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I'm falling to pieces…


Pieces. Pieces.





"Ohayo!" Sakura greeted cheerfully as soon as Sasuke emerged from the doorway. The boy sat down across her, obviously grumpy with bags under his eyes. His hair was untidy, sticking up. However, the front of his shirt was ironed neatly. Except for his expression, a very crumpled expression.

"Hn." He said flatly before leaning back to his chair. Dark lashes lowered sleepily.

A small grin lifted her lips in the corners. "Today's the big day."

Sasuke nodded absent-mindedly, rubbing his face with both of his hands. "Aa."

She smiled, a slight blush coloring her cheeks. "You know what… I don't know why but last night, while holding your hand… I… I dreamt about…"

Sasuke looked up. "What?" He frowned when Sakura blushed heavily and avoided his eyes.


He raised his brows. That's weird. "Hyuuga?" She was having nightmares last night, thus, he decided to watch over her. Which was a bad idea. Which gave him deep bags under his pretty, pretty eyes.


If possible, Sakura flushed harder than her hair. "Hai. It must be something about your hand." She smiled softly. "It's comforting."


Sasuke closed his eyes and put a hand on his nape. His head ached due to the lack of sleep. Last night, sandman decided to ignore him and proceeded into sprinkling dust over other lucky humans. He could not sleep last night. And coupled with slight, very, very slight embarrassment for overreacting last night, sleep— a dreamless, sound sleep was impossible.

He dreamt of her.

And Itachi.

He grimaced.

That's why he woke up last night, angry, upset and crazed.

Damn you rain.

Sakura cleared her throat. "Er, Sasuke-kun, can I… um," she squared her shoulders and said, "Canistayhereforawhileuntilmyparentscomeback?"

He blinked. "Excuse me?"

She sighed and fidgeted. Green eyes met dark orbs. "I want to stay here for a while."

"What?" He growled. Did he hear it right?

"The house is empty and sad it's big but lonely when I'm here I felt happy and safe." Sakura explained quickly in a tight voice, as though saying it quickly would make it easier to say it. She, after all, had to take care for her pride but… she hated being alone. She wanted to be with someone.

With him.

With Sasuke.

The boy grimaced and rumpled his hair, annoyed. "Are you serious?" Please, she's joking, right? Last night was enough. He realized that if she's here… and sleeping next to him, he would not dare to shut his eyes and drift to LaLa Land or Neverland or to Dreamland. Mister Sandman would play tricks again and will deliberately ignore him and skip off somewhere very very very far.

He would not sleep, in short.

He would not.

He could not.

God. She was infuriating. Even in her sleep, she annoyed him. Damn, he even considered her a princess last night. Beautiful and everything because she's less, take note, or she's NOT annoying when she's asleep.

But now, he fully realized that she annoyed the hell out of him, wide awake or asleep. Hn— Sleeping had become his most favorite pastime but now it seemed that his ONLY pastime was being robbed away from him.

"Hai. I really wanted to stay in your place." She looked annoyingly determined. "Or else…"

"Or else what?" Sasuke spat.

She grinned cheekily. "Nothing but I'm sure Naruto would be very happy to have me." Sasuke's expression turned darker that Sakura thought she'd seen thunderclouds hanging around his head.

"You're going to stay in a pigsty?"

Sakura looked affronted, winced and rolled her eyes. "Sure."

"You're crazy." He snapped. Sasuke looked as if he's going to breathe fire. She's annoying him. And in turn, he's annoyed. Good. At least, he knew he still got feelings.



Sakura's ears perked up. "What is?"


She gasped, her eyes twinkling. Sasuke's annoyance grew. Damn those eyes.


His spiky hair seemed to crackle with electricity. That seemed to answer her question.


Sasuke stood up from his chair after gulping down his coffee. Damn annoying voice, eyes… hair, damn! Everything about her is ANNOYING.


Sasuke's back stood out from the rest, probably because of his Uchiha domineering fan symbol or his powerful aristocratic stature.

Sakura always loved that fan. And his back.

Both were pretty.

Pretty fan. Pretty back.

He stopped walking and looked over his shoulder.

But his face was prettier. Much prettier than hers. Certainly, he got no wide forehead. But if he did, that hitae-ite covered it well.

He smirked.

His smirk was pretty too.

"Hurry up, you slowpoke." His voice was silky.


