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Nemo opened his eyes, his head was clouded, and it took him several minutes to realize he was still alive, it took him a little longer to realize where he was, to identify the white walls and iron trolleys with gawz and tiny bottles as the Infirmary, he recognized the man at the corner having some tea as Dr Jekyll, who was giving him his back.

Nemo started regaining his concentration, he sat up where he was laying and saw his leg bandaged, he tried to get up with a grunt, gaining Jekyll's attention, who came near him and ordered, "Stay down; you're still not strong enough to be moving." while at same time forcing to lie down.

Nemo looked at Jekyll for a second, his face had several bruises and one eye was swollen.

"What in the gods name happened to you?" said Nemo weakly.
"It's nothing, I just got killed a few times." answered Jekyll as he checked on Nemo's leg.
"What happened to me"
"You were shot, by the time we came back you were still alive, I managed to treat the wound, but you had already lost a lot of blood, so we had to give you a transfusion"
"Transfusion? Who"
"All of us," said Jekyll, looking at Nemo warmly, "Except for Mina, of course, I, Sawyer, Skinner, your first mate, we all gave you what we could spare"
"Even Skinner"
"Are you telling me that the blood of Rodney Skinner will run through my veins for the rest of my life?"

Jekyll laughed, "Yes, I guess it's had to swallow. And don't worry, you won't turn invisible or develop an alter-ego, or become an American for that matter"
"You don't think of Mr Sawyer, do you"
"We're very different men, it"
"Each two of us are different men, and in that we are all alike"
"I guess."

There was a short awkward silence between them, till Nemo said,

"Would you consider returning to the league"
"I don't think that's such a good idea"
"Why not"
"It's the whole situation with Miss Murray and Mr Sawyer, besides, I've begun to resettle in London, I thought about reopening my clinic"
"For my sake, would you consider it"
"I will."

As Jekyll finished up on Nemo's wound, he went to leave.

"Dr. Jekyll." called Nemo.
"Captain?" answered Jekyll as he turned around.
"We didn't come here to rescue some whores, we came to rescue you"
"I know... thank you"
"And this transfusion binds us all together, like family"
"I know, I'll be back shortly." said Jekyll as he left.

In the following couple of weeks, MI6 arrested the surviving JDP henchmen at the Nautilus and interrogated them, they also took in the three remaining Whores on the List and questioned them, one of them indeed had the evidence left to her by the journalist. Altogether, the campaign provided MI6 with enough Information to wipe out the society's presence in England, Lord Salisbury, the Prime Minister contacted government officials in other European countrys and offered them information about the conspiracy to rule Europe and offered them help.

Meanwhile, the League recuperated as they were docked in east London, Dr Jekyll stayed on board till Nemo was stable and then he moved back to his house, never saying whether he would stay or not.

Jekyll walked through the corridor leading to the loading gate, he had came hours ago to check on Nemo, and wound up playing cards with Skinner, whose Green pain had worn off a few days ago, and was heading home, when the ghost of Tom appeared before him.

"Hi, Did I startle you?" asked Tom.
"Well, yes," said Jekyll with a chuckle, "Did you want something"
"You see, Skinner told me about what happened in the warehouse, how you drank the formula out of Warren's stomach so you could save Skinner, and I think I was dumb to think you were a coward. I apologize"
"Apology accepted, and, err, I apologize for causing the collapse of your relationship with Min... Miss Murray"
"I'm sure you are," said Tom with a smile, almost scoffing, "The thing is, we're very different, it would never last, if it weren't you, it would have been something else"
"Goodnight then"

The two went to leave, but as were almost at an ear shot, Tom called out, "Have you given any thought about staying onboard"
"I don't think I will"
"That's a shame. We could really use you and Hyde as well." said Sawyer, and he meant it as well, not trying to be courteous or polite or complementing.

Nemo stood in his usual pride, he used a long black cane to walk, but otherwise he would regain his full physical capacities in no time, Opposite to him was Col Bond, handing him the documents for their new mission.

"Good luck, Captain." said Bond, who then went on to shake hands with the Leagues who had arrived.
"Mr Sawyer," he said as he shook hands with Tom, he then shook Mina's hands, "Miss Murray," he said, and went on to Skinner, coated in grease paint, and said, "Mr Skinner, stay out of trouble"
"Who? ME!"

Bond shook hands with the final Member standing in line, and said, "Great to have you back."

Mina opened the hatch leading to the conning tower of the Nautilus, they were preparing to sail, as she got out, she couldn't help but marvel at the sight of the sunset, she walked over to the rail and gazed at it, as it was over she turned around to find Jekyll shaving his beard, using a razor and a pot of water he had brought, looking at a mirror he positioned on a table that was there as well.

"Doctor," she said, "I didn't notice you were here. I'm sorry"
"Quit alright, Miss Murray." said Jekyll as he turned to look at her, the bushy beard was gone, his hair was combed neatly, he wore a black formal suit, he was the Dr Jekyll she knew a time before, it was just like old times.
"Nemo says we'll be sailing in a few moments"
"Really? That's good."

There was a lnog awkward silence, at the end of which Mina said, "It's a lovely sight isn't it?" she said as she looked at the sunset.
"Yes, it is." said Jekyll, gazing at Mina.
"Jekyll," said Mina as she spun around, "I have a question that needs answering, that night when you said you loved me. Was it true?"

Jekyll pondered what to say for a moment, and finally spoke, "I was out of my mind at the moment, I may have been attracted to you at times, but that's behind me. So, no, I don't"
"That's good to know."

Mina went to leave, relived and sad that he didn't love her, and as she was at the door, Jekyll called to her, speaking nervously and quickly, "I lied, I'm a horrible man,", Mina spun to look at him in amazement, "I loved you since the beginning, I can't help it, I tried to stop loving you, but I can't, it's killing me slowly."

"You may not love me, but I don't care, I will go on, it's the only thing keeping me alive."

Mina inched towards him slowly, Jekyll felt a little afraid, anticipating a slap, she came within two feet away of him, and said, "I do admire your perseverance."

Their lips met for the long anticipated kiss, a great wave of euphoric bliss stormed through their bodies, it lasted for an eternity. As they parted, Mina walked to the hatch and back into hr nautilus, while Jekyll's head stormed with questions wondering where would this leave them, he would later know, but at the time, he simply gazed at London, wrapped in a great mass of fog, the sun disappearing behind it, the old city full of sin and dark secret was shrinking by the second, as the Nautilus sailed towards it's mission, and as the city was a great distance away, he thought he saw amidst the fog, a tall shrouded figure showed itself for a fraction of a second, followed with what may or not have been the sound of a horse's hooves running on cobblestone.


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