Kage Bushin's, "Your going down Bastard!" they all said in unison, Ryo wasn't worried, but he couldn't help but feel a little less confident than he had before.

As the Clones ran at him he knew he had to finish the fight, performing more handseals as he dodged a few hastily thrown Kunai he unleashed his most powerful Jutsu.

"Hydra Falls no Jutsu!"

Ryo was surrounded by a huge bubble of water as a loud rumbling shook the area, the Naruto Clones stopped their charge at looked at each other in bewilderment, then looked up with wide eyes.

Before they could scatter or find cover all the water that had been in the lake thundered down on their battlefield in a huge wave.


Hinata wasn't having too much trouble with her foes.

One was a Taijutsu user from the Sand, she had quickly disabled his Chakra points, his fighting skills having been no match for her ironically named Gentle Fist style, he hadn't even been able to land a single blow, so he was currently laid a few feet away unconscious.

Her final opponent was giving her a little more trouble.

It was a young woman with a blank forehead protector, Hinata assumed she must have been trained outside a village, she seemed to prefer long range fighting with Kunai, Stars and a few different Chunnin level Offensive Jutsu's.

If Hinata had been the same as when Naruto had left she wouldn't have stood a chance against the woman, but she was no longer a weak Gennin, she had been training as hard as she could for over two and a half years, and had been a Chunnin herself for one.

Taking a leaf from her cousins book she had trained not only her everyday Ninja skills, but her Byakuugan.

She had also learnt something else.

"Kaiten!" with her almost whispered phrase she spun, using her Chakra to form a spinning shield, knocking the hail of Kunai and Stars from the air before they got within five feet of her body.

She quickly realised she could be at this forever if she didn't find a way to get her enemy close enough to hurt, or manage to hurt her from a distance.

Quickly she wrapped an explosive note around a Kunai, used her Byakuugan to pinpoint were the Star her enemy had just thrown came from, and launched the Explosive Kunai at her enemy.

To her credit the enemy Ninja wasn't hurt by the explosion, but it had its desired effect, the blast had knocked her from her hiding place in the tree's into the clearing Hinata stood in, now only fifteen feet of flat ground separated them instead of over twenty and some tree's.

The woman knew she wouldn't be able to get away without Hinata catching her up, and then she would have to fight her close up anyway, quickly drawing a Kunai she got into a defensive position, rapidly going over ideas in her head.

Then Hinata attacked.

In seconds the Missing Nin no longer held the Kunai.

less than five seconds later Hinata had started hitting her Chakra points.

In under a minute the Woman was unconscious like her fellow Nin laid across the clearing.

Only now that she had finished fighting did she fully realise that she was separate from everyone else, she hadn't realised the fight had moved so far, so much for being the Hokage's guard.

Working quickly so she could rejoin the others she tied the two unfortunate Ninja's to the closest tree.

Just as she was about to use her Byakuugan to find the others their was a rumble fairly close by that caused the ground to shift slightly, barley enough to notice, but enough to cause a Ninja to worry, only a high level Jutsu would be capable of that.

Then she saw the water spreading.

She set off at a run for the source.



As the rushing water finally came to an end, the huge lake finally empty, though refilling with the water that had been taken, Ryo was in shock.

Not thirty feet in front of him stood a very stood a very bruised, very battered and quite bloody Uzumaki Naruto, though he supposed standing wasn't quite the correct word, more like holding himself up with the help the very large Frog next to him.

Even though he looked about to pass out, Ryo could still see the seemingly ever present smirk.

The area was littered with debris, rocks of different verities and sizes, many of which seemed to have hit the teen, and pieces of wood from few decimated trees, the clearing looked like a war zone.

The Jutsu's power depended very much on the amount of water nearby and the amount of Chakra used in its creation.

Since the water supply had been a large lake and he had used most of his Chakra, by all rights the kid should have been dead, since even if he hadn't been crushed by the water, the Jutsu has lasted over a minute!

Obviously he had managed to Summon the Frog and it had saved him, the thing was at least four times his size!

"W-well y-you used y-your most p-powerful Jutsu, S-my turn." Naruto grunted through the obvious pain "S-surprise!"

Suddenly Ryo felt a pair of arms grab him on each side, looking from side to side he cursed loudly, even if he hadn't been suffering from Chakra depletion, they had a firm grip.

As the Clones ran at him he knew he had to finish the fight, performing more handseals as he dodged a few hastily thrown Kunai he unleashed his most powerful Jutsu.

"Hydra Falls no Jutsu!"

Ryo was surrounded by a huge bubble of water as a loud rumbling shook the area, the Naruto Clones stopped their charge at looked at each other in bewilderment, then looked up with wide eyes.