Sakura weaved through the thick crowd. It was difficult. She was small. She got no Uchiha fan on her back to intimidate people or an aristocratic physique to stick out in the crowd.

What she got was her strange hair.

Oh, she bet. People will confuse her with a walking Cherry petal, not a tree. She's that weak. She's that fragile.

And course, her significant forehead.

But Sasuke will be there. He promised her. He will be there. Like Naruto. And she believed in him and in Naruto.

Promises. Promises.

I love promises.

Sasuke's promises were significant to her.

She reached him, panting. "Oy, stop lagging behind. People will trample you." She gritted her teeth and looked up to his eyes.

But what I love more is his eyes.

"I'm not THAT small." She responded hotly, glaring at him.

He got pretty eyes. Pretty but cold. Mysterious. Dark. Like a cave. His eyes were like the darkness when it rains.

Chilly and gloomy.

But they're pretty.

He snorted. "Whatever." He lifted his big hand to her. "Take my hand." He said, not looking at her.

She smiled and took his hand. He gripped hers tightly, powerfully and pulled her forward. The fan with the eternal full circle. Pink and black. Red and blue. Spring and winter.

With him, she felt smaller but happier. People parted for her too. People were intimated too. She got Sasuke in her side, holding her hand. Both of them got pretty backs, pretty faces but… she didn't have his love.

With him she's safe and in love.

She smiled again, a bittersweet smile.

She loved him.

She loved everything about him.

But the only way for her to show her love for him was to be a friend.

Because that's the way things were between them.


They're friends.

And that's how they should be and would always be and could always be.

Nothing more.

Nothing more.


Why did it hurt?


Sasuke suddenly felt it was painful to breathe. His ribs hurt. His throat hurt. Everything hurt. Since he was a child, he felt pain and learned to love it. It was easy to accept pain. Pain was the only emotion Sasuke can accept and nurture.

But this pain…


He can't bear it.

It's killing him.

Sakura-chan had finally made her decision.


Naruto can see the clear outline of her body and that hair that stood out from the rest. Pink hair, green eyes. Ah, for Naruto, staring at her eyes was like looking forward to eternal spring and her hair was the constant reminder that she's flower.

A flower that bloomed only in spring…

A blossom never liked winters. Too cold. Too frosty. Lonely. Gloomy.

Like Sasuke.

Naruto decided that Sakura will like summer better. More warmth. More happiness. Cerulean. Cheery. A happier season, a blissful time of year, definitely the best season for a girl like her.

Like Naruto.

He grinned. She was glaring at him. He glanced briefly at Sasuke's stoic face.

But it was summer that ended the spring.

And it was winter, much to Naruto's bitterness, which brings the spring.

Too bad. He's starting to like Sakura-chan and love her more a friend should.

Ah, winter, spring, summer and autumn… Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi.

The four seasons will watch as the story unfolds.


Her arms were akimbo. "Naruto, why are YOU late?" He yawned and smiled.

"So— WHUAAAAHH — rry, Sa— WHUAAAAHH — ra-chan."

Sakura's brows were twitching. "Why are you late?" Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Don't tell me you watch—"


EYE-CATCH! BAM! A TV screen fell on top of SD-Naruto, SD-Sasuke and SD-Sakura's head creating a loud crash that shook Konoha.


"—Porn last night?" said Sakura between clenched teeth. Naruto and Sasuke grimaced.

"HELL NO! If I did my eyes are probably rotting off!" Naruto said very loudly that made some people look sharply at him.

"They are." Sakura pointed out dryly, arms crossed over her chest.

Naruto's eyes widened SO much, he look mutated. "ARE THEY?" He shouted, horrified beyond imagination as he lifted his hand to touch his eyes.

Sasuke looked disgruntled.

A huge banner appeared above the three: PORN IS GOOD FOR THE HEALTH!


The three stared up to the banner. Naruto was horrified. Porn is good? Better than ramen? Really…? Oh well that was nice. But… Sakura said his eyes were decaying.


Sasuke raised his brows. What? Porn is good for the health? Better than… tomatoes? Better than revenge…? But that's disgusting… Sasuke can't imagine himself watching porn.

And Sakura wasn't amused.

