Notes: I know I took forever to update. I'll try to update more frequently if I can, but 'Crunch Time' has just started and it might be a bit difficult. Anyway, all words in '' are from the movie so I don't claim to have made of those up. They are quotes that come straight from the movie. If words are in '', yet there are some words in italics, it's because I changed those words. A lot of the quotes are shortened for the story as well.

Sorry for the short chapter, but I just wanted to update at all, since it's been over a year since I've updated this. I will try to make the next few chapters longer.

Garfield slowed down to a walk as he neared the main building. Turning to the right and towards his next class, he barely avoided running into Raven, who appeared in front of him suddenly. Upon seeing the three books that she held, he decided that she had just returned from the library. She did that a lot if she wanted to get away from people. He had seen her leave the courtyard numerous times from his spot atop the bleachers.

"Move it," Raven growled at him. Laughing nervously, Garfield moved aside to let her pass. She turned right, in the direction of her locker, most likely to drop off some things before class, which she had with him.

When he reached his science class he immediately spotted the teacher and headed over, "Dr. Light!"

"Here," Dr. Light called out, "What do you need Garfield?" He ignored the laughs from some of the other students and went up to his teacher's desk. He held out the hand with the creature and opened it.

"I found this on the football field," Garfield explained, "I was hoping that you could tell me what it is."

"Hmmm," Dr. Light examined the object carefully, seemingly fascinated by the bug-like creature. He quickly walked over to a microscope set at the front desk and placed the creature underneath, "This doesn't make sense. This…thing, for lack of a better word, 'has a zone that only exists in the kidney of certain squid and octupi'. How can that be? This organism came from the sea."

"But 'this is Ohio'," Garfield said quietly.

"I think this is a new species," Dr. Light stated.

"Yeah, maybe it's from Raven's planet," Cyborg laughed, several of the jocks in the class laughing along with him.

Raven glared at him from where she was currently trying to ignore Terra, who had started talking to the girl the second Raven entered class.

"Shut up," she growled. When the class continued to laugh at her expense, she shoved Cyborg over, knocking over a beaker of water in the process. The class gasped as a bit of spilled water landed on the creature and it seemed to flicker to life.

Dr. Light's gaze landed on the aquarium at the back of the classroom. He quickly scooped up the creature, rushed to the back and dropped it inside. The rest of the class gathered around, both frightened and intrigued by what was going to happen.

At first, the creature didn't move, sinking to the bottom. Before it could touch the pebbles however, a pulse rushed through it and the creature quickly swam upwards. A few gasps sounded around the room.

Dr. Light stared, fascinated, before making a daring move. He slowly went right up to the aquarium and stuck his hand into the tank.

"What are you doing," Garfield asked in shock.

"I just want to feel it," Dr. Light spoke in a soft voice. His finger made contact with the creature. The wonder lasted only a moment as the creature turned its body and produced an exact copy of itself.

"It can replicate," Dr. Light said in intrigue. His finger inched closer to the creature, but teeth emerged from its formed mouth, "Da-" Dr. Light barely caught himself as the creature bit into his finger. His hand jerked out of the tank and he eyed the good-sized bite he had been given.

'Where did it get teeth,' Garfield questioned softly, trying to make sense of it all.

"You okay," Terra asked with worry in her voice.

"Just fine," Dr. Light answered, "It's not deep. Come on students. Let's get on with class. I'll send this creature to the University. Maybe they can figure out what it is."

Still standing quite close to the aquarium, Raven gazed at the creature, completely mesmerized at what had just happened.

Cyborg took a deep breath as he entered the poolroom. His eyes scanned the area, coming to a rest on Coach Willis, who stood at the side. He had to tell the coach now…he had to tell him that he was quitting the team.

Cyborg approached him slowly, and Coach Willis turned to acknowledge him, 'You know, Coach, I've just been thinking ahead and...I've decided to quit the team to concentrate on my academics...'

'Okay. Stan, we'll miss you,' Coach Willis said, turning his attention back to the swimmers.

'That's it?' Cyborg didn't try to hide his surprise. He had expected Coach Willis to do something, anything, to make him stay on the team.

'Well what do you want me to say? My star quarterback comes to me the day before we play the only team in the district that can beat us telling me he doesn't want to play. There's something up with that. You do what you have to do.'

'Thanks for understanding coach,' Cyborg told him, relief in his voice.

'What kind of human being would I be if I didn't?' Coach Willis replied with no hint of emotion in his voice.