Okay Guys, here's the deal.

I have no idea how Hinata and the others are going to look now 2 and a half years have passed I'm having trouble writing them, they most likely wont have their old personalities anymore, hell, even Naruto seems to have calmed down.

So I'm going to have to say sorry and put the Fic on hold till we see Hinata at least.

Don't worry, I'm gunna keep writing the fic, just not posting it, then I'm going to do over my mistakes and post what iv written.

So guys, look for this fic again as soon as Hinata is shown in a Chapter

Oh and…

Scorpio V1.2: Heh, I had a similar idea to yours for a long time, I just never wrote it ;) but I'm fond of fics were the guy receives help from the girl he loves and that gets them together.

Our plot is similar, but is coincidence

Your fic is my fav NaruHina as it is let me take this opportunity to nag/ask, when do you think you will be able to update? I'm really looking forwards to seeing it continue

I may change my mind, since im ill my mind is really messed up, I may have changed my mind by tommorow

Xan or Alixen