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Chapter 5

Arwen and Aragorn

Aragorn saw a beautiful woman standing in the moonlight.

"Luthien Tinuveil! Luthien Tinuveil" Aragorn cried out.

Aragorn was waiting for a sign, as he leaned on a low wall in Minas Tirith. 'Soon.' he thought 'Soon.'

She turned toward him. "Why do you call me that" she asked

"For" he said "I believe you to be her, or you walk in her likeness."

Night fell on Minas Tirith, Aragorn felt something almost magical about tonight.

He heard the guards cry out as they opened the gates, and allowed hooded riders to enter.

The people that entered were Elves. Some were clad in rainments of gray, and Aragorn noticed that they were Elves of Lothlorien, and of the Household of Elrond.

"Many have said that." she replied smiling.

"Who are you then, if you are not Luthien" he asked

Aragorn watched as Galadriel, Celeborn, and Elrond entered. He caught his breath when he saw who else was with them.

"I am not Luthien, but Arwen Undomiel, also called Evenstar. Daughter of Elrond."

Then Aragorn, felt ashamed at his heritage, which he had just learned of.

"Who are you" she questioned

"I am who they used to call Estel, but I now am Aragorn, son of Arathorn."

Arwen stepped toward Aragorn.

Aragorn was now sad for he knew he loved her, but she was high above him.

"Why do you look sad"

"I was once proud of my heritage, but now seeing you, she whom in her veins flowes the blood of Luthien, now it seems small beyond comparison."

Elrond placed his daughter's hand in Aragorn's.

She smiled "Do not feel ashamed of who you are, Aragorn son of Arathorn."

Aragorn and Arwen walked together into Minas Tirith, and were married, and so their long wait was fufilled, and they lived happily until the end of their days.

That was a bit fruity, considering that Arwen ended up wandering in Lothlorien sad that Aragorn died, but as they say

"And that's the end. Well, not really, but it's just sad stuff, so we'll skip it, and leave it here, when it's