Saturday morning, Rogue meet up with Wanda in the garage. "How'd ya ditch John this mornin'?" Rogue asked as they bucked their kids into Wanda's SUV. (Rogue still hasn't replaced her car yet.)

"Can't I walk out of the place without giving my husband an explanation?" Wanda asked. Rogue laughed and shook her head. "Fine, I told him I was going out and taking the kids with me in an angry tone." Wanda admitted.

"If ya screw with that boys head anymore it might fall off." Rogue said as she claimed the passenger seat. "Ya do know where yer goin' right?"

"No and you better not wreck my car either." Wanda said.

"But yer drivin' ain't ya?" Wanda shook her head and pulled Rogue out of the passenger seat. Rogue sighed and claimed the driver seat instead. Rogue pulled out of the garage and was meet by Scott and Jean standing in the way.

"Just where do you think your going?" Jean asked.

"Away from you." Both Rogue and Wanda replied at the same time. They grinned at each other before Rogue pulled around them. Completely ignoring them about 'how rude it was to ignore people when their trying to talk to you' speech.

Rogue pulled into a moderately large house and shut off the car. Rogue handed the keys to Wanda and climbed out of the driver side door. Wanda followed getting a little nervous. "There's nothin' ta be worried about Wanda. The guy's will beh happy ta see ya. An' so will the kids." Rogue said un-strapping Jason, who ran into the house as soon as he was out of the car. Kat did the same when she was set on the ground. Pietro and Lance looked outside the front door and smiled. Serena and Christopher hung close to Wanda as she approached the house. Violet came running out of the house and jumped into Rogue's arms, hugging her tightly. Jasmine and Zander hugged Rogue's legs. Emily and Nora were in their fathers' arms. Rogue laughed and started to speak. "How am Ah gunna get inside if ya'll are holdin' meh down huh?" She asked lightly.

"You can fly and you has super strengths." Zander said holding tighter. Rogue laughed and floated a bit off the ground. Rogue landed softly and the entranceway where Pietro pried Violet off Rogue's neck and Lance just sighed.

"Come on you two, if you don't let go Auntie Marie might not visit here and more." Lance said sadly. Both instinctively tightened their grips but quickly let go so she would come visit again.

"Hey Wanda this is Violet, Violet this is your Aunt Wanda." Pietro introduced. Violet waved shyly from Pietro's arms. "She's just shy of new people, it took her an hour to warm up to Rogue over here and now she doesn't want her to leave." Pietro said seeing the disappointed look on Wanda's face. Wanda nodded.

"This is Serena and Christopher." Wanda said slightly pulling them from behind herself. "This is your Uncle Pietro." She introduced. "And your cousin Violet." Wanda added.

"Why don' all the little ones go play, huh? Maybe if you play nicely Ah could fix some cookies." Rogue said. That lit a smile on everyone's faces and they ran off, Kat and Jason pulling Serena and Christopher with them.

"Rogue's cookies, how we all dream about them." Todd said adjusting Nora in his arms. "Please fix them even if the kids don't play nice." Todd added. Rogue laughed lightly and nodded. The adults, Emily and Nora walked into the kitchen and sat around the kitchen table and talked. (Except for Rogue who was fixing cookies.)

"How did the song search go Pie?" Rogue asked adding chocolate chips to the cookie dough.

"Not good, every time I pick out songs she says no and when I tried play the movie Anastasia she flipped out." Pietro said.

"Anastasia where Ah got our song from. Did ya try 'chitty chitty bang bang'?" Rogue asked.

"No not yet. Should I?" Pietro asked

"Ah would give it a try, it has some songs built for a masculine voice."

"Why are we taking about songs?" Wanda asked curiously.

"When the kids have nightmares, Rogue used to sing them back to sleep. She even had music boxes for the kids to help her with the song. Violet depended heavily on Rogue's calming abilities and … now that Rogue's moved out the nightmares have gotten worse." Lance explained. "So now were trying to get Pietro to find a song and help her that way." Lance added.