She puffed out her cheeks and yelled a very LOUD "EXCUSE ME?" and rolled her eyes. "Duh…" She knew Kakashi put it there. Sakura tapped Naruto on the shoulder. "Relax, Naruto, I was just kidding… jeez…"

"My virgin eyes…" Naruto murmured, trembling, beads of sweat rolling on the sides of his face, his blue eyes still wide. A vein began to throb on Sakura's temple.


Naruto let out a shriek. "MY VIRGIN——"

BAM! Sasuke's elbow came crashing down onto Naruto's head. Poor boy… That was called Uchiha Elbow Crush.

Feel the might. Feel the elbow, man.


Sasuke smirked. "Good. Snapped out of it, moron?" Naruto's hair stood up even more. "YOU BASTARD——" he was ready to clobber Sasuke when Sakura pulled on his sleeve.

"Oh come on, Naruto… don't be so juvenile…"

They were entering the building and walking down the hallway when suddenly, Sakura froze, wide-eyed. Sasuke stopped and looked sideway to her. "Sakura?" No response and Sasuke's eyes narrowed and noticed it, too.

She's having severe anxiety attack. The Genjutsu all over the place is pretty strong, enough to shock ninjas with low self-esteem. She doubts herself.

He took her hand, startling Sakura, making her blush. "Relax." Sasuke muttered. He squeezed her hand, not looking at her, his eyelashes lowered over his eyes. "You're so stiff."

She smiled. "You really have nice hands…" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Naruto wasn't pleased.

"HEY! HEY! HEY!" He shouted which reverberated all over the hallway. The two looked at him, bewildered. Naruto's blue eyes seemed to smolder.


"You're HOLDING HER HAND, MAN! HER—" Naruto's voice was cut off when a bagful of brightly colored confetti fell on them heavily burying them from waist down. Naruto's jaw fell off. "WHAT THE HELL!" he hollered, awestruck. He blinked, shook the confetti out of his eyes, looks up and shouted: "WOW!"

Sasuke and Sakura, still holding hands, looked equally stunned. What was this… madness? Bits of repulsive neon pink and green confetti stuck to their hair making them looked like poorly dressed clowns.

Sasuke's left eyes twitched. "This is degrading." But what happened next was MORE degrading.

A large banner appeared, hanging from the ceiling and only God knew where it came from. It said in big revolting bright pink and neon green bold letters that changed colors every now and then through some strange jutsu:


Sakura blinked. "Eh?" More confetti fell now accompanied with small fireworks and Catherine wheels.

Firecrackers exploded.

Trumpets blared.

Again, Naruto was not pleased. His eyes grew so large that they were in the danger of falling out from its sockets. Throbbing veins were pounding on his temples and his blonde hair stood up even more, with crackling electricity.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN, YOU HUMAN ICE-CUBE ICE-BITCH SASUKE-BASTARD?" his voice was ten times louder, ten times more annoying to the ears. The small hill of confetti around him kept him from clobbering Sasuke.

Sasuke looked disgruntled. "Shut up, dobe."


Sakura looked up to the banner thoughtfully. "Dream, believe, survive…? That sounds familiar, does it?"


He didn't know Naruto had wide range of vocabulary. "Shut up——" Sasuke blinked. What the hell. A music… listen to the music…

Put your head on my SHOOOOOOOOOOULDEEEEEEEEEER… tut tut…


"Shh…" Sakura hushed.

"Where the hell does that music come from?" asked Sasuke, peeved. He hated ancient music.

Naruto turned to Sakura, his eyes turned heart-shaped. "Ooh Sakura-chan… my shoulder is yours…" Naruto said dreamily. BAM! Sasuke brought his elbow crashing down into Naruto's head for the second time.

Feel the might. Feel the elbow, man.

"Ouch…" Naruto whined as Sasuke tried to kick the bits of paper burying them, pulling Sakura along. The sight of Sasuke HOLDING Sakura's hand electrocuted Naruto (INNER SAKURA: excuse me? Where the hell the electricity does came from, huh!)

Never mind.

"I said TAKE YOUR HAND OFF SAKURA'S!" Naruto yelled, struggling to get off the mound of confetti drowning him. At last he managed and was now yelling his head off in front of Sasuke. "WHY ARE YOU, A HUMAN ICE-CUBE, HOLDING HER HAND!"

Sasuke raised his brow. "Why? Is she your property?"

A particular large vein exploded. "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR BLOODY ASS—ACK!" Sakura slapped her other hand onto Naruto's face, shutting him up.

