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Hotaru: I'm gone

Saturn: I own nothing

Death has a name

Chapter 3: Pluto is back

Hotaru looked at the teacher like she just seen a ghost. " Trista-mama." She muttered. Trista walked over to the girl and dragged her outside.

Outside the room…

Trista pulled the girl into a hug. " Hotaru…your alright…when I had woke up I thought that chaos had got you too." She whispered. " No but he followed me here." She told the older lady.

" I know the time streams are changing but let's talk about it later." She said smiling. Hotaru walked in then sat next to Duo. " You okay?" he asked her. She nodded.

" Okay class we are going to be talking about the history of the silver millieum." Trista said and she heard Hotaru groan and turn to glare at her. " Do you have something to say? Miss Tomoe." Trista said. " No." Hotaru got a CD player and decided to not listen cause she knew everything.

Class was almost over when relena walked in the class with three more kids. Hotaru wasn't paying much attention until she heard her name. "Taru-chan." A girl yelled. She turned her head and almost fell while standing up.

"Sere-chan?" She was now confused. 'What are all of them alive?' She then sat in her seat, till the bell rang.

After school…

" Serena, Amara, Michelle, Trista. You guys are all alive." She said crying in Amara's arms. "Yeah we couldn't sit and watch you fight chaos all by yourself." Amara asked the girl that had been like a daughter to her years before.

" Trista filled us in." Serena added sitting on a desk eating an apple. " How did he get here?" Hotaru asked. " He followed your power…since you and I are the only one's with dark energy." Trista explained.

" That's right." Hotaru said looking at them. "But we have worst news." Michelle said speaking up for the first time. " What could be worst than chaos?" Hotaru asked them. " Chaos having dark scouts that have the inner scouts powers." Serena told the now shocked girl.

" So that means we have a dark mercury, dark mars, dark venus, and dark Jupiter?" Hotaru asked them. " Yes. But they're not the same. Trista said that their names are… Talim, she has mercury's power. Then theirs Kali, she has Jupiter's powers. Next is Merin, she has Mar's powers. And finally but not least Angelica, she has Venus's power with a mixture of Moon and dark star. They will be tough to beat." Trista said packing up some more of her stuff.

" Wait what is dark star?" She asked. Everyone looked at each other then back at Serena. "Dark Star was your cousin back then. Her name was Alexandra. She was just as powerful as you and me combined. She went missing after a month or two when she found out that her love was to be killed of trespassing on dark star territory." Serena finished up and they started to head outside.

" How come no one told me?" She asked them. "Well it was the ruler of Saturn and dark star to keep it from you…but now you needed to know because we think that chaos is planning to bring back the dark star army." Michelle told her.

" So what?" Hotaru said to them. " Well…if the dark star army was to come back then that means you as the goddess of death won't have a chance against their army." Amara said to her. "Whoa, so your saying not even the death reborn revolution isn't going to work." They shook their heads no.

Soon Hotaru was lost in her own thoughts. 'How can this be?' Don't know but don't lose it who are you? I'm Saturn which is you riiiight anyways do you have any info on dark star? No but I will catch up on it later but right now…help the others huh.

Hotaru looked up to see sailor moon, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto fighting four other girls. " So nice of the princess of death to rejoin us." Said a girl with violet color hair that reminded her of Raye. " Get away from my friends." She yelled bringing out her transformation pen out.

" I don't think so…I'm having to much fun. Dark submerges." The girl with black hair copied Neptune's attack and sent it back with full force. "No Neptune… Saturn crystal power!" she transformed into sailor Saturn.

" Prepare to meet death…itself." Saturn said after she transformed into sailor Saturn. " Dark gunshot." Then suddenly dark like bullets hit the girls expect the good scouts. " How dare yo-" The one that had mercury's powers stopped her fiery friend. " No he said to wait until the time is right." She glared at the smirking Saturn. " You got lucky this time but wait until the next I won't go easy on you." She said and they were gone.

"Hmph." Saturn de-transforms. She smiled at the girls.

Hotaru: why did I have to talk to Saturn?

Saturn: hate me?

Hotaru: no

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