Tea Cups, Fiddlers, and Meter-Maids (continued)by LorelaiGilmoreDanes

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This is the fourth segment of 'Tea Cups' (5.14)


5.14 - Tea Cups (continued)

Segment # 4


Rory hangs up the phone and is frantically looking for her keys when she hears a knock at the door.

RORY: (Still searching for the keys, she shouts out) It's open!

Logan opens the door.

RORY: (Surprised) Logan.

LOGAN: Hey there, Ace.

RORY: (Scanning the room) What… umm, what's up?

LOGAN: Not much. (Follows Rory's gaze as she scans her suite) Just thought I'd come by. (Then he settles his eyes on Rory) Look, I am sorry about last night. I feel like I… (gets curious) umm… what are you looking for?

RORY: My keys. I need to get home (looks underneath the cushions) and I can't find them.

LOGAN: (Scans the room) Did you check your bedroom?

RORY: Yeah.

LOGAN: (Starts to help by looking under papers and books on the coffee table) As I was saying… I feel like I neglected you last night. You know with the whole poker game…

RORY: (Looks at Logan – but seems a bit distracted) Oh, its okay. Really… I just (looks around again)… where in the world are my keys?

LOGAN: (Notices how distracted she is) Ace, is everything okay?

RORY: Yeah… yeah… it's just that my mom… (pauses)… I just need to get home right now. (Realizes and slaps herself on her forehead) My car! I don't have it with me. Great! (She picks up the phone and starts dialing).

LOGAN: (Walks up to her and gently clasps her hand) Whoa… whoa… who are you calling?

RORY: (Protests as Logan takes the phone away) Hey, wh… I need to call a cab.

LOGAN: You can take the limo.

RORY: (Surprised) What? Really?

LOGAN: Yeah, Frank's still around here somewhere. Besides, accept it as a peace offering for the way I acted last night.

RORY: (Smiles) Thanks. But really, I am okay with last night.

LOGAN: (Still holding Rory's phone, he starts dialing a number from memory) Go get ready, I'll call Frank.

Rory spontaneously kisses Logan on the cheek and walks into her bedroom.

LOGAN: (Into the phone) Hey there Frank, it's me…

Scene Fades.


RORY: (She walks into the house and looks around for her mother) Mom?

She runs up the stairs.

ANGLE on Rory as she enters Lorelai's bedroom.

RORY: (Shocked to see her mother in bed – crying her heart out). Mom?… (sits on the bed) What happened?

LORELAI: (Unable to look at her daughter, she attempts to speak through her tears) It's over…

RORY: What?..Luke?...Oh mom… I am sure it's not.

LORELAI: I called him last night… (trying to hold back her tears) he's gone somewhere…. I tried calling him on his cell phone… it was turned off…

RORY: (Rubs her mother's arm) He'll be coming back…

LORELAI: I am the only person who calls him on that phone. And he turned it off…

RORY: (Sympathetically) What really happened? Was it because of what dad said?

LORELAI: (Unable to help herself, she bursts into more tears) I ruined everything. It's over… (pauses)… he could have been the one.

RORY: (Tries to reason with her mother) Mom, that doesn't make any sense. I mean, he's waited for you forever. He's not going to throw all that way.

LORELAI: (Covers her face with both her hands) All I ever wanted…

RORY: (Places her hand on Lorelai's shoulder) shh…shh…

LORELAI: … (uncovers her puffed up eyes) I wanted us to work… I really wanted us to work…

RORY: (Softly) I know.

CUTS to a few minutes later.

Rory walks down the stairs. Unable to comprehend what had happened between her mother and Luke, with a sudden step she hurries out the door.


Rory walks in and spots Lane behind the counter.

LANE: (Surprised) Rory, what're you doing here? I thought you were…

RORY: Yeah, I was. She fell asleep.

LANE: Oh, (after a beat) coffee?

RORY: As much as I want to say 'yes.' I am afraid she might smell it on me.

LANE: (Nods) She does have a good nose.

RORY: (Pauses for a moment) So… where is he? I mean, did he say where he was going?

LANE: I have no clue. He called me Sunday night and asked me if I could run the diner alone for a few days.

RORY: (With a sad expression) I've never seen mom like this. At least before – when they fought, I always knew they would make up. But now… (pauses)… they have to make up, Lane. They just have to.

LANE: (nods)…

RORY: (Frustrated) Why on earth did he just take off like that?

