On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful


Eight Years ago she came to Las Vegas. She stayed for Five years before leaving. She left. I never got to tell her how I felt. I told her I loved her two days before she left. I still love her three years later. All I got from her since she left was a picture she mailed me. There's a song about how I feel right now since Sara Sidle walked out of my life. It's called 'On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful'. That's where she is. She's gone. I want her to know that I love her. I want to be with her. I can't love again until I find her, but I don't know how. So I'll say this now. I, Nicholas Stokes, am desperately in love with Sara Sidle and have always been. It's just because I was a big coward that she doesn't know how much I am. She's probably on the coast of somewhere beautiful doing what she does best. I miss her, and love her. Everyone here at the lab found out after she left. I want her to come back. I need her to come back. To summarize my feelings is this song. Thank god for Kenny Chesney. He sang this song which is my damn life. I want her so bad. God damn it why did I have to hurt her. I didn't want to, but I hurt her so bad.

Knew I could never hold that girl. She was born to see the world.

All I got is a picture she mailed me. Barefoot in the snow white sand;

A bag of sea shells in her hand. She finally found a paradise it seems...


On the coast of somewhere beautiful, Trade winds blowin' through her hair,

Sunlight dancin' on the water, And I wish I was there.

Don't know how I'm gonna find her, All I know so far...

She's on the coast of somewhere beautiful, Runnin' with my heart.

Sometimes when the sun goes down Shadows fall across this little town,

And I close my eyes and I drift away To another place in another time,

When the world was ours and she was mine, I dream of holdin' her again



Don't know how I'm gonna to find her, All I know so far...

She's on the coast of somewhere beautiful, Runnin with my heart.

Oh, She's runnin' with my heart. On the coast of somewhere beautiful.

Orlando, Florida...

Sara Sidle got out of the Ford Truck with her partner Jason Crowley. They were in Florida working a case about some serial killings. That's what she did. She and the gang were Crime scene Analysts. Someone couldn't solve a high profile case they came in and figured it out. They were known for crazy ideas and techniques that got the cases solved. They now were about to solve this case. Jason knocked on the door and smirked at Sara.

A man opened the door and they both took out their badges.

"I'm Agent Sidle of the FBI, This is my partner Agent Crowley. Mind if we talk?" Sara said.

30 minutes later the man was getting hauled off for questioning.

"I don't think he did it," Sara said.

"Neither do I," Jason said leaning against the truck beside his partner.

Then Sara's cell rang.

"Agent Sidle," She answered.

"Sara, we need you and Jason to get on a plane to Vegas for a new case that's become top priority. Mark and Jessica are going to meet you there," Their boss Andrew Kirke said.

"What about the case here?" Sara asked.

"Bryan's team is going to take it. You all practically solved the damn thing on your own. The 6 of them should be able to pick up from where you two left off," Andrew said.

"Alright," Sara said.

"We have a plane ready for take off. Mark and Jessica are just waiting for you to come," Andrew said.

"We'll be there," Sara hung up and drank some of her coffee.

"Where to cowgirl?" Jason smirked.

"Vegas," Sara answered.

"Isn't that where you came from?" Jason asked.

"Yep. High priority case. People there must have gone down hill that they can't solve a case," Sara smirked and then she took the keys from Jason who got in the passenger seat.

"Eh, they lost you. What do you expect?" Jason smirked and Sara turned on the car.

Country music started to play. Jason reached towards the radio.

"Don't touch my music Jay," Sara smirked.

Jason still did turning it up, "I'm a country boy too Sara. Mark's the one who has a heart attack."

"Oh yeah. Sorry," Sara grinned heading towards the hotel so they could throw their bags in the truck and head to the airport.

Grissom was pissed. He walked into the lab where everyone was discussing their latest serial.

"What was that about?" Catherine asked him.

"FBI is coming in," Grissom said and they all got cranky.

"This is our case Griss," Warrick said.

"They're sending a group in," Grissom said.

The group groaned.

"How long till they come in?" Nick asked.

"Flying in from some case in Florida," Grissom said. "We have 8 hours."

"Let's get to work," Greg said and they all sat down working on the clock.