"Guargh!" Naruto rubbed his flattened nose. "Tch. Why did you do that, eh?"

"You're so loud!" Sakura's ready to blow, tired of hearing the two bicker just because of her HAND. And it seemed that Sasuke had no plans to yield to Naruto's demand. He was gripping her hand hard that it became numb.


Sakura held out her other hand to Naruto. "Here." She snapped. "You can take my other hand."

Naruto grinned. "Heh, heh!" He grabbed her hand, shot a malevolent triumphant look at Sasuke who glared in return.

"Of course!" Naruto grinned roguishly at Sasuke, trying to irk the Uchiha. "Sakura-chan has TWO hands! Why didn't I, the Soon-to-be-Hokage, think about it before! Stupid Human ice-cube Sasuke-bastard!"

Sasuke's dark brows twitched. "You moron…"

"What did you say!" Naruto shouted, spit flying out from his mouth.

"Naruto…" Sakura growled.

He blinked. "Uh…yeah…" Naaruto sweat-dropped. "Let's go!" He pulled Sakura forward, marching haughtily, his nose in the air. Sakura pulled Sasuke along.

"Let's make Naruto happy, ok?"



EYE-CATCH! Another banner fell. RED HOT AND PEPPERY! YOU'RE MY BEAR SASUKE-KUN! Yay yay yay yay yay! Another bagful of confetti fell. Sasuke looked he's about to kill someone…or precisely Naruto. The nervous Naruto flew in: CUT! CUT! CUT!



"You should turn back now." A man sneered. "You think little sobbing kids like you can become Chuunins?" he taunted. Beside him, his companion laughed. Genins murmured among themselves how ruthless and obnoxious the men were.

The other man smirked. "What's wrong with getting rid of weaklings? There's nothing wrong with, is there?"

"That's a sound argument, it is." A deep voice said. Everyone turned to look. The two men guarding the door smirked.

Kakashi's little brats— the infamous Team Seven. They thought.

Neji and his team were among the crowd and he could not help but to feel irked at the sight of Team 7. Especially that obnoxious little brat Uchiha Sasuke, standing in front of his teammate with that annoying devil smile on his face.

Sasuke's smirk grew. "But you will let me and my team through and dispel the Genjutsu you've placed around this place."

The man smirked. "Hmph, so you've noticed."

"My female teammate did. Her analytical thinking ad Genjutsu knowledge is the best in our team." He sneered. "And probably better than yours… which is a shame for a Chuunin like you."

The other Chuunin chuckled. "Insufferable little bastard you are little Uchiha…" He moved so fast he appeared blurry. Naruto and Sasuke dropped into their fighting stance, alert but to their surprise… the Chuunin was aiming for Sakura. Both moved so swift; they jumped in front of Sakura who looked surprised, and got ready to block the incoming kick.

"Get out of my way, ice-cube!" Naruto snarled, pushing Sasuke aside with his shoulder, bent on showing Sakura he CAN protect her. But Sasuke didn't budge. Instead, he rammed Naruto with his shoulder too.

"Outta my way, dobe."

Ten-Ten sweat-dropped. It was obvious that Naruto and Sasuke were trying either to show off in front of the pink-haired girl or to protect her from the incoming kick. They both raised their leg to block it, neither was giving up.

WHAM! Something green (that disgusted Sasuke) blocked the kick for them. It looked like that sickening green ended up saving the three of them. How… interesting. He was about sock Naruto for trying to outshine him when he felt something heavy landing on his head.


Sakura had had pulled a mini-mallet out of nowhere and pounded Sasuke and Naruto on top of their heads. "What was that all about, huh!" Sakura demanded.


Grunt. Grunt. Grunt. Grunt. Wait a second… Grunt. What the hell is that thick-eyebrow monster doing in front of Sakura?


Sasuke's head hurt. His dark eyes narrowed and widened as Lee struck a pose which repulsed Sasuke even more.

More grunt.

More and more grunt.

Repulsive. Sasuke thought dryly. For dear Uchiha boy… Rock Lee was a Christmas tree. Thanks to THAT eyebrows and THAT hair, it reminded Sasuke that Lee's indeed human.

"I am Rock Lee!" Pose. Chagrin. "Oh beautiful Sakura-san… let's go out!" Pose. Shiver. "I will protect you with my iron fist and steel body dressed in beautiful cool green suit!" Pose. Goosebumps. "I am the MAN OF STEEL! I'll protect you I will!" Pose.


