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/ Sev's thoughts and his merry conscience (with a great sense of humour)/

#Harry's thoughts#

§ parseltongue §

Last time (Oh so very long ago):

Harry was walking halfway down the final flight of stairs, when he accidentally stepped on the tail of a suddenly materialised out of nowhere Mrs Norris, lost his balance spectacularly and fell down the last remaining stairs. Miraculously he landed still in one piece.

"Blasted cat!" he snarled.

He slowly picked himself up, but once he was standing, he fervently wished he'd stayed sprawled on the floor, face down. Standing in front of him was Severus, looking very smug and with a devious look about him. He had a sinking suspicion, he knew perfectly well 'why' the man was happy to see him.

"Mr Potter, I believe I forgot to mention that you've earned yourself a detention."

Chapter nine: The cat's out of the bag

If anyone had seen Severus Snape, grinning like a Cheshire cat, humming "Carmina Burana", and skipping down a corridor with a sullen Harry Potter in tow, they would have rubbed their eyes forcefully, to the point of pulling out the poor things, looked again –seen the same thing, and died of shock.

As it is, no one did see Severus Snape skipping down to his dungeons, thus nobody died; his conscience, however, was painfully aware of the Devil, the size of a small fairy, sitting on Sev's right shoulder, who was taking a well earned rest after skipping off - down the figurative corridor, in it's sexy, red leather outfit, cackling evilly.

Professor Snape on the other hand was poised and composed, and if questioned, would forcefully deny having seen a miniature Severus, scantily clad, skipping off towards his chambers. It was already hard enough to admit that he was hearing voices, not that he'd admit it (Oh, they'd have to place him under the most painful of tortures to pull out a single syllable from his mouth), without having to declare that, yes, he was having visions, and weirdly insane ones at that. Probably too much time spent in the company of Lord Voldemort and Albus Dumbledore. Alas.

Severus kept on walking purposefully towards his office, with a slight pink tinge to his cheeks, carefully camouflaging the wild urge to laugh maniacally and inflict his vendetta on one Harry James Not So Potter. A smirk, capable of making second years wet themselves, slid upon his face.

"Mr Potter," he practically purred, while holding the door open for the boy, "feel free to take a seat."

Harry groaned.

Dinner time at Hogwarts was the usual noisy affair. Teachers were catching up on each other's day and taking a chance to relax, students were chatting away and taking their fill of the delicious feast, Seamus Finnegan was still trying to turn his pumpkin juice into something a bit more exciting, Hermione Granger was fretting just for a change, and Ronald Weasley was stuffing himself with food and mumbling vaguely in Hermione's direction.

Basically, all in the norm.

"Hermione," Ron attracted said girl's attention, who patiently waited for him to finish munching on his jacket potato. "You're doing it again."

Hermione frowned. "What exactly, Ronald?"

Ron was munching on a piece of bread. "Fretting. Don't worry about…"

"Of course, I'll worry about him! I promised him I'd try not to pry, but I am authorized to mind about his well being. Parvati told me she'd seen Harry head for the great hall, but that was at least twenty minutes ago, if not more!"

Ron took a long gulp out of his goblet of juice. "You should," he bit into a treacle tart.

"Yes?" Hermione prompted him, getting a bit annoyed.

"try," munch, "giving him," slurp "some…"

"Oh for Merlin's sake!" screeched Hermione, fighting the urge to pull out clumps of her hair, or throttling a certain red head. She opted instead for snatching Ron's plate and glass. "Now spit it out!" she snarled fiercely.

Ron paled. "But Hermione… I don't think…"

"Exactly, you don't think. Now do as I said!"

Ron gave her a pleading look. Some heads turned to see what all the commotion was about.

"Spit. It. Out." She ground out from between her teeth.

Ron gulped, looked slightly green, and spat out a half munched treacle tart onto his napkin. Nearly all the onlookers made a sound of revulsion, Seamus muttered something that sounded like "What a sadist…", which only got Hermione to bristle. She, Hermione, looked positively disgusted and stared at one of her best friends wondering how the hell he'd managed reaching his sixth year. Oh, yeah, she'd helped him on the way.

"Ron." She said, trying not to puke as well. "I meant it figuratively, you twat! How thick can you get?"

Ron nearly peed his pants. "… you could have told me."

That was apparently the wrong thing to say, because next thing he knew, a plate went flying to his head, he ducked, and Hermione stalked off muttering obscenities. All the while, professor McGonagall stared at her star pupil aghast.

Draco Malfoy was sitting at the far end of the Slytherin table, ignored by his house mates, and surveying the funny scene going on at the Gryffindor table. And he wasn't the only one. He turned his head away from the amusing scenario to see how his godfather was faring, and noted that he was absent.

'Mmm, he's not here. That's the second meal he's missed today. No need to worry though, he's probably tormenting some poor kid in detention. He shouldn't keep missing meals however'. Draco mused. 'Guess I'll go see if he's ok. I mean, who is the adult here anyway? Honestly.' Draco put down his fork and knife, got up from the bench and stalked out of the hall, with all his usual dignity. He might have been demoted to scum, in the eyes of the Slytherins, but he knew some of his house mates where having doubts on their parents' choices, and that a few still looked up to him. And anyway, it wasn't in his nature to be anything less than regal, no matter what others thought of him.

Once out in the halls, he was met with the peaceful quiet that only a Hogwarts hall could give when student-free. He took the door on the opposite side of the Entrance hall and walked down the flights of stairs, leading to his godfather's office. He'd probably find him there.

