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Tales of Symphonia: A Day in a Crazy Place

Part 5: Keep Your Pants Up, Lloyd!

As Lloyd ran through the village of Iselia, all the young girls laughed and blushed. He scowled and continued after Zelos.

"ZELOS! GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS!" Lloyd was trying to cover himself, as he was only wearing boxers. And they had little care bears on them. XD

"Never! I'm the only man who can wear pants in this story!" Zelos had pants drooped all over himself, and was running through the town, laughing maniacally.

"You must be joking! Geniuses do not go about without wearing pants!" Lloyd was slowly catching up.

"Well, you won't have any problems, then, will you!" Zelos laughed even harder.

"You'll pay for that comment!" Lloyd was running, but sadly, he tripped on Colette, who was lying in the middle of the road. "COLETTE? How did you get here?"

"I appeared mysteriously..." Colette explained.

"Yeah, so much I figured. Help me get my pants."

"Your... pants? Don't you have more pants at Dirk's house?" Colette grinned evilly, knowing that she had already given all Lloyd's pants to Zelos.

"I already checked, and I know you gave them to Zelos. He was singing merrily about how nice you were."

"Oh..." Colette groaned. "I guess I'll help..."

"Great!" Lloyd grinned.

"I guess I'll help Zelos!" Colette ran off and started pantsing all the men and boys she could find. She tripped, laughed, and kept on running.

"This sucks..." Lloyd sighed.

Suddenly, Colette screamed and ran back the way she had come. "Zelos! Please, take your pants back!"

"No way! I feel the need to feel the breeze between my knees!" Zelos stood on display, wearing only a thong. Lloyd threw up, then screamed and ran away.

Raine showed up and snapped his thong.

"OWWW!" Zelos jumped six feet before landing.

"I need you to pants Yuan. He won't follow me if you do."

"Fine. Where is he?"

"I saw him with Kratos. They were... having a tea party. With Maxwell."

"Aw, he's probably already wearing a dress."

Raine glared at him, then threw a rock at his head. "I said to pants him!"

Sheesh, Raine, think you're freaking out a bit?

"Of course not."

Hmm. Anyway, I suppose I can get Yuan off your back... for a price.

"I'll do anything!"

You have to find Genis for me. I want Genis's rare cookies.

"Ok... do you know where he is?"

Of course I do! But that would make your job easier. And I just can't do that.

Raine stalked off toward Maxwell, figuring that Kratos might've abducted her little brother. Ah, the joys of siblinghood...

Sheena had tied Genis to a chair and was feeding him baby food. "Is mommy's widdle baby tiwed?"

"No, I'm not tired. I want to go find Presea!"

"But Mommy is not done feeding her widdle baby yet!"

"But she owes me that CARD!"


"Sorry, mommy..."

Raine suddenly appeared and stole Genis. "If you come with me, I can assure you that the author will make sure you get your card."

"Yay, new mommy!"

Raine sighed and ran off to find Yuan, since he knew how to get into the author's lair.

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