Both Sasuke and Naruto were peeved and degraded at Lee's weird poses. Frightening…

"Er… thanks but NO THANKS!"


Meanwhile, Naruto elbowed Sasuke in the ribs hard. "You stupid human ice-cube Sasuke-bastard, you got in my way! Is that how bad you wanted to show off in front of Sakura-chan?" Sasuke winced. Naruto had his own version of Elbow Crush, hadn't he?

He retaliated by crushing his elbow on top of Naruto's head. The poor boy could only moan in pain.


Sasuke faced the speaker. "Hyuuga."

"…while holding your hand…I…I dreamt about…Neji-kun…"

Neji smirked. "I will beat you."

Sasuke sneered. "You wish, white-eyed freak."

Neji glowered and clenched his fist. How dare… how dare… how dare this… obnoxious… annoying midget… He breathed in… and out, trying to relax.

"SASUKE-KUN, THAT was RUDE!" Sakura yelled in his ear. Sasuke rolled his eyes and grabbed her wrist and took Naruto by the ear.


"Sasuke-kun!" Sasuke released Naruto's ear and Sakura's wrist. Inside his little world, he pictured socking the White-eyed Freak… then, Sakura-chan was cheering him on…

SD-Sakura in Sasuke's Dreamland: 'Whack him! Kick him! THERE! THERE! Go! Go! Sasuke-kun! LOL…'

He mentally kicked himself. Ouch… that hurts even if it's not real. He snorted and crossed his arms, his eyes gleaming wickedly as he thought of his Uchiha-Sasuke's-101-ways-to-kill-the-White-eyed-Freako-before-I-kill-Itachi Plan.

No.1… Kick his ass.

No.2… Kick his ass HARD. (Sasuke's eyes were glinting erringly. Sakura and Naruto were worried. "Sakura-chan, he's insane." "Don't be stupid, Naruto, of course he's not.")

Hmm… Sasuke thought hard.

No.3… Kick his ass VERY HARD.

Hn— Sasuke screwed up his eyes. …this is hard. He narrowed his eyes. Oh well…

No.4… Kick his ass VERY, VERY HARD.

What else…? Sasuke crossed his arms. Sakura was fuming in the ears.

No.5… Kick his ass VERY, VERY, and VERY HARD.

"Sasuke-kun, are you listening to me!" Sakura asked, trying to catch Sasuke's attention.

"Yeah…" he replied, absent-mindedly.

No.6… I choose Pikachu! Die, you dumbass. He sneered venomously. ("I told you, Sakura-chan, he IS insane." Naruto said, shrugging.)

No.7…cut his hair and strangle him with it.

No.8…make a Neji doll and perform voodoo. But I hate dolls.

No.9…cut his hair short. And watch his head spin until he fell off the cliff… that shit head.

No.10… GREYMON DIGIVOLVE! Sasuke rolled his eyes. Pathetic.

"No you AREN'T!" Sakura half yelled, poking him in the chest.

Sasuke shot her a disapproving look. "Don't poke me AGAIN. Understand?" Can't you see I'm busy? He grumbled. Now, where was I?

No.11…lock him in the room and leak radiation into it. Heh. Watch him mutate into incredible hulk, that dumbass. Sasuke was gritting his teeth hard. ("He's insane, really." Naruto said. "Not that I care,")

No.12…cut his limbs off. With a chainsaw, I prefer.

No.13…burn him at stake. KATON HOUSENKA NO JUTSU!

No.14…give him a bath of lye. Die slowly. He cursed.

No.15…dye his hair orange. Repulsive…

No.16… shit what the hell am I doing? Why don't you just go to hell, white-eyed freak? He growled under his breath.

Sakura let out a roar or frustration.

"What is your problem?" Sasuke snapped, pissed. He can't concentrate. He still had to think 85 more.

"You." She answered stubbornly, pouting.

Sasuke blinked. "Good. You're my problem too." He said off-handedly. Go to hell, white-eyed freak.


Go to hell, white-eyed freak.

Sasuke socked himself mentally for behaving childishly. … I'm really insane.

"SASUKE-KUN, I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Sakura hollered behind him.

Go to hell, white-eyed freak.

Go to hell, white-eyed freak.

Go to hell, white-eyed freak.



I need a psychiatrist.