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Disclaimer: I decided after a LOOONG time to make a sequal to "Sweet Hearts"

Yes, and now, I decided to get the sad ones out of the way. And think Boromir's would be the saddest.

So here goes:


Chapter 1



Miriel had been waiting, what seemed like ages, though, really it had only been a few months for Boromir to return.

Then one day, while doing the wash, she heard the Tower Guard take up the call. People were entering the city!

For weeks, she had been running at hearing their bells, and she never gave up hope that one day she would see Boromir ride in.

This time it wasn't Boromir, it was his brother Faramir, and he looked very grave indeed.

"Faramir!" cried Miriel

Faramir got off his horse, and came over to Miriel.

"Any news of Boromir?" she asked. She had asked him this everytime he had entered the city, wich wasn't very often, but still, he may have news of Boromir.

Faramir just looked at her.

"I'm sorry."

Those two words tore her world apart.

"What?" she said

"Miriel..." said Faramir "Boromir, my brother, he's gone."

"No." said Miriel "No. He can't be." tears were unwillingly stinging her eyes. "He can't!"

Faramir reached into a pack that was on the saddle of his horse, and pulled something out of it.

Miriel recognized it immeaditly. It was Boromir's horn.

"No. That doesn't mean anything." said Miriel, the tears were falling now.

"I saw him." said Faramir "He was in a boat. He was dead."

"No!" said Miriel. "No! This wasn't supposed to happen! He was going to come back! We were going to get married."

Miriel stopped, and looked at the reaction of Faramir.

"Boromir said he had something planned when he returned. Miriel, I am so sorry, I didn't know..."

"Just, Leave me alone!" said Miriel, and she ran off back to where she lived with her father.

She leaned against a wall, and slid down.

"Boromir...." she sobbed, thinking of the last time she had seen him...

"Miriel?" Boromir looked around "Miriel?"

"Right here."

Miriel walked around a corner in the house.

"What is it Boromir?" she asked

"I'm leaving." he said simply

"What?" she said

"I'm leaving. I have to."

"How long are you going to be?" she asked

Boromir thought for a second.

"I don't know. Not longer than normal." he said "But I will be back."

"Really?" she asked "Where are you going?"

"Well," Boromir started "I'm going to Rivendell, but there's a catch."

"A catch?"

"No one knows where it is."

Miriel laughed she looked at him

"Only you." she said

"Only me what?" Boromir said indignantly

"Only you," she said "Would go on a mission, from me, I'd like to add, to go to some place, that no one knows exists."

"I didn't say it didn't exist."

"I'm sorry," said Miriel "Someplace nobody knows where it exists."

"That's better." Boromir smiled

Miriel shook her head.

"If your mad at me," said Boromir "It will help you to know, that I didn't want to go."

Miriel looked at him.

"Okay, so I did want to go. But I promise to come back."

"You can't promise to come back." said Miriel "Soldiers can't make promises."

"Oh really?" asked Boromir "Then, how come when I became a soldier, they made me promise to be true to Gondor? And defend her? How did that one slip past everyone?"

"That doesn't count." said Miriel, a smile tugging at her lips.

"Oh?" said Boromir "Well, then I guess I could go, and take you away. And I'll ignore all rules and promises."

"What?" she laughed "Take me away?"

"Yes." said Boromir, in mock seriousness "I could just run away with you. And never look back."

"Really?" asked Miriel "No looking back?"

"Maybe just once." said Boromir "Just to make sure my Father isn't screaming for me to come back."

Miriel smiled again.

"I have to go. There's no other way." said Boromir

"Well," said Miriel "Then go."

Boromir smiled evilly "Not without a kiss."

"You'll have to catch me." Miriel took off running, but Boromir caught her.

"You know," said Boromir "I think I will take you away. And we'll run off. Faramir can be Steward. We'll go live as poor people in Dol Amroth."

"It'll be a change for you." said Miriel "But I have been poor all my life."

"Well, then" said Boromir "We'll be a bit richer than you are, but poorer than I am. That is of course, if you would still want me if I were a begger."

"I'd go with you." she laughed "Even if you were a beggar and had no money."

"Well, it may just end up that way. But don't get your hopes up. I don't really want to be poor."

Miriel laughed and hugged him.

"You better go."

"Why?" asked Boromir

"The sooner you leave, the sooner you find this unfindable place, and the sooner you can come back, and we can run away, and be poor beggars."

Boromir smiled "I'll do just that. I shall return in glory and splendor, then leave a poor beggar."

Boromir kissed her again.

"Farwell, my sweet Miriel." he said bowing. "May we meet again, and may it be at the alter." said Boromir, a twinkle in his eye.

Miriel caught her breath.

"Do you really mean..."

Boromir took her hands in his.

"I do."


"After I come back, no more adventures, I'll stay here, in Minas Tirith, with you. I promise."

Miriel looked at him. "I think that is one promise I shall make you keep."

Boromir looked outside.

"I have to go." he said

"I'll be waiting for you." said Miriel

"And I'll be counting the days till I can see you waiting."

Then they parted.

Miriel's head was against her knees, drawn tight to her chest.

'This had to be a bad dream.' she thought 'Nothing but a bad dream.'

The next day, there was mourning in the streets.

Miriel's father came up to Miriel.


"He can't be gone, Father. He can't."

"Miriel. He's gone."

Miriel's father envoloped her in hug.

Miriel started sobbing in his shoulder.

"It hurts," said Miriel's father "But it will go away."

"We had a plan." said Miriel through her tears "He was going to come back, and we were going to get married."

"Things don't always work out, my child." he said sagely "All things happen for a reason."

"I can't think of why this would happen."

"The answer will come in time."

Miriel hoped so.



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