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When Jou finds out he's pregnat with Seto's Baby, he flees to America where Rosa, and her darker side, Thorn are born. Nearly three years later, Jou is given a chance to go back to Japan. But will he take it? Will things have changed now that everyone's a sophomore? What will Seto think when he hears about Rosa being his daughter?

4 Years Absence

Chapter 1: Coming back . . . sort of

It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day in Gulf Breeze Florida. A two-year-old girl, dressed in only an overly large, yellow, dress shirt and blue boxers sat on the tile floor. Her Cobalt blue eyes with honey colored flacks concentrated carefully on the small blocks. Eyes flickering from the block in her hand to the blacks stacked up in front of her. Something snapped in her head and she placed the block on top.

"Mommy look! Is a Piewamid! Like in Ejip!" Jonouchi Katsuya smiled at his young daughter's work. It was a perfectly lined up pyramid of multi-colored blocks. "Good job Rosa." He smiled. "Now pick up you're blocks and go get dressed."


Jou almost laughed at her question. "Because tonto," he ruffled her blonde, brunette freckled hair. "We're going to the park.". "Weawy!!!" She cheered. Jou only nodded to watch his little two-year-old run to her room to get dressed. He picked up her blocks and placed them in a corner of the living room by the TV where they'd be easy for her to access and walked to the kitchen to make lunch.

He was pretty good at making bentos since he did live in Japan all his life. He hummed the tune to 'Kryptonite' by Three Doors Down as he filled the bento; waiting for Rosa to appear. He turned with the completed bento in his hand to see the small two-year-old glaring at him with her hands on her hips and her foot tapping with impatience. "What I do?" He asked. She closed her eyes and sighed. "Mommy! I wa suppose ta pick up my bwocks! Not oo!"

"Well, You where busy getting dressed so I did it for you."

"Dat's not da point! Oo wook hawd enough wifout having to cwean da howse! Cweaning's my job!"

Jou laughed. It was usual for his little Rosa to get all worked up about him cleaning up after her. But no mater how many times she argued, which was alot, It never lost it's humor.

Rosa, as he noticed, was wearing an overly large T-shirt with a black petal rose and the words 'Every rose has it's thorns' in green Kenji over the rose. Under the shirt was a pair of shorts, black socks, and traditional Japanese slip on shoes. On her hands where black fingerless gloves with a dark purple strap and on her head was a gray base ball cap turned so that the visor was behind her. Around her neck was a black cross with a azure jewel in the middle and her golden scarab pendant on a thick rope. Yep. She looked ready to play.

She sighed. Having lost interest in arguing with her mother and fallowed him to the park which was just a couple of blocks away.

Jou watched his daughter play in the sand box while letting his mind wander. Which it did. It wandered over to Japan and a certain CEO of Kaiba corp. Jou sighed. He knew he'd have to go back sometime. His abusive father, thankfully, hadn't found him . . . yet, And had probably had already sent death threats to his friends. 'That is if he can find them' he told himself since his address book was the only source of information on his friends he had and was in his back pocket.

He didn't have much to worry about though. He could easily tell the authorities, or he could fight back since he'd grown stronger . . . and when his friends asked why he'd left he could always blame oit on his father. Even though that would be a lie. He'd left about 4 years ago And not because of some abusive Jackass of a father. Oh no. He'd left because . . .

He'd been pregnant.

He didn't know how it happened or when, but he'd become pregnant with Seto Kaiba's baby and had left the instant he'd found out. Leaving no notice as to why he'd left or where. Nine months later, Rosa had been born. Born in Gulf Breeze Hospital . . . in Florida. It had been nearly three years since that day and Rosa was about two and a half. He couldn't go back. If he did, they'd ask about Rosa. And then, Seto, he knew, would hate him even more than he already did.

The only one who knew about Rosa was Shizuka would came to visit every year. Since it was already November 18, her birthday would be in 2 weeks. And that meant Shizuka would be here tomorrow. "Mommy!!!!!" Rosa cried as she ran up to Jou. "Mommy can I ask for my Cwismas pwesent erwy?"

"That depends on what you want"

"Well, I want to see sno"

"And where would you like to go to see that snow hmm?"

"Japan" Jou's heart stopped. Japan?! He couldn't go back there! 'look on the bright side,' he told himself. 'Seto might accept this. And if he doesn't, you can pound him into the pavement and leave after Christmas.'

Rosa watched her mother as a thoughtful look replaced the one of fear his face held moments ago. After a while of silence, he finally spoke. "Why not? It's been a while since I've actually been there. I could intro you to some of my amici." Rosa grinned and nodded rapidly. "Now the only thing we need," he continued. "are two plane tickets, spending money, and a departing date. The tickets and spending money I'll take care of later. But when do we leave?"

"How about tomorrow?" Came a voice from the tree he was leaning on. Looking up, he saw the red haired, chocolate eyed figure of his sister. "Awntie Shizooka!" Rosa squealed as she ran to the woman who giggled as she clung to her leg. "It's nice to see you to Rosa." Shizuka smiled before asking "Where's Thorn?". "Wite behind oo." came an intimidating, dark, voice identical to Rosa's. "Thown!" Rosa squealed as she ran up to her darker self and gave her a tight hug.

"Thown! Mommy gonna take us to Japan! Weawy! No wyeing(lying)!"

The four began to talk over how they where going to get back. Soon, Jou would be back in Japan. Rosa, Thorn and Shizuka with him.

Back in Japan, everyone was at the Kame Game shop. Bakura and Yami where fighting again, Malik was watching the two bickering, Ryou, Yugi, and Mokuba where chatting like good friends, Anzu was pestering Yami who was trying to ignore her and glare at Bakura at the same time, Honda was throwing paper wads at Anzu, and Seto was typing on his computer when all of a sudden, The game shop's phone rang. "Moshi Moshi! Kame Game shop!" Yugi chirped as he answered it.

"Hay Shizuka! . . . Really? . . . Cool! . . . I guess that'd be ok . . . The old manor down the street? No. No one lives there anymore. Why? . . . Oh. Ok bye." Yugi hung the phone up and headed back to the living room. "Who was it Yugi?" Ryou wondered. "That was Shizuka. She called to say she was in Florida and wanted to know if we'd like to meet a few friends of hers and if Rose Thorn Manor was being used.". "So I guess, we'll be having some guests then?" Malik sighed. Yugi nodded and the 9 began preparing for the group of five that would be visiting for a while.

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tonto - silly

amici - friends