NOTE: THIS IS NOT SLASH! Ok now that I got that out of the way, on with the story!


Christopher Halliwell lurked quietly in the shadows as his listened closely to his brother's meeting with the upper level demons. "I need you to find my brother and bring him to me. I've allowed his disobedience to go on for way too long, now it's time to bring him back home" Wyatt spoke as he walked along the group with his hands held tightly behind his back. "This is your mission" the man continued. "My brother is to be captured and returned to me. If I see that he has been mistreated or harmed in any way YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!" the man yelled causing some of the demons to jump at sound and magnitude of his voice. "Now go find him and don't you dare fail me" he finished in a harsh voice accompanied by an ice cold stare. With that the demons set out on their mission. Once Lord Wyatt was certain that his followers were indeed gone, he returned to his thrown and spoke "If I can't have you by my side little brother, then rest assure I will destroy your mind body and soul until you beg me to take you back" he spoke with his voice full of possession.

At that moment an extreme amount of fear made every muscle in the younger man's body tense up. He had been working so hard to rebuild his life and his good image every since he escaped from his brother and there was no way that he was every going back. As the boy orbed out the evil smile on Wyatt Halliwell's face grew even wider. The man laughed in triumph as he knew that his brother heard every word that he just spoke. "Oh, it's always so much fun when you try to run from me Chris but don't worry I will find you and make you mine again, just like I always do"