Jasmine ran into the room, "Auntie Marie, Kat hit her head again and there's red stuffs leaking outs." Jasmine said, Lance sprung out of his seat and picked Jasmine up.

"Where were you playing?" He asked worriedly.

"In the playroom, she tripped and knocked her head on the door." Jasmine said. Lance cursed under his breath and ran for the playroom. Rogue followed, cookies forgotten at the moment.

They entered the room to see a small trickle of blood out of the top of Kat's head. Rogue rushed over and started looking for the opening. When she found it Rogue tore off a small strip of her shirt and applied some pressure to the cut. "Mama, mah head hurts." Kat said crying slightly.

"Ah know baby, ya opened up an' old cut, yer gunna beh okay sugah." Rogue said calmingly. Pietro rushed into the room, followed by Wanda and the others.

"I'll-go-get-the-first-aid-kit." Pietro said in a rush, zipping back out of the room. He was back two seconds later with said item already open and looking for gauze pads. He passed them to Rogue, "Were so sorry. This wasn't deliberate." Pietro said.

"Ah know, accidents happen Pie, this was an accident." Rogue said. Trying to calm him as well as Kat.

"Auntie Marie, yous still going to come over right?" Zander asked worriedly.

"Course sugah. See the bleedin's stopped and it's startin' ta fix itself. Just be careful alright?" Rogue asked looking at the children.

"Oh course Auntie Marie." Violet said. While the other kids nodded, Kat pulled away from Rogue and turned to the others.

"Stay away from the doorways." Lance added, he extended a hand to Rogue who helped her stand up.

Rogue walked over to the oven to check on the cookies, she grabbed an oven-mitt and pulled out the first batch. Todd and Fred were over by the wax paper waiting for the cookies. "They're hot an' the kids get first picks." Rogue reminded them, they groaned and retook their seats.

The kids entered the kitchen for lunch, which turned out to be pizza.

Wanda went to put the kids down for a nap.

"Marie, please consider enrolling the kids at Xavier's. They really need you right now." Lance said.

"Lance, if Ah do, all of ya are goin' ta interview for positions. Xavier told me that he could always use a couple of spare teachers. Training is hard to do if there's only one teacher. And you'd have allies there, Wanda an' Ah will vouch for ya. John ta, if we need him ta." Marie said seriously.

"Why would he tell you that?" Fred asked.

"Because, he knows your looking to improve yer lives, an' there's no tellin' when bucket-head is going to call you all for a 'mission'. Ah don' want anythin' ta happen ta ya, because bucket-head grew careless. They need you more than they need me." Marie said.

"Just promise us you'll enroll the kids in Xavier's. Something's about to happen and I want to make sure all of them are taken care of." Lance said.

"Yeah, please Marie, please. Do this for us." Pietro said seriously.

"Alright, alright, Ah trust ya four can take care of Zander, Nora and Emily? Ah'll enroll Jasmine, an' Violet into the school. Just be careful with whatever you do." Marie said.

Wanda entered the kitchen, "Everyone is down for their nap, even Kat." She said with a smile.

Half an hour later the adults were startled out of their conversation by a scream from Violets room. Marie was the first to react and ran for the room.

Violet was shaking in her bed; she glanced around terrified. "Auntie Marie, it's back and it wont go away." She said upon seeing Marie.

"Shush now, it's okay. Will ya tell meh what it's about? Maybe talkin' will help it go away." Marie suggested. She sat down on Violet's bed and Violet sat with her head on Marie's chest.

"Daddy and Uncle Lance, they disappear. I don't want them to go anywhere. They can't leave me. I don't want to go live with some other kids that I don't know." Violet said softly.

"If anthin' ever happened ta yer dad and Uncles Lance or Todd, or Fred, Ah'm gunna take care of ya an' Jasmine an' Zander. Ah'm yer god mother, that's why Ah'm here." Marie said.

"Like from Cinderella?" Violet asked.

"Not quite. Now, where's that music box, hmm? Ah do believe it's been a while since Ah've had ya accompaniment in our song." Marie said. Violet jumped up and grabbed the music box and settled herself back down. She started it up and Marie set it down on the nightstand.