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Author's Note: This is a sequel to Help. Now that the world knows about Jarod and that he's a pretender there is another corporation that could use his talents.

Help Again


Jarod stood in the backyard of his house that he had brought working on the yard. He had gotten home from his latest pretend and had spent time with his family. He loved that when he was done with his pretend he didn't have to leave a red notebook and he could go home where he could get his mail and check up on his family. He could finally let his guard down and he loved it.

The FBI let him still do his pretends because they knew that he could help people. Jarod still looked through the papers to find out what he would do next. He also liked that he could use his whole name instead of fake last names.

After he was done with the backyard he decided to start on the front yard. He raked the leaves and put them in the trash bag when he was done. He loved working on his very own house. When he would watch families he no longer had that gaping hole in his heart.

The next day he went outside and got the paper. He went in and fixed his breakfast and made coffee. He sat down ate breakfast, drank coffee and read the paper. He not only got the local paper, but he also had other papers to read.

He looked at a headline and read the story and knew that he had to help these people. The police didn't have any leads and didn't know what to do. He would pack today and go to Texas today.

Boarding the plane he sat back and wondered how he would handle the case