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You've Got Mail
Written By JMPchick

8. I Wanted It To Be You

"I love you."
"I love you too."
"I know that's a sin, and I'll probably go to hell for it."
"If I have a soul, I'll go with you."
Matt and Maria, The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

To: whimsywings
From: veggiezoo

I've been thinking for while, and I believe we should meet. How about Saturday at the City Park?


To: veggiezoo
From: whimsywings

I've been thinking too, and I agree that we should meet. Saturday at the City Park, in the rose garden, at two o'clock.


"Is your anxiety overwhelming?" The brush in Starfire's tanned hand glided smoothly through Raven's unevenly cut violet hair.

"Not really," said Raven, staring hard at the three sets of makeup her friend had spread out on the dresser. She was seated in front of the ceiling-to-floor mirror beside the bureau in Starfire's room, trying to feel calm and composed.

Starfire studied her in the mirror. Her pale face looked slightly paler than usual. "You are nervous," she said simply, knowing Raven could not contradict her.

"Yes," Raven admitted. She pointed to the cosmetics on the dresser. "That eyeshadow, and that lipgloss. Nothing else. I want to look as normal as possible, but that doesn't mean I do not want to look nice. At least."

"But you must have blush!" Starfire insisted. "Your face is so pale, you appear to be—what is the phrase?—'death warmed up'."

A sudden but stifled burst of laughter escaped Raven's mouth. "I do not!"

She smiled. "You will if you do not permit me to apply blusher."

Five minutes later, Raven gazed at her reflection, somewhat taken aback. She looked…pretty for once. The light lavender eyeshadow was brushed on lightly so that it was noticeable but did not stand out, complementing her eyes. Her lips were shining with a soft pink sheen, the color of Starfire's newest lipgloss acquisition.

"You are beautiful," said Starfire, clapping her hands delightedly.


Raven strode out to the rose garden at two o'clock sharp on Saturday. Somehow she had persuaded Starfire into staying at home and not spying in the bushes. Aliens and privacy issues on love did not mix, apparently.

Funny how I feel more myself with you
Than anybody else that I ever knew
I hear it in your voice, see it in your face
You've become the memory I can't erase

You could have been anyone at all
A stranger falling out of the blue
I'm so glad it was you

Time trickled by. After ten minutes, Raven felt indecision creeping over her, paralyzing her. Would he stand her up again?

Wasn't in the plan not that I could see
Suddenly a miracle came to me
Safe within your arms I can say what's true
Nothing in the world I would keep from you

You could have been anyone at all
An old friend calling out of blue
I'm so glad it was you

Suddenly, footsteps. Raven started and stared over the wide expanse of fenced roses. There was no one but her. Heart pounding, she looked around almost frantically, wondering if she had imagined the sound.

A finger tapped her shoulder.

She spun around to see…a smiling Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy?" she gasped, hardly believing it.

"Hello, whimsywings," he said. He stooped over a fence and plucked a strangely thorn-less rose, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear with it.

Raven threw her arms around him and a tear poured out of her eye. Beast Boy felt the tear on his shoulder. "Don't cry, Raven."

"You idiot!" she said. "You're my pen pal?"

Words can hurt you if you let them
People say them and forget them
Words can promise words can lie
But your words make me feel like I can fly

"Surprise, surprise, huh?" he responded, brushing off her insult.

"Yes," she said, pulling away and wiping the tears from her face. She paused. "And no." She gave him a small smile and hugged him again. "But I wanted it to be you," she added in a whisper. "I wanted to see you here at two o'clock, I wanted it to be you so badly. You could have been anyone in the world, but it was you. I've always wanted to tell you—I love you."

Beast Boy turned his head and closed his eyes, pressing his lips against hers. A warm sensation spread through Raven, exposing her heart fully. She kissed him back and placed her arms around his neck. Together they swayed to music only they could hear.

You could have been anyone at all
Someone to catch me when I fall
I'm so glad it was you

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