Chapter the Epilogue

The first Potter-Malfoy child was welcomed into the world with the fanfare of a crown prince or a divine being. The boy, James Sirius Potter-Malfoy, gave his doting parents several scares during his first few years of life before becoming a typically indestructible Chimera. Young James was not at all pleased at the announcement that there was to be a second prince of the Potter-Malfoy legacy, and indeed, tried to sell his newborn brother several times within the first week of Lucius Tobias Potter-Malfoy's life.

The birth of the second Potter-Malfoy child came within a day of the birth of the third Weasley-Granger child. Lillian Gabrielle Weasley-Granger, a redheaded chit with far too many similarities to her twined uncles, was actually seven hours older, and she never let Lucius forget that most important fact.

Harry and Draco became the most photographed couple in the entire wizarding world, surpassing every prime minister and celebrity (even Lockhart) put together. Although many urged Harry to run for office, he knew full well what a mess he would make of politics, so he settled down in the renovated manor at Godric's Hollow and became a herpetologist. Draco sniffed in disgust at such plebian activities as working with animals and went on to design a clothing line that eventually expanded into a fashion powerhouse, not unlike a wizarding version of Armani or Versace.

When the time finally came for the Sorting Hat to do its job, the entire wizarding world was on tenterhooks to find out who was the bigger man in the Potter-Malfoy household, the Gryffindor or the Slytherin.

The Daily Prophet was delightfully scandalized when James Potter-Malfoy deserted his name sake and went into Slytherin. Harry shrugged when the reporters asked for his comment.

"At the age of four, the boy almost got enough money to buy his own pony when he sold Lucius to some bloke in Ireland. Can't really be surprised about this."

Draco Potter-Malfoy just gave the Prophet a smug smile and kissed his husband of twelve years.

The wizarding world again waited expectantly for Lucius to go to Slytherin with his brother, but received a bit of a shock. Lillian Weasley-Granger went to Slytherin instead, with Lucius Potter-Malfoy taking her expected spot in Gryffindor.

"Congratulations, Hermione." Draco Potter-Malfoy was heard by several reporters permanently assigned to the family. "At least one went the distance."

"Shut it, ferret." Ronald Weasley replied. The years had been kind to the red-headed Gryffindor, lending him an air of maturity that was often undermined by his sniping relationship with his best friend's husband.

"Daddy, you promised me a broom if I got onto the house team." Lillian broke in.

"I actually promised you a broom when you got onto the Gryffindor house team." Ronald replied.

"But Daddy, who's going to prevent the rise of a new Dark Lord if I'm not in Slytherin to do it?"

"A Gryffindor." Ronald replied, shaking his head at his only daughter.

"The next Dark Lord will be a Gryffindor." James put in, taking one of his brother's chips and bouncing Lucius' quick slap of power off a handy Protego.

"Bite your tongue!" Ronald exclaimed, looking scandalized.

"He's probably right, Daddy." Lillian said, sharing a smirk with her blonde godfather. "I bet it'll be cousin Percival. He's due for a roughing up, you know."

"Draco, please tell me you didn't teach her any violent spells while she was at the manor last week." Harry said with an accusing look.

"I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about." The blonde replied, reaching over to steal a chip off of Harry's plate.

"I'm sure." Harry said with a shake off his head. He caught sight of the avid reporters and flicked a glamour shield into place.

The disappearance of the Chimera who had taught the couple so much was quite a mystery to the Wizarding world. After a brief but startling introduction to the rabid nature of the press, Phaedra had turned several reporters into donkeys with a trick that even Minerva McGonagall, the present Headmistress of Hogwarts, couldn't undo. She had then been arrested for the deed, but her prison stay lasted for approximately ten minutes before she simply got up and walked out of the building. Harry Potter-Malfoy managed to convince her to change the reporters back into humans again, but not for love, money, or magic could anyone convince her to remove the enormous ears.

She attended the Potter-Malfoy marriage, as well as the Granger-Weasley, before stepping into the full sunlight of a July morning and vanishing.

The Potter-Malfoys chose not to comment on the question of where Phaedra might have gone. Draco Potter-Malfoy almost took off the head of the reporter that asked him about her, but that was probably due to the queasiness of early pregnancy.

Through decades of difficult reporters, mischievous chimeric children, and Dark Lord upstarts, the famous Potter-Malfoy love endured, with just a touch of Chimera's luck to smooth the difficult paths of those with great power.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.