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Chapter One: The New Teacher

"I hope something fun happens today." Yuugi Mutou thought to himself, listlessly tracing circles on his desk. The morning had started off dreary- only emphasizing the fact that it was already mid-autumn. The sun had risen over the cold quiet of Domino, yet it didn't seem any warmer. It was days like this that were made for sleeping in late, cuddling under a blanket with warm cider and watching your favourite movie.

Ah the joys of fall; the season that just barely held onto the lingering days and memories of summer. As it was mid-October, the routine of school had begun, and the students of Domino High were already eager for Thanksgiving break.

In the classroom of his first-period History class, Yuugi shivered, pulling his school jacket tighter around himself. It seemed much too early far anyone to be awake, let alone be ready to absorb mind-numbingly dull information.

As usual, Jonouchi wasn't here yet; he always came in after class had started. With a glance to his left, Yuugi noticed that Otogi had fallen asleep…again. It wasn't unusual- it was even excusable owing to the increasing popularity of Dungeon Dice Monsters in America and Europe that deprived Otogi of sleep. The raven-haired teen was pulling all-nighters now because the market was restless for more improvements and additions, and it was highly unlikely that that kind of life could ever be put on hold. Industry waited for no man, not even if you were one of the top sellers for Industrial Illusions.

About a year ago, Pegasus J. Crawford had been sent to an insane asylum to be treated for mental instability, and a disturbingly-overwhelming case of Tiuret's Syndrome.

It was about time someone took action and locked up the creator of Duel Monsters before he had a chance to attempt to monopolize Kaiba Corp again- in fact, it was partly thanks to the great Seto Kaiba himself that Pegasus got locked away. The man had threatened to spill about Kaiba's relationship with Katsuya Jonouchi to the press, and that was a risk the CEO couldn't take.

Yuugi poked Otogi lightly with his pen, but to no avail. Sighing, the boy looked up at the clock. Any minute now, and the bell would ring. The boy estimated that in ten minutes, Jonouchi would arrive. At least having his friend there would make first period somewhat amusing.

Anzu was scribbling away furiously in her notebook, occasionally referring to a textbook balanced in her lap or flipping a page. How typical it was of her to be doing work before class- Mazaki Anzu, the overachiever, was constantly seen kissing up to a teacher, striving for extra-credit, or attending cram school that she really had no desire to go to- if it weren't for the teacher she had been majorly crushing on for the past three months. It was the suck-up, all-too-perky attitude that earned Anzu her usual tables in the library, and the lunchroom. That, and she was on the cheerleading team.


She used to be one of the crowd; a part of the group of giggling girls and their equally-clueless boyfriends which they shared on a weekly basis. Yes, Anzu used to be the "It" girl. But the bright and cheery act of "Let's all be friends" lost its luster, and within a matter of months, she plummeted down the scales to the depths of the "norms", and was kicked off the cheerleading team. But she wasn't finished, as was her habit- "Never give up!" was her motto, and she stuck to it. She craved the limelight tirelessly, and never hesitated to take an opportunity to snag a bit of attention.

However, Anzu wasn't the point of this story, so this paragraph of contradiction was interrupted by the bell ringing and the door being slammed open.

Yuugi was expecting to see Jonouchi strolling in casually, giving the teacher a flip remark about his tardiness, but instead saw his double sitting at the teacher's desk, jacket unbuttoned, with sharp crimson eyes scanning the room of new faces. He cleared his throat, and the room faded to attention. A few people turned to look back at Yuugi, giggling at the striking similarities between the two. The overachiever even put down her pen to observe.

"Mizuno-san has unfortunately left, so I am replacing him for the rest of the year. This is class 4B, right?" He said with a smirk. "I am Yami Atem, and this is my first year teaching full-time since I graduated from Tokyo U two years ago."

The class was restless, and seemed not to take an interest in what their new teacher was saying. The smallest hint of a smile played on his lips as he proceeded to slam the clipboard onto the desk. The sound made everyone sit upright and inhale sharply.

"Now that I have your attention, I want to remind you that I expect the same behaviour you gave to your former teacher." Yami said, trying to sound convincingly authoritative.

He wasn't used to demanding respect from a bunch of high school seniors who were no more than four or five years younger than him, but his call for attention had worked wonders already. The girls had stopped fidgeting, and were now surveying him with interest, even batting their eyelashes at him.

This happened so often, it was simple to ignore; sharp, fierce eyes that pierced through it's sometimes-intimidated opponents, golden bangs with a crown of tri-coloured hair in spikes, and lightly-tanned skin that gave him a somewhat exotic look. All the same, he had lived in Egypt for almost his entire life, but spoke Japanese. He just didn't look like a native speaker.

"I expect the same behaviour," Yami repeated slowly, "but you guys look like you would torture your teacher. So that means no pranks- I'm not as stupid as you all probably think my hair looks."

A nervous chuckle from the class. Honda snickered under his breath when he thought of how that comment could be applied to Yuugi. But the aforementioned boy hadn't been listening wholeheartedly to what Yami had said.

Or had he?

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