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Rogue left shortly after apocalypse was defeated. It's been ten years since anyone's seen her, although she went to everyone's weddings. She called regularly, but the calls stopped after seven years, the letters stopped a year and a half later. Almost everyone thought she was happy, few knew other wise.

Friday five am institute grounds.

Logan was startled awake by the sound of a crash. He awoke Ororo, wife of six years, along with him. "Logan, dear, what's wrong?" She asked worriedly. Logan hesitated before answering. "There was a crash, I'm going to go check it out." "Please be careful." Logan nodded and met up with some of the other male teachers. Together the group: Logan, Kurt, Scott, John, Piotr, Remy and Evan, headed outside to investigate. All noticed the familiar car crashed into the wrought iron gate. "Stripes." Logan announced as they all broke into a run..

"Mama? Y' okay?" One of the two figures in the back asked. "Why y' do dat mama?" The two got no reply, the first one a small male child started to struggle to get free of his car seat. The other a female the same age started to do the same.

The group of males made it to the car, Logan started tapping on the window. "Stripes can you hear me?" he asked, Logan then heard two frightened screams from the back seat. "Piotr check out the back of the car, I heard something, Scott go get Hank." Piotr opened the back door and was shocked at what he saw.

"Get away! Mama Wake up!" The little boy ordered, "Relax, We will not hurt you. Come on out." Piotr said after he unbuckled the two, they climbed out cautiously. They both looked uncomfortable. Logan managed to pry the door open, just as Rogue started coming to. "Ugh… Stupid gate." She mumbled, before passing out again.

"So mates… What are your names?" John asked curiously. The taller of the two stood protectively in front of the other one. Ororo approached the two, they didn't seem afraid of her as they did of the males. ""We will not harm you, It is safe here." She said soothingly. They ran to her for protection. "Remy why don't you get Rogue and bring her inside the house. Come along children, let's get you inside as it is a bit nippy out here." "What's about our stuffs?" The girl asked. "Don't worry I've got it." Evan said popping open the trunk

"Ah. Good morning Miss Rogue." Rogue panicked. "Relax my dear your safe at the institute." Beast said. Rogue relaxed until she realized something. "Not to worry my dear. They're being taken care of."

News of Rogues crash spread through the institute like wildfire. Soon all the teachers were gathered in the main rec. room waiting for Rogue to be released. Wanda was one of the last few to enter the room. "Auntie Wanda!" The children ran over and hugged her around the legs. "Hey you Two. It's been a while." She said hugging them.

Xavier looked over at her, "Wanda could you please explain what you know. I've already talked to Rogue and she said to go ahead." Wanda nodded.

"Rogue kept in contact with me, well sort of. After a year she had control of her powers. This guy…"

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