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Kurama smiled as he looked out the window of the plane he was riding in. he looked back, amused, at the happenings of the last couple of days.


"Shiori! Shiori!" yelled a tall Japanese man with black hair and blue eyes.

"Yes, Kazuya-san?" and a small woman with black hair and jade green eyes. He was sitting next to a 16-year-old boy with shoulder length red hair and identical green eyes (Kurama!).

The man ran into the kitchen, obviously overjoyed with something. "I've been asked to take a teaching position in Suichi-kun's school in England!" he shouted, very proud of this.

"That's great dad!" a 14-year-old boy with black hair and steel-blue eyes said. He was sitting on the floor playing checkers with himself.

"If I except this position, we will have to move to England for the duration of my employment. Unfortunately, Shuichi-san will not be able to attend the school. I can get him into a neighboring school as an exchange student, though." Kazuya said, a sad glint in his eyes.

"If you think that is going to get me not want you to have the new job, Kazuya-sama, you are very mistaken, I get to go to England to study! How cool is that?" the red head boy, Shuichi, laughed.

"I'm good with that! When do we have to be there?" Shiori asked, a quizzical look on her face.

"Um… three days?" Kazuya said, a wry smile on his face.

"Well then, we'd better get packing then, shouldn't we?" she said, and began to assign rooms to be packed.

-End flashback-

"Attention passengers!" a cheery voice said over the intercom, "We will be landing soon, please put all trays and seats in the upright position, and we are about to land! Thank you!"

"They are way to cheerful for just having done a 19 hour flight!" Kurama grumbled, putting his chair upright.


A man with a purple face that was very obese stood waiting for some kid his son's school dumped him with for the rest of the summer. He grumbled when it was announced that the plane had landed.

"This 'Shoue-ichy' kid better be on time and on this plane!" he mumbled to himself. A boy with shoulder length red hair dresses in black slacks and a white polo shirt walked up to him.

"Excuse me sir, are you by any chance a Mr. Vernon Dursley?" he asked in a mellow voice.

"Yes," he grumbled.

"I am Shuichi Minamino," he smiled back cheerfully.

"Well, then boy, we don't have all day! Get your luggage and follow me!" he snapped, Kurama looked at him puzzled, but followed him after grabbing his suitcase.

The rode to the Dursley's home in silence, when they got to the home Kurama quickly grabbed his suitcase and followed Dursley-san.

"Potter! Get down here!"


Harry was sitting at his desk writing a letter when uncle Vernon shouted for his presence.

"Coming!" he shouted as he ran down the stairs, the exchange student was going to be staying in his room on the cot that the Dursleys had grudgingly rented.

He saw an Asian boy with long red hair standing next to his uncle. He was about Harry's height, had green eyes and was dressed in slacks and a polo shirt.

"This is going to be your room mate for the next week and a half. Now go!" uncle Vernon shouted (form now on I'll be calling him uncle Vernon)

"C'mon!" Harry beckoned for the boy, who hastily ran after him, still lugging his suitcase. When they got into Harry's room the boy set his suitcase on the floor.

He bowed to Harry and said "Thank you for allowing me to stay in you room."

"Um… you welcome?" Harry said, taken back by the foreign gesture.

"Is he always like that?" He asked, "oh, and by the way, I'm Shuichi Minamino, you can call me Kurama."

"Harry Potter, and yes, he is always like that. If you think he's bad, wait 'til you meet Dudley."

"Is he that fat boy who glared at me when I came in to the house?"

"That would be Dudley. Are you hungry? I got some cake and candy in here. Don't expect anything worthwhile from the Dursleys; only Dudley gets any food worth eating." Harry silently noted that he felt sorry for the boy; he had to go to go to Dudley's school.

"I am a little bit hungry, but you don't need to give me any of you stash; I brought my own!" he opened the top zipper of his suitcase and took out a large bag of food, most of which Harry couldn't identify. "Want some? I've got rice cakes, candied grasshoppers, candied fruit and a few other things!"

"Uh, lets trade some of it, so you try my kind of sweets, and I yours!" the two teens proceeded to trade the candies.

-The rest of Kurama's family-

"Shiori, there is something I didn't tell you about Suichi-kun's school, it's a magic a school. That's why Shuichi-san couldn't come, he doesn't have magic." Kazuya told his wife.

"Why didn't you tell me this? I mean, when Suichi-kun started school?" Shiori asked him.

"Because I wanted to protect you, there is a war going on in the wizarding world, one where muggles, non-magic people, are at danger! Do you understand? I was trying to make it so neither of you got hurt." Kazuya sighed.

"What's the school called? And where will I be staying?" Shiori asked quietly.

"The school is called Hogwarts, I went there when I was a boy. You will be staying in a house I purchased in Hogsmeade village, outside of the school grounds."

"Okay, will Shuichi be able to visit?"

"Yes, he will." Kazuya smiled, "But you can't tell him about this until he's 18, it's the law." Shiori nodded.

