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He washed off his bloody shoulder at the neaby river, his tears still flowing down his cheeks and he feared that they might never stop. he remembered how the men had mocked him, the village children as well. They all knew he was stronger, he knew he was stronger, but yet they mocked his strength. Silently he made a vow to himself, never to cry like that again, no matter what...

Miroku headed back into the room where he saw Sango. "I can't find anyone. And I haven't heard anything from InuYasha or Kagome." He said.

Sango nodded "C'mon, InuYasha might've found something." She said, heading down the way InuYasha had gone.

"Either that or he found Kagome in a nice little room all alone and-"

"Don't even FINISH that sentince." Sango warned.

Miroku grinned slightly and continued down the hall, checking in one of the open doors every now and then but not finding anything.

Sango was already ahdead of him at the end of the hall, pushing against a door.

Miroku nodded and followed behind her, heading down the hallway. He ran towards the door and pushed against it but it was locked.

Sango grinned "I got an idea." She said, taking her katana (Not sure about spelling) and wedging it inbetween the door crack. She wedged it open enough for Miroku to be able to stick his staff in there and help her finally pry the door open.

The monk and taijiya ran into the room, looking around. They spotted InuYasha who was on the ground, breathing heavily and Kagome, who was just struggling to breathe.

"What did you do to our friends!" Sango yelled, running forward and sweeping across with her katana.

Kitaro smiled and jumped over the weapon with ease. "It's already too late, your friend is too weak to even breathe and your other friend probably won't ever wake again." She said, dodging another attack.

"Damn… and I'm guessing the only way to break the spell is to kill you?" Sango asked, glaring at the woman and striking forward again. "Miroku! Get InuYasha!" She called, looking over at the monk who was about to come forward to help.

Miroku nodded and turned back to InuYasha who looked as if he was merely having a nightmare. "InuYasha! InuYasha you have to wake up!" He called, shaking the hanyou lightly on the shoulder to try and wake him. "Kagome needs you!" He called, wondering if that would work.

InuYasha was walking around, he was still pretty young, and looked much smaller since he hadn't eaten in quite a few days. He didn't know how to hunt and even if he tried the villagers would catch him by a stream and beat him until he was left for dead.

He didn't know what kept him moving onward, maybe it was vengeance for his mother's death? Maybe he just wanted to prove to this world that he could live and he would survive.

Or maybe he thought… that he deserved it…

It was his fault his mother had died… if he hadn't been born this way, his mother would've been happy and alive with some normal human child… not some worthless hanyou that was the cause of her death.

He wanted it… he wanted the pain that the villagers brought, he wanted the horrible pain in his stomach that came when he hadn't eaten anything in a few days…

Words like 'Scum' and 'Filthy half-breed' didn't feel like insults anymore… InuYasha felt like he deserved it all. He WAS scum…filth that deserved to be overlooked and unloved.

Why wouldn't that be true if his mother had died because of it? If his mother had died because of that, then it had to be true!

The hunger was too much, his knees gave out and he fell to the ground, his eyes that had long lost their sparkle soon became even more dull and lifeless. He didn't know that the same thing was happening to his REAL body as well.

But something spoke softly, jerking him back to his senses.

"Kagome needs you…"

That's why he was still alive… he had people to protect…


InuYasha's eyes started to grow back to their usual color and he sighed, groaning and sitting up, putting a hand to his head. "What the hell?" He asked, looking around. "Heh, glad you both could make it." He said, looking at Miroku. "Wait… where's Kagome?" He asked, looking around.

"Kagome is alive for now, but we need to get rid of Kitaro or she won't make it." Miroku said, sighing that InuYasha was awake again. He stood back up followed by a VERY pissed off hanyou.

"Oh that's it? Well that shouldn't be a problem." InuYasha muttered, unsheathing the Tetsusaiga and grinning. "She won't last five seconds." He said, before starting forward.

Sango jumped out of the way as InuYasha started forward. She managed to get a few scratches onto Kitaro but nothing really that bad. "What do we do about Kagome?" She asked, looking over at the monk and hoping that there was something they could do to help her.

Miroku shook his head "I'm afraid Kagome's survival will depend on her won strength." He said softly, looking over at the girl fighting to breathe now.

Sango nodded and walked over, pulling Kagome to lean onto her knees. "C'mon, hand in there, Kagome." She said softly. "You can't leave us now…" She said.

Kitaro smiled "Back for more, half-breed?" She asked, digging into her pocket and pulling out some powder.

"Feh, like that shit-trick will get me twice!" InuYasha growled, swinging his sword over at her.

Kitaro pulled her hand back so it wouldn't be lopped off, causing the dust to blow into her own face. She stumbled back, coughing and waving the dust away from herself.

"Heh, taste of your own medicine, eh?" InuYasha asked, smirking. 'I better finish this quick…' He thought and raised his sword, striking it into the ground. A cry escaping his throat as the all-too familiar cry of "WIND SCAR!"

The light shot towards Kitaro who soon became caught into it. The outline of the demon slowly started to fade as the wind scar took affect. Soon all the light and noise died down and the only thing left of the demon was a few ashes.

InuYasha quickly put the Tetsusaiga back into its sheath and hurried over. "Is she doing any better?" He asked, looking at her and then at the monk and taijiya.

Sango looked down at Kagome who was still unconscious but her breathing was back to normal. "Kagome…" She said, sighing in relief as she looked down at her friend.

Miroku grinned "Looks like Kagome will be fine. Perhaps we should all get some much needed rest." He said, nodding.

InuYasha nodded, picking up Kagome wordlessly and heading back into the main room.

Miroku and Sango looked at each other curiously but shrugged it off. Miroku couldn't help but grin 'Finally' He couldn't help but think. And the slayer next to him was thinking around the same thing as they both walked back into the main room as well.

