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Forever Bound to Hell

We are the players

In this little game

Always being used

Pawns with no name

We follow the path

That was already set

Conforming to society

Trained like a pet

Lost in the game

That plays with your life

Can make you live wealthy

Or suffer in strife

It toys with your emotions

Confuses your mind

Hides away all the answers

That you are desperate to find

It takes away your time

Only to give more pain

Tortures us all

But has nothing to gain

It fiddles with our minds

It finds our beating heart

Makes life so horrible

It tares our souls apart

It takes away so easily

And it never gives back

It slowly wears us down

Until our minds begin to crack

Makes us so broken

That no dead have been risen

All those are trapped

In an endless, void prison

Trapped within our souls

Our sins unforgiven

Takes away the motor

That we had once driven

Our human bodies

All are now dead

Our souls have finished

The path left to tread

In the dead end

Waits an abyss

You jump in

Only to meet death's kiss

The death of a soul

An empty shell

It has no future

It's bound to hell

The game is now over

There is no winner

All that is left

Is the soul of a sinner

You could be good or evil

To your heart's extent

But none can escape

The devil's intent

There is no god

There is no heaven

Only the Hell's circles

The circles of seven

No glory awaits

No paradise above

All there is is pain and torture

None of the things you love

God may not exist

But the devil is real

And all souls are kept

Within cages of steel

Listen at night

You can hear them cry

Whimpers of agony

Screams while they fry

We're all bound

We're fated to hell

Ever since we cheated fate

And because of that we fell

No happiness

No sadness

Nor sanity

Or madness

Just empty inside

A hollow shell

An unhappy reminder

Of where a soul used to dwell

Yet forever we are bound to all go to hell