-One and a half weeks later at the Dursleys-

All of the residents of number 4 privet drive were stacked into the car. They dropped Harry off at Kingscross station then took Kurama and Dudley to the Smelting's station. The two boys got on the train; Dudley waving halfheartedly at his parents, and waited for it to go. It left at noon, packed with boys, most of whom where very rich. Dudley hooked up with his friends and they took a compartment leaving Kurama alone in the compartment he had taken earlier.

"Thank Kami-sama they're gone" he said to himself in Japanese.

-Hogwarts Express-

Harry and Ron got a lot o food off the trolley when it came by, much to Hermione's disgust.

"If you pig out like that you're going to get fat!" Hermione told them.

They where about to tell her they didn't care when they heard sudden commotion outside of their compartment. They opened the door to see Crabbe and Goyol throttling a gryffindor fourth year.

"Leave his alone!" Harry shouted, and much to his surprise the two dropped the boy. It was the Asian boy, Suichi Hatanaka.

"Why, Potter?" asked Malfoy in a venomous voice, "He started this fight!"

"You will not insult my family's honor!" the boy spat at Malfoy.

"Oh, but your family would need honor to insult, mudblood!" Malfoy sneered.

"Leave him alone, Malfoy." Harry repeated, he, Ron and Hermione drew their wands.

"Get over here, Hatanaka." Ron ordered, the boy grudgingly listened, Drawing his own wand. A sudden shout from behind Malfoy, and the three dropped, to reveal Ginny, and a couple of other fifth year Gryffindor girls.

"Thanks!" Hermione said as Harry, Ron and Hatanaka stuffed them into an empty compartment.

"Any time!" one of the girls said, they waved and walked away.

"Thanks," Suichi Hatanaka said, bowing, then walking back after the girls.

"He reminds me of the kid that stayed with the Dursleys, the one that goes to Smeltings!" Harry said as they entered their compartment.

"Really?" Hermione asked as Harry nodded.


Kurama fell onto a hard school dorm bed, fortunately for him he and Dudley didn't share a room, instead he was stuck with all of the boys in the grade ahead, but that didn't bother him. He had been here a week, and had already achieved the title of 'nerd'. He sighed; he could hear that everyone else in the room was asleep.

He got out of bed and walked around, he heard a whisper of cloth on cloth and chose to follow it. Soon he saw that he was stalking a group of people dressed in black bathrobe like things. Silently he cursed Koenma for making him give him all of his seeds but on rose seed.

"Why burn this school down, it's a muggle school!" whispered one of them.

'Muggle?' Kurama silently asked himself.

"Because, the dark lord ordered it, if you wish to complain, wait until we get back!" hissed the one in the front.

"Not on my life!" the first one whispered. They started to move again, catching Kurama off guard. He lost his balance and stumbled out of his hiding place. Before he got back up he was surrounded.

"Stupefy!" one of them hissed angrily. Kurama collapsed into unconsciousness.

"What do we do with him?" one of them asked.

"Bring him to the dark lord, I feel a power in him, stronger than that that we have," said the tallest of them the rest of the group nodded.

One of the group picked him up, and the rest turned around and said one word: "Frehar! Can't remember the fire spell, so that's what it is now!. The group then disprated, bringing an unconscious Kurama with them.


Harry sat in the great hall, it was breakfast and the owl post had just entered the hall. The Daily Prophet was dropped in front of him, he looked at the cover with shock.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione asked taking the paper from him. "Oh my god! 'Dark Mark over burned muggle school-one missing' listen!

'the muggle school, Smeltings was burned to the ground late last night, frightening both muggle and wizards alike, for above the school was the dark mark, you-know-who's own way of stating murder! the missing boy, recent exchange student Shuichi Minamino of Japan, was last seen in his dorm room by the warden. He is presumed dead but the will continue to search for his body. Rita Skeeter- Daily Prophet writes."

"That horrible!" Ginny said form beside Hermione.

"That's the name of the kid who was staying with the Dursleys!" Harry said.

Suddenly they saw the new DADA teacher, Professor Hatanaka, walk over to an entranced Suichi Asuki. He grabbed his son and led him to Professor Dumbledore.

"…I request one weeks leave of absence, to bury my son." Was all that the trio heard of the short conversation.

"His son? But the kid's last name is Minamino, not Hatanaka! And Suichi is alive and kicking!" Ron stated flabbergasted.


"Who's Kurama?"

"Minamino! He said that his stepfather got a job at his half brother's school, it is possible that he is his step-son." Harry said to his friends.

"Well, I hope that they find him alive, either way," Hermione sighed, poking her breakfast with her fork.

-Riddle Mansion-

"What is it that you feel is important enough to bring to my attention?" asked a snakelike voice from an equally snakelike man.

"This boy, "The death eaters behind him lifted Kurama's still unconscious form, "has a power that is strong enough that I can feel it, its not only a power, its magic, my lord, dark magic!"

"Wipe his mind, we will harness his power and make him one of my followers, teach him to use his magic, and have him report here in one years time. Oh, and cut and dye his hair, he's too noticeable with it in its current state." He hissed to the death eaters.

"Yes, my lord." The trio backed away, dragging Kurama.

"Oh, and tell him his name is Eric Riddle," order the snake man as his followers disappeared into the shadows.


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