Chapter 13

"Well, we did it again… We saved the world from absolute evil," Achmed sighed as he looked on the blackened glassy spot of the beach where the demon met its final end.

"Yes, it does seem our lot in life to purge the world of the demons. But that has always been your burden to bear, Achmed. But now, you have others to help you. As you have said that you will always be behind me, so shall I always be there to help you," Rhapsody replied.

"As shall I," Gwydion voiced, stepping forward. "Whenever you have need of my help, all you have to do is ask it."

Achmed looked from the duke back to his dear friend. He nodded once and turned to find and uncover their hidden boat.


The journey back to Navarne was an uneventful one spent in much silence and contemplation from all three of the travelers. Once at Haguefort, Gwydion invited his friends to spend a few nights before traveling on, but neither wanted to stay in one place yet. So, bidding the duke farewell, the two continued on.

As they neared the palace, both realized that they would be separated by many miles again. They had once again begun to feel at ease and comfortable in each others presence. Neither truly wished to part, yet Rhapsody knew that Achmed would never remain in the palace with her, even for one night.

She got a huge shock when, out of the blue Achmed said to her just outside of the palace, "You know, you are always welcome to stay in the Cauldron if you don't wish to return to your queenly duties yet."

Halting for a moment to take in what her friend was saying to her, Rhapsody responded, "Yes Achmed, I think I would love to come with you to stay in Ylorc for a while. It will still be quite some time before Ashe, Meridion, and Anborn return. I could use your's and Grunthor's company in the meantime. And it has been a long time since I have looked in on my special grandchild."

With that, the course was adjusted to bypass the palace altogether, finally coming to a rest in Ylorc.