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Chapter one: What's up Harry?

Students and teachers alike swarmed through the halls of Hogwarts, as the bell signalling dinner break and end of afternoon classes rang, and made their way towards the Great Hall.

"Hi guys," a very depressed Harry said as he sat down next to his friend Hermione Granger.

"Oh, Harry mate," said Ron looking across the table at his friend. "What happened to you?"

"Let me guess," said Hermione while helping herself to some mashed potatoes, "detention with professor Snape tonight, right?"

"Yeah… hey!" Harry exclaimed, a questioning look adorning his face, "How d' you know?"

"Well Harry," she said in a diplomatic tone, as though explaining that two plus two made four, "our last class was double potions, and I highly doubt that professor Snape asked you (more likely ordered you) to stay behind after class to talk about the weather. So, and probably I'm right, I thought he'd have taken points from Gryffindor or given you a detention for some trivial reason."

Harry nodded.

"Then, seeing your expression, I supposed it was the latter; after all tonight it's Quidditch practice and I reckon you would have to skip it for detention, thus making you thoroughly depressed."

"You know 'Mione," Ron said, while stuffing his mouth with chicken casserole, "you ought to write a book."

"…yeah," shrugged Harry, "the reasoning beneath the 'greasy git' attitude."

"Harry," Hermione chastised, "he's a professor…"

"So?" Harry and Ron cut across her simultaneously.

"And don't forget Snape's a Slytherin!" Shot Ron, as though proving a point. At this Hermione got furious.

"Ronald Weasley," she reprimanded, "that is pure prejudice! You don't judge people by what house they're in. It's our choices that show others and ourselves who we truly are."

"If you say so…" Ron shrugged.

Ten minutes later, Hermione was still glaring daggers at Ron; Ron on the other hand was devouring several chocolate éclairs, seemingly oblivious of the murderous glares directed to him; and Harry, after picking at his food with the fork and not tasting a single morsel, picked up his book bag and stepped over the bench.

"I'm heading to Snape's office now," he told his friends.

"Harry it's still early," Hermione frowned worriedly, "and you haven't eaten properly."

"I'm not hungry, don't worry," he said and set off for the Entrance Hall.

Once he'd exited the Great Hall, Harry looked at his watch and, seeing that it was indeed still early, he headed instead for the common room to deposit his bag. Silently he made his way through the deserted corridors stopping occasionally to look at his reflection in one of the windows; seeing something only he could see. Finally he made it to the portrait hole and, after giving the password, "Dragon fly", he stepped through the entrance to the cosy common room.

The room was quiet and the flames in the grate were blazing away. Harry ran up the spiral staircase leading towards the sixth year's dormitories and left his bag next to his trunk. Glancing at his watch he noted he still had about fifteen minutes and so decided to sit down for a while in the deserted common room.

As he sat there on his own, he couldn't help but notice how nice it felt sitting there, in the quiet, without a care in the world (except detention with dear old Snape, of course) and none of the younger students -mainly the Creevey brothers – gaping at his forehead.

It was in times like these, when he was left on his own, that memories from his previous years and his emotions, mainly the most painful, would rush through him like a torrent. It was like watching a movie.

Cedric, lifeless, staring at him through sightless grey eyes…Voldemort rising from the cauldron…

Death Eaters apparating around him… Summer after fourth year…kept in the dark from his friends…the dementor's attack… Dumbledore ignoring him, never looking him in the eyes…

Sirius locked up in his own house, the one place he did not want to be in… Occlumency lessons…the night at the ministry…Sirius falling through the Veil… Voldemort possessing him… raging and destroying Dumbledore's office…

And then the final straw… the prophecy. The damn prophecy and being sent back to those stupid muggle relatives of his. How he hated being related to such horrid people. Being treated like some kind of 'freak' for all of those years; and again he was left on their doorstep, barely having got over Sirius' death… the only family he ever had… Sirius, that he loved and who had loved him just as 'Harry'.

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