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Chapter Nine: Return the Favour

"Now what to do with you, hn?" Seto said, pulling into a parking lot, and shutting off the engine.

"Ya didn't have to come get me, Set." Jou said, tracing a pattern on the fogged up window. Seto looked away; he wasn't a very open person to start with. "Feeling better?" Jou prodded. His boyfriend turned his head to look at him.

"Comparably, I feel better than yesterday. Speaking of which, you didn't need to stay home with me that day."

"Nah, you had me worried me sick." The blonde whispered, resting his head against the CEO's shoulder. "You work too hard anyway."

Seto put a finger to Jou's lips gently.

"Hush, Puppy. I had to. Besides, that was a day better spent with you."

"Yeah, but…" Jou trailed off, realising it was pointless to argue. Especially when he wasn't in the mood to. And with thoughts of what Otogi had done to him resurfacing in his mind, he tried to think of what he wished he hadn't done with the days Seto was at work.

"I know what you mean, and I've told you before I can't do much about it. It's been a while since we've…" At this, Seto trailed a hand down his stomach suggestively. Jou grinned rakishly.

"Why can't you be around more often? And what about the times you know you want it?"

"And what's been stopping you from starting something, hn?" Brown eyes looked with wanton lust into his own, wanting so desperately to please. "Puppy…"

Jou's hand wandered from Seto's waist, down his hips, and rested on his thigh. He gazed up at him with such a heated look, the CEO was certain he'd burn up if he didn't do something to satisfy his lover soon. Jou smirked, and pulled his lover into a hot, wet kiss.

Moments later, when the broke apart, Seto managed to get in between frenzied lip-locks:

"I wonder what it would be like to have dueled you, and lost. Where would we be?"

"Ano...I don't know." The blonde answered truthfully, squirming in his lap. "I almost won that one time, remember?"

Seto poked his boyfriend's cheek playfully with his index finger.

"I doubt you could win. You'd probably ramble off on another one of those friendship speeches about loyalty, honour, and the heart of th-"

"Tch. You suck!" Jou teased, lightly batting away the hand on his face. The CEO's eyes held a heated glint as he buried his face into a pile of messy blonde hair near his ear.

"Is that an offer, pup?" He growled, biting the earlobe. Jou yelped, but grinned.

"For me, yeah." He replied seductively. Seto smirked at his puppy's newfound arrogance, and pulled him into his lap so his legs straddled his sides.

Jou caressed his lover's face and kissed him passionately as his hands moved down his chest and towards his hips, all the while whispering dirty phrases and 'suggestions' in his ear. Seto could only let his hands roam his body, and chuckle at what his lover said, painfully aware of the increasing constraint of his pants.

"Off…Take them off." Seto grunted, his own fingers struggling with the buttons on his pants. Obediently, Jou tore off the belt, and shoved the pants down. Kicking them onto the floor of the limo's backseat, Seto reciprocated by pulling Jou's jeans down, and tugging the legs off to join the rest of the discarded clothing.

"I love Seto. Not Otogi. Seto Kaiba. My lover, my dragon."

He went back to suckling at Seto's neck, his fingers hooked under the elastic waistband of Seto's boxers. In one smooth movement, he wrenched navy blue boxers away to reveal the thing Jou desired most.

"I don't want Otogi, I want you, Seto."

Seto blushed hard at the thought of being completely naked and defenceless at the mercy of his former rival. With a smirk, Jou closed the distance between them with a bruising, aggressive lip-lock as his hands encircled Seto's erection.

--Warning: This gets very explicit, so if you can't stomach it, turn back now.--

Breath catching in his throat, Seto squirmed against the back of the seat as Jou moved down to an almost-kneeling position in front of him, continuing to fondle and tease him. He licked the inside of his thigh slowly, and with equal affection, gently pushed Seto's legs apart further when the CEO was instinctively writhing with the beginnings of a climax. He flickered his tongue over the very tip of his length, and upon seeing the reaction it evoked, he smirked and let his hands do the work.

Seto succumbed to the sensation, and started to go pliant in his lover's arms. When Jou's movements became more desperate and urging, he knew he wanted to make him cum so badly. But he just couldn't let go.

"C'mon, Seto. I want you to fight back." Brown eyes stared back at him;so full of trust. Seto knew Jonouchi would drive him off the deep end just to prove his point. Which is exactly what he himself would do if he were in this position; another reason to go along with this role reversal. "Let me feel your fire."

A combination of his lover's last sentence and a wave of ecstacy rippled down Seto's spine as he did just that, releasing into Jonouchi's loving hands, and near his grinning mouth. Ignoring the instinct to curl up and burn off the rest of the climax, Seto somewhat roughly pushed himself onto Jou's back, and slid down behind him.

"My turn, puppy."

Jou smirked, but made a mental note to use caution, despite his words of devotion; judging by the husky tone in his lover's voice, he wasn't planning on being gentle with him. He kneeled behind Seto, who turned around. After pinning Seto down on his back, Jou crawled over his lover's body, and lowered himself down onto his chest. A pink tongue flickered over his nipples, and bit playfully at the delicate brown skin covered by his talented mouth. With his hands, Jou hoisted Seto's legs onto his shoulders, and started to play with him a bit. But without any sort of preparation, it would be a difficult task to manage. Seto returned the favour by stroking his lover's length gently.

But this time, Seto didn't bother teasing as much or playing. Jonouchi sensed this urge, and immediately sank with immense satisfaction into his lover's warmth, managing to hit that particular spot inside him. Seto cried out as he was roughly penetrated, and lost his grip on Jou's erection. The blonde kept working his rhythm, enjoying his dragon's lust-filled cries. He yelled out as well as they both came, and collapsed under moans and gasps of a climax.

Long fingers combed through sex-mussed hair, adoringly wiping away the mixture of sweat and visceral fluids on a worked-over, yet still damnably attractive face. Seto looked down at his lover, and tried to remember how he had managed to cum twice in rapid succession. Had he been that sexually deprived over those last weeks that it all exploded in one heated lovemaking session?

Upon glancing down at the seat of the limo, and seeing the white stains splattered all over, along with their clothes scattered everywhere, the CEO had a gut feeling that his dry-cleaning bill would need extra footage entailing a quick visit to the cleaners along with a VERY secure connection.

Next time, there would be limits.

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