By the time they got there InuYasha was leaning against the wall, his legs crossed with Kagome on his lap and his arms wrapped protectively around her as the Tetsusaiga lay next to him.

Sango smiled and got an idea, walking over quietly and rummaging through Kagome's yellow bag before pulling out a small black and rectangular device.

The monk looked at her curiously but didn't say anything as she looked very closely into the object before pressing a button on top of it. There was a faint click and a soft flash before the taijiya put the object back into the bag.

The hanyou's ears twitched but he didn't wake from his slumber or move from where he was holding Kagome.

Sango sat down and laid down onto the mat, her eyes closing. She yawned and turned over, her companion Kirara coming over with a faint mew and laying down next to her.

Miroku looked over at the pair before moving over a bit closer to Sango. He expected to be slapped but smiled softly when he wasn't supporting a red handprint across his face.

"Good night, Sango." He said, nodding to her.

"Good night, Miroku." Sango said with a soft smile, turning a bit to glance at him before resuming her last position and her eyes closing once again.

Miroku soon followed the suit as he leaned against the wall and his eyes closed as he drifted to sleep.


Morning broke and the group woke, looking around unfocusedly.

InuYasha was sitting by a fire; five fish speared onto sticks were laying in it as they cooked. His legs folded as well as his arms that were folded into his haori.

Sango yawned and sat up, stretching and then turning stiff as a board when she felt an oh-too familiar hand apon her butt. "Mirokuuuu…." She growled, a tick mark appearing on her forehead as she raised a fist.

Soon Miroku woke up even more, now supporting a red handprint on the side of his face. He sighed and looked over at the cooking fish. "InuYasha did you get those for us? How generous of you." He observed, looking at the hanyou that would probably deny or ignore doing such a thing.

"Feh, you act like it's a big thing." InuYasha muttered, looking at the fire.

There was a faint movement that made InuYasha's ears twitch as he looked over. Kagome had gotten up and sat down next to him by the fire. "Well it was very nice of you." She said, smiling.

InuYasha's face turned a light pink color as he looked at her. "Feh…" He just muttered again, looking determinedly away from everyone as though trying to see if it would save any of his dignity from being seen with a blush on his face.

Kagome just smiled "I think they're almost done." She said, smiling and taking one of the sticks her hand shot back with a yelp and blew on her burnt finger. "Ouch…" She said, sighing.

InuYasha sighed "You're so clumsy…" He muttered, taking out the fish for her and waiting a few seconds before handing it to her again. "There, you didn't get burned too badly did ya?" He asked, looking at her hand.

Miroku and Sango were too busy passing each other looks of pure amusement at the couple in front of them. They each reached for the same fish, Miroku's hand ending up on top of Sango's for a brief moment before he took his hand away and they both looked away from each other, blushing.

The monk grabbed the fish next to it, and by then InuYasha was already eating his own. "Feh, we need to get going soon. We dawdled too long and we don't even have a jewel shard in the bargain." He muttered after he finished eating.

"And any signs of Naraku…" Kagome added, sighing as she finished eating as well.

Miroku sighed "I can't believe we haven't gotten any closer then we were before…" he muttered, once he was done as well and Sango nodded, following the suit.

"I'll be outside." The hanyou said, standing up and heading out of the hut.

Kagome looked after him curiously and picked up her arrows and bow from over on the floor and putting her yellow bag on before heading after him.

Miroku and Sango both nodded, agreeing to take their time with cleaning up to give them more time alone.

Kagome walked over and saw InuYasha not too far from the hut, a far away look on his face. "Hey, there ya are." She said, walking over and smiling.

"Feh." Was InuYasha's only reply as he looked over at her, his arms folded once again.

Kagome smiled softly "I never got to thank you." She said, standing next to him and looking at him.

"Thank me? For what?" InuYasha asked confusedly, looking at her.

"For saving my life, if it weren't for you, I might not've made it out alive." Kagome said, still smiling at him.

"It was nothing…" InuYasha said, looking at her. 'It's my fault she's always in danger anyways…' He thought, looking back out along the road once again with that far-away look on his face.

"No… it wasn't just nothing…" Kagome said, shaking her head. Soon her arms found themselves around the hanyou whose eyes widened but soon returned to normal as he found himself in Kagome's embrace.

"You're always there for me… no matter how badly I mess up sometimes… I can always count on you to help me." She said softly, looking at him with her brown eyes.

InuYasha's heart was beating insanely now, from their close contact. Her face was so close to his, her body so close to his… he was almost certain that she could feel his heartbeat increase. "K-Kagome…" He said softly.

His hand found her own, holding her hand in his he pulled her hand so both their hands were over his heart.

'I live for you Kagome…'

'I love for you… Kagome'

Soon InuYasha's lips found Kagome's own. He felt as though his heartbeat had temporarily stopped, his eyes closed… all that mattered right now was that Kagome was in his arms.

Kagome's eyes widened a great deal but soon found themselves slowly closing. 'InuYasha… he's… KISSING me!' She thought, but her thoughts were becoming oddly muffled now.

There was a loud cough that brought them both breaking apart instantly, both their faces beet red.

InuYasha looking pissed more then anything, and looking away determinedly from the grinning smugly monk and taijiya who was close to giggling.

Kagome was just looking embarrassed and a little upset that it had gotten interrupted so suddenly.

"Feh, l-let's just go already! We've wasted enough time here." InuYasha said, folding his arms into his haori and starting off back down the road.

Miroku grinned but was smart not to say anything… yet. He followed after the hanyou with Kagome and Sango next to him as they walked off into the distance.

Soon, not far ahead there was scowling sound and then a loud slapping sound. Along with a faint muttering of "Pervert" as the group continued onward towards their next encounter.

The End

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