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Author's Note: This is just going to be a collection of poems mostly about Raven. I usually write them in my spare time and when I have nothing better to do. So review and let me know what you think. Flames are accepted just don't bash me to death. I don't know what inspired me to write this one. Most of the time there is nothing really inspiring me to write these poems except that Raven is my favorite TT character. I might write some more focused on the other Titans but not a lot. I'll have to think about it. So enjoy!!!

Losing Emotion

They are gone

I can't feel any remorse or sorrow

Just a bitter emptiness inside

A vacant space that will never be filled again

Even when I have been engulfed in darkness I have searched for the light

And when I finally found it, it was snatched away from me

All my life I have suffered and waited only to have everything taken away

What is the point of living a life without emotions?

There is none

I will never be able to feel happiness when I play with my fellow Titans

I will never be able to feel sad when a tragedy occurs

I will never feel excited when some miracle happens

I will never feel annoyance when Beast Boy never leaves me alone

I will never feel depressed when I want to

I will never feel anger when my enemies hurt my friends

I will never get scared when we watch a scary movie

I will never be me again

I would give anything to have them back, even give up the control I have gained from losing them

But I can look through all my spell books

I can consult the greatest witches and wizards of all time

But I will still not find a cure for this curse

So I seek comfort in the darkness that has always been there for me

Cold and emotionless is no way to live and so that must mean that I am no longer living

Only a hollow shell remains of the girl named Raven