hello! this is something i was inspired to write while i was listening to a Muse cd, strange, isn't it. Muse!

January 1900 Whitechapel, London

( i )

After a constant four hour Shower, the sky had stopped raining, and Constabel Lumper thanked the heavens for that, Patroling the seadey streets of Whitechapel district was an unpleasent task as it was without the rain, now that it had stopped, he would be able to finish his rounds peacfully and go home in an hour, in time for dawn.

As the young Constabel walked into an ally he heared someone running a it's end, which he didn't mind, till he noticed something that was on the ground, he couldn't make out what it was, the alley was dark and the clouds sheathing the moon were just starting to part.

As the white light of the moon flowed into the ally, he discovered the shoking truth of what was on the ground, a mid-aged prostitute, with a great cut threw the neck, and a look of utter fear and shock in her still open eyes.

Constabel Lumper was quick to run after the suspected murderer, he blew into his whistel to attract his collegues' attention, and pulled out his nightstick in preperation for a struggle.

Other Constabels joined in the persuit, till the escape was caught, but the arrest was not made, for he was reluctant to be arrested and refused to subdue, punching a constabel and kicking another in the groin and shoving two so he could run away.

Constabel Becker noticed that he was a man in his mid-to-late thirtys, with red hair, wearing black trousers and a black vest above a white shirt, but no jacket nor tie, all was of a fine garment, his general apperance was elegant though deshiveld.

The man resisting arrest punched the oldest of the constabel square across the jaw, and as he fell, the Constabel yelled,

Constabel Becker did as he propsed and hit the man from behind with the nightstick, all Constabels then started kicking him till he lost consciosness.

( ii )

Later at the police station, the suspected murderer was woken up, put into a room with a trio of broading Inspectors, and after a few punches, Inspector Calthrob who was leading the investigation, asked,

"What's your name?"

There was no answer.

"Listen son, If you don't give me your name, Me and the boys will have to pound you some more, is that what you want?"

There was no answer.

The Inspector hit him on a gash on his forhead, causing him to howl in pain, and again, the Inspector asked, "What's your name?"

"Jekyll.." said the suspect, in a weak shaky voice.

"Henry Jekyll."

( iii )

In the atlantic ocean, heading towards south america, was a vessel that was a marvlous feat of man's genuity, the man in qustion would be the Infamous Captain Nemo, and the vessel referd to would be his Nautiulus, and onboard the submarine was a woman of uncanny beauty, Mina Harker.

Mina walked to the dining hall, not for the reason of eating, but rather to find a certin American known as Sawyer.

"Hey," said an American accented voice, causing Mina to turn, "I know you!" followed Sawyer, who had sneaked up on her from some corridor, he pulled her to him and they kissed.

"I was heading for the dining hall," said Mina after their lips parted.
"Planing on sinking you fangs into poor Skinner"
"As tempting as that sounds, No. I wa slooking for you"
"Well, here I am."

This time she pulled him closer and they kissed again, before parting from one another.

"Nemo sent me to find you, apparntly there is a telegram from Bond," said Sawyer as he started to pout, "I'm guessing, new assignment."

"Ugh! There is no rest for the wicked, is there"
"Guess not."

With that, the two walked to the main meeting hall, where Nemo and Skinner would be waiting.

It had been six months since the entire World War Affair, much have changed, Mina thaught, They were down three members, or four actually, depends how you look at it, Dorian and Quatermain died in Mongolia, then they had decided to tour the world togeather, and less than a month later, they were contacted by an Overweight British Intellegence offecial known as Campion Bond, he restated them to thier position, with Nemo and Mina sharing leadership, and on their first mission, things developed between Her and Sawyer, and by the time it was done, they had devloped an affair.

After they announced that to the rest, there were some reactions, but none was negative, Jekyll however changed from his shy nervous behaviour into a dark brooding demeanor, and one day as they arrived in Italy for a mision, He said he would finish th mission with them and quit after that, and stay behid in Italy, which they objected to at first but then decided it was his choice.

"Sawyer and Mina, arriving togeather, how adorabel." said the ever so Sarcastic Skinner.
"Skinner, contain yourself, Mr Sawyer, Ms Harker please be seated." commanded Nemo.

They both sat down while Nemo stood,
"Early this morning, I received a telegram from Mr Bond, telling us to head to london"
"I for one vote we tell that Fat Bloke to shove it once and for all." said Skinner, to get ignored as usuall.
"What seams to be the issue?" asked Mina.
"There has been two murders in the past week, both mid-aged whores, Scotlandyard suspects that Jack the Ripper has resumed his murders, or that someone is picking up where he left off"
"What makes you think it is The Ripper?" asked Tom.
"Scotlandyard says that the victims wounds' indicate someone with surgical experience, it also occured in Whitechappel, much like the previous Murders back in 1888"
"So.. what's the nead for us?" asked Skinner.

This time, evryone stared at him, Skinner then continued with an air of embarassment, "I mean, it's bad and all, but Scotlandyard can handel it on their own, can't they"
"Ordenarely, yes." said Nemo.
"And why does this not fall under the category of 'Ordenarely'?" asked Mina.

Nemo took a pause and hen conitued, "A few days back, at dawn, the police captured a suspect, who was found at the location of the second Murder."

This time Nemo took a pause, "Mr Bond says it was Dr Jekyll."

All five were silent, letting it sink in, Mina finally broke the silence and said, "It can't be"
"Henry Jekyll? Our Dr Jekyll?" asked Sawyer, who couldn't beleave it.
"Yes." answered Nemo.
"I wouldn't put it past him." mumerd Skinner.
"Have you rerouted our course to London?" asked Mina.
"I have, we'll be there in a day and a a half."

The meeting was quickly adjorned, and evryone left to ponder the matter.