Ten minutes later, Draco was standing in front of the door, of the obviously empty office, after having knocked at least six times. 'Where is that man? He's always disappearing.' Draco huffed.

'Well, I guess I'll find him in his quarters then, there's no other place.' He muttered the password to the office door, which opened, slipped through into the dark room, shut the door and walked over to the hidden entrance, leading to the small corridor that adjoined Severus' office to his sitting room.

A while ago…

Harry sat, or rather slouched, in the squishy armchair opposite his fa… ugh, Severus, while the man in question walked backwards and forwards on the other side of the desk. The professor ranted on about something, he wasn't quite sure about what exactly, while gesticulating. He'd lost track of what Severus was saying after the first five minutes. Severus spoke about responsibilities, reminding Harry that a student's job wasn't only that of studying, but behaving and learning to respect his elders. Students certainly weren't supposed to break rules as he did, students weren't supposed to have bouts of reckless behaviour like him, and surely they weren't supposed to go running about the place, punching professor's noses like he did.

"Is that clear?" Severus asked pointedly. Harry nodded dumbly, The Voice scratched it's head and yawned, and the hotty on his right shoulder asked him when would the fun begin. Severus sighed, doubting his mental stability and wondering why he was always on the receiving end of Fate's twisted humour. / Is he even listening to me/

/ I doubt it, lovvie./ The voice piped up.

/ Lovvie/

/ Yes, darling./

Severus fought the urge to throw his arms up in exasperation. Well, back to business. He signalled at Harry to follow him, and led him to his private chambers where they sat themselves down by the fire. Harry sat on the couch and lost himself in his thoughts.

"Very well, having told you off," Severus said, jolting Harry from his stupor, "let's have some dinner" Harry's ears perked up. "Oh, and Harry… you will be serving detention with me on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. For your little stunt and your attentiveness during my chat."

Harry moaned. "But, Severus…"

"No buts, my boy." / Help! I sounded like Albus Dumbledore!/ Harry gave him a funny look.

The Voice started shouting something, that sounded like / Au secours, au secours/

"Has professor Dumbledore coerced you into eating one of his lemon drops?" Harry asked worriedly. "You sound like him!"

/Thanks for reinforcing my fears. I'll come to you for counselling when I've been driven mad by my multiple personalities./ Thought Severus, resentfully.

"Well, not since our last midnight chat."

"Midnight chat?"

"Nothing you should worry about. And for the record, you will be serving detention. This way you'll be able to spend the Saturday morning and Sunday evening frolicking with your friends, or whatever it is you teenagers do; while Miss Granger will undoubtedly try and force you, and your friend, to get a head start on your homework."

Harry glared and stuck out his tongue.

"Harry, are you sticking your tongue out at me?"

"As a matter of fact, I am, Captain Sev." He said, with a glint of mischief in his eye.

Severus snorted and gave Harry a small amused smile.

Just then they heard a loud gasp, and both swivelled round to see none other than Draco Malfoy standing in the doorway and gawping like a goldfish out of its tank.

/ Damn./

Fifteen minutes later and a tray of sandwiches demolished, Draco Malfoy was sitting on the couch in his godfather's lounge, trying to digest what he'd been told, next to Harry Potter, who was trying to digest the seven sandwiches he'd pulverized. Draco opened his mouth to say something, but when no sound came out, he shut it again.

Trying to steel his nerves, he took a long gulp out of his glass of… water. 'Water? Water? What am I doing drinking this shit? I need something alcoholic. A bottle of Firewhisky… darn.' Draco put the glass back down on the table and said: "So… what you're trying to tell me is, that after a bizarre amount of events, you both found out that you are actually father and son, that Severus thought that Lily Potter, who was actually his wife, had betrayed him for James Potter, and that you, Harry, are here because you punched Severus on the face, and are still alive after calling him… Captain Sev?"

Harry nodded. "Pretty much sums it up," he said amusedly. Severus gave him a pointed look.

"And… since when have you, uncle Severus, developed a sense of humour?"

Severus looked pensive. "As a matter of fact, since Voldemort decided to insert pink thongs in the Death Eater's dress code," he said with a very straight face, hiding his mirth.

Draco stared. Harry coughed. Draco blinked. Harry keeled over and died. Well, not really, but he did choke on the drink he'd been sipping, and would have risked his life had Draco not recovered in time and thumped him on his back.

"You can throw anything at me now, and I won't bat an eyelid," Draco muttered to himself, while Severus started snickering in a very un–snappy–Snapish like way.

Severus smirked. "I was merely testing your nerves, boys. Voldemort would never allow pink thongs, now black on the other hand…"

Harry who looked slightly green, muttered viciously: "You bloody well tested my health!"

The professor smirked.

Draco was mumbling obscenities.

Mwahahaha chuckled the evil Overlord Snape, also known as the devil with tight, hot leather pants.

The Voice merely sighed exasperated and tutt-ed. / Children, children, order, please./

That evening, Draco went back to his dormitory, mulling over the barrage of questions he was planning to get an answer to. Subtly of course.

Harry returned to his dormitory and jumped into bed, before Hermione could start on him, briefly wondering, as he got undressed, where his map was. Probably somewhere in his trunk…

And Severus, quietly sipping a glass of wine, pulled out a photo album, he'd sworn to never open again and had contemplated destroying. It was time to dust out the memories.

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