LANE: Well, it's Luke; it's hard to tell what he's thinking… Besides, I am sure Taylor wasn't really helping…

RORY: What about Taylor?

LANE: He's been making the town take sides. 'Luke or Lorelai'…

RORY: (Astounded) What?

LANE: I know… he was out there earlier harassing people.

RORY: (Stands up) That's it! (And walks out of the diner)

LANE: (Follows and shouts on her way out) Caesar, I'll be right back!


Rory marches next door to Taylor's Shoppe. Taylor is outside handing out ribbons to the people walking by.

RORY: (Approaches him) What on earth do you think you're doing, Taylor?

TAYLOR: Oh, Rory! Here (hands a pink ribbon)… it's the right shade of pink, don't you think?

RORY: Wha… Stop!

TAYLOR: (Taken back) I assumed since Lorelai is your mother; you would want a pink one. Here look, (extends the basket to show Rory) there's plenty of blue left. I guess now we know whose side most of the town's taking. (Looks over at the limo) Is that your limousine? Because in exactly 3 minutes it will be violating our par…

RORY: (Shocked, she grabs the basket) Give me that!

TAYLOR: What? What're you doing?

RORY: You are only making it worse, Taylor! I am not going to let you do this…

TAYLOR: I am shocked at your behavior…

RORY: Oh stuff it, Taylor! Leave mom and Luke alone! (Still holding the basket of ribbons, she turns to walk back to the limo, where Lane's standing by – but pauses and heads back towards Taylor, and snatches the top hat off his head) And I'll take this too! (she heads back to the limo)

TAYLOR: Come back here, young lady! (Starts following)

Frank opens the door for Rory as she approaches the Limousine. Lane stands by looking proudly at her best friend.

LANE: Wow, girl on a mission!

RORY: That I am. (Smiles) Got to make a pit stop at Al's. Call you later?

Lane nods. Rory gets in and the limousine slowly starts driving off.

TAYLOR: (To Lane as he watches the limo drive off) Will she be returning my hat?

LANE: (Looks at Taylor) Oh shut up, Taylor! (She turns on her heels and walks towards Luke's Diner).

Scene Fades.


Rory enters the room once again. This time Lorelai is standing near the window looking outside at the limousine.

LORELAI: (Looks over her shoulder) You're back…

RORY: Yup (opens the door a bit wider – Frank enters with a TV) (To Frank) right over there, Frank. (Lorelai has a curious expression as she looks at Frank – Rory looks over at Lorelai) If you're not going to come downstairs, downstairs comes to you. Frank, this is Mom – Mom, this is Frank.

LORELAI: Hi there, Frank.

FRANK: (Nods) Ma'am. (To Rory) The television is all set up. Would you like me to do anything else?

RORY: No, Frank. That's it for tonight, thank you so much for your help. I will call Logan in the morning.

FRANK: Very well. (Nods again) Have a good evening.

Frank leaves the scene.

LORELAI: Ah, limo-boy's chauffer.

RORY: Yes, and stop calling him that.

LORELAI: (After a beat) I am sorry about the breakdown earlier…

RORY: No, don't… I just wish you had called me; I could've been here earlier.

LORELAI: (Sits down on the bed next to her daughter) Don't you have classes in the morning?

RORY: (Places her arm around Lorelai's shoulders) Don't worry about it…

LORELAI: (Starts to protest) But…

RORY: … classes can wait. My mom needs me right now. I brought food and movies… and stole Taylor's hat (Lorelai looks at her daughter with a sad smile)… besides we never really got to do our movie night this weekend…

LORELAI: (With a forced smile, she stands up) Alright, let me go wash up.

RORY: Oh good. Gives me time to set up the food.

CUTS to Lorelai near her bathroom sink.

She splashes some water on her face. Dabs it with a face towel, and then looks at her reflection in the mirror. A few moments later she looks away, but notices a tube of toothpaste on her counter. A tube of striped toothpaste.

ANGLE on Lorelai's face as she tears up again.

Scene Fades.


There's a knock on his door. Logan opens it and finds Rory standing outside.

LOGAN: (With a smile) Hey.

RORY: (Smiles back) Hi… (after a beat)… thank you… for the limo… and Frank.

LOGAN: Anytime… (after yet another beat)… So, are you going to come inside?

RORY: (Still smiling) Depends. Do you have a card game going on inside?

LOGAN: (Chuckles) Nope… just me… by my lonesome (He reaches out and gently takes her hand).

As she blushes, Rory enters Logan's room.

Scene Fades.



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