Tea Cups, Fiddlers, and Meter-Maids – by LorelaiGilmoreDanes

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Introduction: SPOILER ALERT! This is a speculative fic based on spoilers for the episodes 5.14 through 5.16 of Gilmore Girls. Mainly about Luke and Lorelai. Reviews are appreciated.

After writing a speculative fic for the 100th episode, I decided that that was as far as my writing would go. I was determined not to write anymore. But what can I say? I lied to myself. The spoilers haunted me - I couldn't resist. I hope you enjoy my version of these episodes.


5.14 - Tea Cups



Zach walks in as Luke walks by the front door.

ZACH: (To Luke) Sit anywhere?

LUKE: (Without acknowledging the customer) Yeah, whatever. (Then he resumes clearing up the tables).

Lane walks over to Zach.

LANE: (Smiles) Hey.

ZACH: Hey (looks over at Luke and whispers to Lane) What's wrong with him?

LANE: Have no clue. He's been like that since I got here. (Takes out her ordering pad).

ZACH: (Notices Lane's eyes) You're not wearing your glasses.

LANE: I know this. Now, what can I get you?

ZACH: Where are they?

LANE: My glasses? At home. Order please.

ZACH: Did you forget them?

LANE: (Snaps) No Zach, I didn't!

ZACH: (Confused) Oh, okay then. What's the special?

LANE: (Irritated) It's on the board.

ZACH: (Smiles) I'd rather have you read it to me… unless, you can't see that far… and you'd rather I read it myself…

LANE: That's it! You're not eating here today!

ZACH: (Holds up his hands) Fine… fine… I'll have two scrambled eggs on toast please…

ANGLE on Lorelai as she enters the Diner.

LORELAI: (Sees Luke behind the counter and smiles nervously) Hey there.

LUKE: Hey.

Just as she sits down at the counter, Luke quickly pours some coffee into a to-go cup and places it in front of her.

LORELAI: (Chuckles nervously) Wow, express service. I like.

LUKE: (Forces a smile) Anything to eat?

LORELAI: No… ugh, no… just coffee for now.

Luke grabs a cloth and starts wiping down the counter.

LORELAI: (Softly, with a nervous smile) I tried calling you last night… after the wedding… the line was busy.

LUKE: (Nods) Oh, yeah… TJ called. Apparently he had another fight with Liz and he wouldn't stop talking. (After a beat) I was beat; I went to sleep right after.

LORELAI: Oh… (Looks down at her cup and sighs) About last night…

LUKE: (Cuts her off) Yeah… I have to do some inventory before Lane takes her first break.

LORELAI: (Taken back) Oh okay… (nods) we'll talk later then…

Luke nods and walks into the stock room. Angle on Lorelai's face. Then we see Lane and Zach behind her – still arguing.

LANE: … you are starting to worry me, Zach! You're seriously obsessed with my glasses…

ZACH: … but you can't see without them.

LANE: I am wearing contacts, Okay! I can't believe this! You've had two weeks to get over the glasses!

ZACH: And you've had two weeks to get over the contacts phase…

ANGLE on an amused Lorelai as she watches them argue.

Scene fades into Opening Credits.


So, that was the teaser. I know it is short, but I tend to make up for it through much longer segments. Will update as soon as possible. "Patience grasshopper."

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