The sun shun brightly in the light blue sky as Christopher Halliwell made his way through the park. Everything seemed so surreal to him. He had to stop and touch things along the way to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. Parks, families, sunny skies and fun didn't exist is his future, but taking in the scene around him gave him hope for a future that has yet to be.

As he continued to walk along the park he saw a familiar jeep and lime green car pull into the parking lot. Every nerve in his body contracted as he saw the people that emerged from the vehicles. He hid behind a tree and continued spying on the loving family as the mother removed a small child and his car seat from the jeep while the father grabbed the baby bag from the backseat.

"Mom" the boy whispered into the air as Piper handed his Aunt Phoebe the picnic basket and his Aunt Paige a few blankets. At that moment his mind flashback to several moments like this, where his family was happy just sitting together in the park and enjoying each other's company.

The group finally gathered everything they needed and were making their way into the park. Chris shifted positions around the tree making sure that he remained unseen. He watched on as his Aunts spread several blankets on the ground over thick healthy grass as his Mother and Father, no Piper and Leo, smiled happily at baby Wyatt. A part of him felt a little hurt by the fact that his family was having so much fun with Wyatt, but he shook it away knowing how silly he was being since he hadn't even been conceived yet. Once the family was sitting around laughing and talk about something he took that opportunity to get a little closer to the group so he could hear what they were saying.

"I know, can you believe how horrible she looked" Phoebe spoke while putting a grape in her mouth.

"Hey now Aunt Phoebe be nice, we don't Wyatt to think that's it ok to gossip" Piper warned.

"No, but we do want him to always tell the truth and truth be told she looked BAD" Paige said making the others laugh even her sister who protested.

Chris didn't really listen to the rest of what was being said because the child version of his brother appeared to be staring right at him. He grew weary and he could feel the sweat forming on his brow that was until the boy smiled at him obviously senescing that he was sad. Chris couldn't help but smile back at this innocent and untainted version of his big brother as he leaned up against the tree and sighed heavily.

Staring deeply into the beautiful blue eyes, Christopher Halliwell knew that he would do whatever it took to save his brother, even if it meant losing his own life in the process, anything to keep Wyatt's smile that innocent forever.