He didn't notice that two of the Kunai had landed in his safety bubbles proximity.

Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the water coming down.

He only had seconds to act.


His hand flew to his mouth and instead of wasting time by biting down he dragged his thumb hard across a fang.


He quickly ran the bloody thumb across his palm and pressed the hand to the floor "Summon...


" Jutsu!" he mumbled under his breath, and then he had no breath, it had been knocked from his lungs by the huge amount of water, he felt the immense pressure break bones as he was slammed into the floor and pinned.

He felt hard objects of different sizes and weight bash and slash him, opening up his flesh and bruising him to the bone.

Just as his vision started to go black the pressure stopped, he was in a small wet and slimy place, there was a small amount of air and he gulped it down hungrily, it wasn't enough to keep him alive long, but longer than he would have before.

Suddenly the moist place opened up and he found himself in the water again, but this time he held his breath and clung to the Frog that's mouth he had been in.

But the two Kunai were still were he had thrown them, even after all that, they were in the Missing Nin's bubble.

"K-kage B-bushin's Henged i-into Kunai." Naruto managed to chuckle, blood seeping into his eyes from a gash "N-not exactly the w-way i planned i-it, b-but same result."

It had just been luck that the Kunai had landed were they did, Naruto had just planned on having them grab him while he wasn't looking, he wouldn't have been as badly injured as he was if he had heeded his teachers words.

"You may be powerful now Naruto, but don't forget, even a Chunnin classed Ninja can defeat a Sannin like me if they underestimate them and aren't careful." Ero-Sennin had affectionately ruffled his hair then "Now i have some research to do, your free for the rest of the day."

As Ryo fought to get free of the clones, a losing battle, he noticed the brat seemed to be gathering all his will to attempt something, he doubled his fight, he had a feeling he didn't want to find out what the kid had in store.

Naruto focused his will into standing steady, putting his weight on the leg that wasn't broken, then he got into a stance he had practiced many, many times, he had to form a Kage Bushin to do the move thanks to his broken left arm, he couldn't help but be reminded of having to do that all the time when he was younger.

When the move was complete the Bushin disappeared, but not before sticking its tongue out at the Missing Nin.

"Rasengan!" Naruto yelled the familiar battle cry as his single working leg was used to propel him through the air at his foe, Ryo's eyes widened in terror, just as the Ball of Whirling Chakra sunk into his chest, silencing him forever.

Then his multiple injuries all crashed down on him at once, first he stumbled a few feet away from the body, before he passed out, his summoned Frog frowning at his summoners state before disappearing.

A few seconds later a figure walked out of the tree's towards the fallen boy and knelt by his side.

The figure quickly drew a Kunai and prepared to kill the unconscious teen, and most likely would have succeeded if not for the Inhumanly strong punch of the Hokage and Chakra infused palm of the Hyuuga Heiress hitting him in the face at the same time.

Needless to say the Nin wouldn't be getting up.


As Hinata stepped through the trees into the ruined clearing she saw something that would stay with her for the rest of her life.

The area was a mess, bogs, boulders and felled tree's were scattered everywhere, the corpse of a dead Ninja was laid in a clear and dry circle of ground that looked surprisingly out of place in the messy clearing.

Naruto lay on the ground not far away from the other, covered in blood from multiple gashes, his clothes ripped and discoloured and she knew for a fact that his leg should 'not' be laying at that angle.

But what stuck her most was the man crouched next to him raising his Kunai for a killing blow.

"N-Naruto-kun!" As she silently launched herself at her foe, she gathered her Chakra into her hand, if she didn't end this in one blow Naruto would be in danger.

So deeply focused she only noticed that Tsunade was doing the same as she was when she had closed half the distance, though she was a good thirty feet to her right, but despite her speed the Hokage was going faster, a snarl on her face.

In a rare moment of competitiveness Hinata sped up, Naruto was 'her' precious person, she would protect him.

It all seemed to be going in slow motion, and she and the Hokage seemed to be going incredibly fast.

The Kunai was more than half way to Naruto's neck, Hinata couldn't tell if they would make it in time, "No! i wont fail him!"

The Kunai was almost an inch away from Naruto's neck now, but that was as far as it got, as Hinata noticed that not only had her palm hit the Missing Nin's face, the Hokage had hit him at the same time.

The mans head snapped back from the blows, his body flying at least fifty feet, and after that he lay twitching, obviously Hinata's Chakra blow had disrupted something sever, not that it mattered, Tsunade's blow had broken his neck.

"Naruto-kun!" her usual shyness forgotten in her worry, Hinata dropped to her love's side, eyes filled with worry.

