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School was normal for Alexandria Lavell, a normal day with almost no homework and plenty of free time to talk to her friends.

Plenty of annoying guys to trump in obvious academic superiority.

Plenty of swearing and country music on the bus.

Plenty of eye rolling and complaining.

It was a normal day.

But it was what she saw when she got home that made that day memorable.

She stepped off the bus and went to the mailbox like normal, rooting through the mail and finding bills and some magazine for her mom. Land's End.

Alexia noticed it was deadly quiet when she went inside. Too quiet. She kicked off her shoes and put her coat on the hook. Flinging her backpack down, she heard a faint clunk as it fell, but figured it was something in there. She had put so much random crap in there it was hard to keep it straight.

Was her mother sleeping? Or not? She wouldn't wake up if she opened the door, Alexia knew from experience. So she opened the bedroom door.

And screamed.

Inside, her mother was there, but she was in the eternal sleep pessimists call death. Alexia didn't think she'd wake up if she'd opened the door and started dancing around like a crazed monkey on drugs. At least, she believed she was dead at first glance. Her head was lying in a pool of congealed blood and her eyes were glazed over but still open. Her stomach was torn open like a pack of wild animals had gotten to her, her insides spilling out over the bed. She'd learned about it in Science, but she had never really wanted to see it.

Alexia screamed again and looked away, frantically trying to think of anyone, anything. Who to call? What to say? But she'd have to say the first and foremost question on my mind was: Who did it?

So she called her dad's workplace, NCIS, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. They took care of these things. 911 wouldn't help. No one was injured that could be helped. Alexia told the secretary that she had a murder to report and almost choked on the words.

She couldn't think of anyone else at the moment. Then she thought of her father. Where was he? He'd be so freaked out. She figured he was still at work, so she tried his number.

"Hi, this is Robert Lavell at NCIS. Please, leave a message if you have anything I want to hear."


"Uh, I'm not sure if you want to hear this, but Mom's dead. Murdered, I think. Where are you? Please, pick up if you're there, this isn't a joke..."

If he wasn't at work, where would he be? Maybe they got him too? Alexia mulled this over while standing in shock for at least half an hour, pacing around and muttering to herself.

A knock on the door and the doorbell ringing made her jump again. She screamed a third time, too freaked out to say a word to herself.

"Is this the Lavell residence?" the front man said, a silver-haired man.

"Um...yes- who wants to know?" she answered.

"NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service. I understand a...Lieutenant Samantha Lavell was murdered?"

Alexia nodded mutely, gesturing to the bedroom, the sickening image coming back to her.

"Um, is your father home?" another man said as the first one entered the house.

She shook my head. "I- I tried him at work, he wasn't there. Uh, I don't know where he'd be."

The silver-haired man nodded at her and pointed at the bedroom.

Alexia nodded back. "Uh, yeah, that's the crime scene."

He left abruptly.

"Hey, who're you?" yet another man in the doorway.

"Oh, that's suave, Tony, very suave," the remaining member, a woman, told him, rolling her eyes.

She grinned. They weren't as uptight as the silver-haired guy.

"I'm Alexia...that's my mom in there..."

"I'm Kate," the woman told her with a smile. "That distasteful man is Tony."

"I'm Tim-"

"McGee," Tony interrupted. "Or Probie, take your pick."

"Tony, it's his name-"

"My name is Tim McGee, but he calls me-"

"Since when are you allowed to introduce me-"

"Since when are you allowed to introduce other people as the way they don't want to be-"

"KATE! DINOZZO! MCGEE! GET IN HERE!" the first man screamed from the bedroom.

Alexia was laughing by now. She personally liked the name McGee. It fit him.

"And that would be Gibbs..." Tony trailed off, smiling at her.

She grinned back. Feeling better, she left the four agents to do their jobs.

But once Alexia was in the kitchen, she looked at her clumsy way of putting her school stuff away and rolled my eyes. Her mom was a stickler for cleanliness- or she used to be.

Stop that, Alexia told herself, slapping herself mentally again. To keep herself busy, she looked at the fridge for something to eat. Finding nothing, she sat out in the living room on the couch for about an hour in misery until the agents finished.

Where could her dad be? He worked with NCIS- she at least had gone to his workplace many times, seen him there, but she didn't know where he'd be...

She picked up the magazine her mom had gotten today and flipped through it. Nothing but overpriced stuff that she didn't need anyways.

There was another ring at the door. Alexia got up cautiously to answer it, leaving the four agents in the bedroom.

Opening the door, she saw a familiar face.