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Summary: It starts out with Kagome coming out of the Bone-Eaters Well, she had gone back and the gang had desided to go back as well and wait for her. They start off to go exterminate a demon, and come across a certain child with a VERY odd story along their way.

InuYasha yawned "Damn, what's taking her so long?" He said irritated, glancing over at the well for possibly the millionth time in the past hour.

Shippo looked at the hanyou who was sitting up in a nearby tree. "You should go get her then…" He said.

"Feh." Was all the hanyou muttered in response.

Miroku sighed, he was sitting on the ground in the clearing, playing cards with Sango who was quite pleased that he hadn't been acting like his normal henti (perverted) self and she was glad that she could see where he had his hands at all times.

InuYasha jumped out of the tree as he saw the Well glow slightly from within, showing that Kagome had come back. He walked over towards the well and reached down to help Kagome out. Kagome sighed, getting out of the well "Sorry I'm late." She said with her usual grin, climbing out of the well with the help of a certain hanyou.

"Feh, you're always late." InuYasha muttered, looking at her and folding his arms. He was glad she was back, but too stubborn to really ever admit it.

Shippo ran over "Hi Kagome! Did you bring me anything?" He asked as his usual from of greeting.

Kagome smiled "Of course I did Shippo." She said, handing the kitsune a small box of crayons and a few sweets from out of her bag.

InuYasha scowled "C'mon let's go, there's a rumor about a demon in a village by the mountains." He said, starting off again.

Miroku sighed and got up, starting after the hanyou. Sango stayed behind with Kagome. "Was InuYasha in a bad mood the whole time I was gone?" Kagome asked, looking at the Demon slayer and guessing it was a yes.

Sango smiled slightly and nodded "He spent a lot of time just staring into space though. Even though he doesn't want to admit it I think he gets really lonely without you around." She said.

Kagome smiled and nodded as they started down the path. InuYasha is lonely without me? It's hard to believe a while ago he couldn't even stand me she thought with a sigh, looking over at the hanyou, or more, staring at the hanyou.

InuYasha's ears twitched, he turned around and looked at Kagome strangely. "What are you staring at?" He said in his usual stubborn tone.

Kagome sighed and shook her head "Nothing." She said, knowing that it was nothing more then a silly act he put on.

"Feh, it's never 'nothing' with a wench like you." InuYasha muttered, folding his arms and turning around.

Soon it was nightfall; they had stopped to make camp in a clearing in a forest not to far from the village.

InuYasha sat up against a tree, staring into the fire and silent for the time being.

Kagome was also up against a tree, she had forgotten one sleeping bag.

Miroku smiled "Kagome you can have mine, I'll share one with Sango tonight." He said.

Sango scowled and slapped him across the face "Henti!" She said, angry at him.

Kagome smiled slightly "It's ok, I'll be fine." She said, it wasn't THAT cold out anyways, and she was too nice to leave them without one. She yawned and felt herself shiver slightly

InuYasha looked over at her "Why do you always end up forgetting something?" He asked in an irritated tone, taking off his hiori (His red shirt) and putting it around her for warmth.

Kagome blushed "Thanks InuYasha" She said, smiling and looking at him.

InuYasha felt himself turn a slight pink as well "Feh." Was all he said, turning away from her and folding his arms. "You guys should get some sleep, we have a battle tomorrow." He muttered. InuYasha jumped up into the tree he had chosen as his 'bed' for the night and folded his arms.

Miroku was already asleep, leaning against a tree. Sango was lying on the sleeping bag, her eyes closed and Kirara sleeping next to her. Shippo was curled up into a little ball next to Kagome.

Kagome smiled "Good night, InuYasha." She said to him, closing her eyes. She felt a few leaves fall from the tree and knew that InuYasha had jumped down. She opened her eyes "What's wrong?" She asked quietly, so she wouldn't wake the others.

"I smell a demon..." InuYasha said, looking at her and then looking around again. He started off into the woods.

Kagome picked up her bow and arrow and followed after him "A demon?" She said.

InuYasha nodded, walking a bit further "Looks like there's a clearing up ahead…" He muttered, continuing through the forest, one hand on the Tetsusaiga, although not taking it out just yet.

Kagome nodded "Weird, I can't sense anything odd though, it might just be a harmless demon." She suggested.

"Yeah well are we going to wait until it attacks us to find out?" InuYasha said, looking back at Kagome before walking towards the clearing. He stepped past the bit of trees.

A yell was heard and Kagome jumped "InuYasha!" She yelled, running after him and letting out a scream herself once she stepped past the trees.

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