The four stepped off the jet annoyed. They had reviewed what information they had and were tired as hell. They rented a Denali and got in. Sara was driving since she knew the town.

"Should we call this Crime Lab and tell them we're on our way?" Jessica asked.

"Knowing these guys, they don't want us involved. We tell them we're on our way and they'll take off mysteriously," Sara answered.

"Well I just want to get some dirt on you Sidle," Mark grinned and got flipped off.

"Would you two grow up. You're always acting like kids," Jason said.

"It was one super soaker fight," Sara said.

"Three," Jessica said.

"Oh yeah," Mark shrugged.

"You were in them too," Sara smirked to Jessica.

"They were fun!" Jessica said defensively and they laughed.

The best team the FBI had when it came to these type of cases were known around their lab as the goofballs. When nothing serious was going on they'd be doing

pranks on people, starting super soaker wars, and once they were having a race where you pushed your partner in a rolly chair around the lab to get to the other side the fastest. Sara and Jason won.

"Okay so this Vegas team. What are they like? I want to know what we're going to be dealing with," Jason said.

"Greg Sanders is a goofball and is an excellent lab tech so if you want results and no one else is available go to him. Catherine Willows is a tough girl but she gets the job done. Warrick Brown is the same. Grissom is a genius when it comes to bugs and crap like that. He can figure shit out like we can with weird ideas. Nick Stokes is a cowboy who keeps it all together," Sara answered. "That's about it unless they got new people."

"Close knit group?" Jessica asked.

"Closest," Sara said. "They'll cover for each other so don't mess with one of em unless you want them all on your ass."

"Noted," Jason said.

"I'd like them to try and mess with the new Sidle and Mark though. They try to eat you two up you'll chew them a new one," Jessica said.

Sara pulled into the Las Vegas Crime Lab parking lot, "That's what I'm expecting."

They chuckled getting out of the car. They had their sunglasses on and looked around.

"Vegas. Yuck," Jessica said wrinkling her nose. "It smells of nastiness."

"Of course. It is Sin City baby," Mark grinned to his partner.

"Grow up," Sara and Jason smirked walking into the lab.

The four talked to the receptionist who said Dr. Grissom would be coming to get them. So they stood and talked.

"So where'd the boss book us?" Jason asked.

"He booked us at the Paris Hotel," Mark said. "He so owed us after that California thing."

"I never am staying at a motel again," Sara said.

They shuttered remembering that incident.

"We should prank him when things cool down again," Jessica said.

"I'm thinking hair dye," Sara said and they laughed.

"Of course. Bright pink?" Mark grinned.

"No," The two girls said. "Neon green. Duh!"

The boys chuckled at their girl partners.

"We should superglue a cowboy hat to his head. He hates your country music," Mark said.

"Along with you so stop giving us ideas dumbass," Sara said.

"Country blows," Mark said and Jessica glared at him along with Sara.

"You're going down clown," Jessica said.

Someone cleared their throat and the four turned to see Gil Grissom standing there.

"Sara?" He asked.

"This is a hoot," Mark said and got elbowed.

"Hey," Sara said.

Grissom was in utter shock.

In the lab the group were sitting around in the same lab in silence.

"If they try and take over completely they have a new thing coming to them," Warrick said.

"Oh yeah," Catherine said.

"4 FBI people. God why 4?" Greg asked.

"They're supposed to be the best of the best Greggo," Nick said.

"I think we'll take that as a compliment," Jason said from the door and they all looked up to See Jason and Sara.

"Mark and Jessica are with Griss getting the other info," Sara told Jason as she walked over and he nodded.

"Sara," They just said in shock.

"Hey guys," Sara said simply. "You aren't gonna be big pains for us are you cos I can tell you that after that Florida trip we just did I am so not in the mood for pissed off CSIs."

They smirked.

"You know us," Nick said and Sara sighed.

"I told you we should have brought the tazers," Sara told Jason before walking away.

"And I told you to bring the super soakers. We're even," Jason said going after her.

Silence was in the lab.

"Sara's FBI?" Warrick said in shock.

They just sat there. She'd changed. Sara's once straight hair was now wavy and had sun highlights on it. She was tan also. She looked good.