Tsunade knelt next to him a little slower, eyes filled with fear she assessed his injuries, but to Hinata's relief the worry lessened and a gentle smile worked its way onto the Hokage's face.

"His left leg is badly broken in multiple places, his left arm and shoulder seem to have suffered a heavy blow and have been shattered, he has three broken ribs, and multiple lacerations, but miraculously he doesn't seem to have any visibly life threatening injuries," Tsunade smiled reassuringly at Hinata who had tears in her eyes "though its a good job he is no longer awake, these have got to hurt." she winked at Hinata to try and relieve any tension that was left.

Hinata shifted her body before lifting the boys head into her lap, she reached forwards and brushed a blonde bang aside without even seeming to realise it "Naruto-kun..."

Tsunade couldn't help but smirk at the Hinata's actions 'So my little brother has a admirer eh?', making sure to file the info away for future reference she started on fixing his wounds, after a short while, Hinata never letting the teen go, Tsunade had closed all his open wounds.

'It's strange, usually the Kyuubi heals his wounds, why not these?' the Hokage frowned as she started strapping up Naruto's breaks 'and why did such a large group of Missing Nin attack us? no one outside the Sand and Fire villages should even know I'm outside Konoha.'

Getting to her feet Tsunade went for a closer look at the Nin Naruto had killed.

Looking down at the wide eyed corpse the Hokage let out a little sigh "S class criminal Ryo Tendo, that explains why they attacked us." reaching into her pouch she wrapped an explosive note around one of the many rocks that littered the area and threw it into the air, when it was roughly a hundred feet in the air the note exploded.

That should get the rest of her escorts attention, that explosion would have been visible for miles.

Sure enough a minute later Shikamaru followed by the others bust through the trees, they all looked none the worse for wear, and Shikamaru held his usual bored expression, until he caught sight of Naruto, he scowled just slightly, which for Shikamaru passed for worry.

"Hn, what's Naruto done now?" a slight smirk betrayed that he was actually fond of the loudmouth.


End of Chapter One.

Heh, yea i know we dont know what the other characters look like, nor how anyone has grown in power, so i'll answer a few obvious questions that may come up.

Q: How powerful is Naruto in your fic?

A: i have no idea :P Im going to make him as close to the Manga as possible, but since the fic starts with a fight i had to find a loophole.

Im going by the assumption that Naruto after 244 is stronger than Kakashi, as he is going to be going up against people who gave Kashi-san a hell of a beatdown, so logically he is going to hafta be more powerful than him.

But since we dont know that i just had him use some old moves and get taken down with a cheap shot.

Q: Why did Hinata take down those 2 Ninja's s easily?

A: Once again we dont know how strong the others are, and we havent even seen them yet, but Hinata promised Naruto she would train hard as he left, if she has truly done that like i beleive she has she should be at least High Chuunin after 2 and a half years solid training.

Its also not too far out to assume that the others have trained to at least high Chuunin too, Shikamaru possibly Special Jounin, what with his brain.

Q: So how did Ryo take Naruto down so easily!?

A: Heh, it wasnt really 'easily', Ryo is an S class Missing Nin, roughly as strong as Kakashi, and he has over 20 years experiance of fighting Hunter Nin's.

And even then, the only reason that he managed to injure Naruto so much is Naruto failed to recognise how strong his enemy was, he judged him by the first Water attack, he let his Arrogance blind him, usually Naruto would have beaten him, probobly easily, we will see how he fares again Kakashi next Chapter.

I'll explain a little more about Ryo next Chappy.

Q: How come Ryo took down Naruto with one Jutsu?

A: Ryo realised he couldnt risk the fight going on any longer, that attack would take down many Ninja, it is his strongest Jutsu.

Usually it is a lot weaker than what he used on Naruto, and it is fairly easy to dodge, the 'wave' only hits roughly 100 feet of circular area, and thats only if there is a large body of water nearby, like a very big lake, but he put nearly ALL his Chakra into the attack and widened its area of effect and power by 50 feet or so.

The reason it even hit Naruto was his arrogance again, if he had been prepared for anything he could have used the replacment teqnuiqe or used a defensive Jutsu, but by the time he looked past his arrogance and saw the powerful attack he didnt have time to form all the handseals for a Defence, when the water hit him the Frog hadnt even finished apearing.

In the end it comes down to the fact that Naruto should have expected something like that and taken him out quickly.

He was playing with him and he payed for it.

Q: Why didnt Kyuubi heal Naruto's wounds?

A: he did, there is no way after an attack like that, that Naruto or any Ninja should come out without AT LEAST internal bleeding, Kyuubi healed anything life threatening.

Why he didnt heal the none-life threatining wounds will be revealed next chapter.

Please Reveiw ;)